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A priestly obsession

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A slap turned my face away and I could feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth… my father had slapped me. Well that was seven years ago when I told my father I wanted to become a priest rather than help him take care of his large mafia family. He allowed me to be a priest but disowned me from the Vander family. Seven years later I am seated listening to confession when I see the most beautiful woman walk into the confession room ……the truth is I don’t know if she was the one who led me astray or I went on my own….

Chapter 1

~~~~~~ZAYN VANDER~~~~~~

A slap turned my face away and I could feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. My father had slapped me after I told him I wanted to become a priest rather than manage his empire and take over from him in taking care of his mafia family.

“I will not have you bring shame on this family, Zayn” these were the exact words Dmitri Vander said to me before throwing some papers on my face.

I picked them up and saw they were documents that contained some of his many assets which he had willed to me. There was enough money to take care of me for the rest of my life and even the next, I could leave lavishly if I wanted but I was not allowed anywhere near the Vander family as long as I decided to be a priest.

“You will be welcome here if you stop being a priest zayn” my father said to me again, “you can’t be in a family that deals with dangerous things”

And that was the last time I saw him…

That was seven years ago when I was disowned by my own father for wanting to serve the lord as a catholic priest.

Since then I have not seen him or any members of my family, not even my mother who cried so much that day.

Now I was sitting in the confession chamber listening to people talk about their hideous crimes and I had to cleanse them and tell them not to do it again.

This has been my life for the past seven years and I was kind of enjoying it, rather than being a priest I enjoyed the luxuries of life. I lived in my own house near the church and I had servants at my beck and call. I had everything I ever wanted and I won’t lie, my wealth made some people think I was into another business other than worshipping the lord. Well what can I say?Dmitri didn’t want his first born son to suffer even if he was disowned.

Well all that is past now, I was here to listen to confession and prepare for the mass the next day. Enough of my not so eventful past.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned” I heard a melodious voice through the blind that separated us and my breath hitched. Why was the voice suddenly sounding so good in my ears?

I strained my eyes and a white tinted hair came into view and I could see it was a dark lady from the tone of her skin. I couldn’t see more than that but from her voice and her skin tone, I could tell she was one hell of a fine lady.

“Go ahead” I finally said when I realized I have been quiet for a while.

“This is the first time I am coming for confession this year” the lady said again and I itched to hear more of her voice.

“Go on child” I tell her again even if I can figure she is not much older than me, that was if she was not younger than me.

“Ever since I lost my husband three years ago, i have been chaste but yesterday things got a bit overwhelming and I had an intimate night with a man whom I kicked out of my bed this morning”

I listened to her with rapt attention and I didn’t know why I felt a bit off when she talked about her one night stand with some random guy. I am a priest and I was not supposed to judge her, just give her her penance and allow her to go but something about her voice kept me interested and curious.

“You are to recite the Hail Mary three times and kneel before the lord’s statue for thirty minutes and you will be forgiven”

“Thank you father”

After talking, shs stood up and walked out.

From the little holes in the box, I could tell she was wearing a black dress and I really wanted to see the whole of her.

Thankfully that was the last person, I hastily said my prayers and hurried out of the little box but she was nowhere to be found anymore. I looked around but the whole place was empty, a disappointed sigh escaped my lips as I made my way towards my office. Maybe if I was destined to see her, we will run into her again.

After a while I heard a knock on my office door and the door creaked open to reveal someone I was anticipating to see.

That white tinted hair gave her away and my heart began to race the moment her heels clicked on my marble floor.

She was dark and had a black dress accentuating her hourglass figure. From her dress I could see she was thick and thin in the right places and that hair went well with her pretty face. The way her hips curved made me swallow on my own spit. I have seen black women who were thick and looked beautiful but this lady in front of me looked extraordinary. There was something about her and she was definitely younger than me. What more? I could see a piercing on her septum. Gosh, she looked heavenly.

“Hello father”

That melodious voice filtered into my ears again and I felt my heart leap in joy.

“Hello, please have a seat” I gestured to her and she smiled before sitting, revealing a fine Seth of dentition.

“Sorry I had to barge in without waiting for you to usher me in” the smile never left her face and I was wondering if she always smiled like that to everyone she came across. My mind was already going far.

“I was the one who just left the confession room to have my penance done”

“Yeah, I remember you”

A look of amazement flashed through her face for a while and she masked it up with a smile again as usual.

“What can I do for you, miss?” I was hoping to get her name. Her name should be as beautiful as her right?

“My name is Ayita”

“Ayita” I allowed the name to roll out of my lips and I liked the feel of it. It was simple yet beautiful.

“How may I help you?” I asked her again and this time she leaned forward, I could see her gown draw down a little and her cleavage was showing a little bit. I knew It was an honest mistake. Why the hell was I even looking at her cleavage when I am a priest and I am supposed to be concerned about problems.

Ayita cleared her throat before she began to speak again,

“I am in need of therapy father, i asked some of the sisters if they know a good therapist around here and they all say you are good”

I studied her for a while, this hot lady was in need of a therapist and I am the chosen one? Was the almighty trying to test my loyalty now or what?”

“You don’t seem to be from this place” I said and she nodded.

“I just recently relocated here with my son”

Now this broke my heart, shs had a son? Meaning she was married? Why the hell was she married?

A lot was going through my mind as I had a fake smile plastered on my face, I didn’t like the idea of her being married.

“You don’t look married though” I didn’t know when I asked but I was glad I did.

“I got married when I was twenty because I got pregnant and now I have a four year old son, my husband died in a car accident”

I didn’t know why my mind felt at ease when I heard her husband died, I was supposed to be comforting her and not sighing in relief. What the heck was wrong with me.

“Well Mrs Ayita”

“Just call me Ayita please” she gently interrupted and I nodded.

“I will be happy to be of help to you in any way I can. This is the house of the Lord and everyone is welcomed here”

Her lips curved up into that beautiful smile again and I had the urge to snatch my phone and click a picture of her. She was just a work of art.

“So what exactly are you battling with?”

Before she could say anything, her phone buzzed and she immediately pressed it against her ears.

“Hey mum” her melodious voice sounded into the phone.

“Asher has refused to eat, he says he wants his mama”

Ayita smiled and I just couldn’t get enough.

“Give him the phone”

I heard a joyous shout of “mummy” from the other end and I wanted to hear more.

“Why are you not eating dear?” Ayita asked her son, I could hear the love in her voice for him.

“Because I want you mummy, come soon”

“You should have some food or mummy will not buy you the ice cream she promised okay”

I gulped when she smiled again and I had to ball my hand into a ball before I unknowingly touch her well trimmed and tinted white hair.

“Okay mummy, I will eat so don’t forget the ice cream okay?”

“I won’t son” she blew him an air kiss which he did and muttered a bye, After talking the little boy disconnected the call.

“A doting mother huh?” I asked and she laughed.

“Asher is just like that, always wants me around”

I don’t know why but something about her intrigued me. I wanted to know more about her. I didn’t want this conversation to even end.

“We can reschedule if you really want to go to him, I mean he is just a child”

A look of gratitude flashed through her face,

“Thank you so much father”

“You can call me zayn '' I quickly told her. Calling me father when I had such absurd thoughts about her was insane.

“I will be around after mass tomorrow so feel free to check in on me”


She stood up and I was once again mesmerized by that figure of hers. It was hard to believe she had given birth to a child because her waist was so slim in that satin dress she was wearing.

“Nice meeting you”

“The pleasure is mine”

We exchanged handshakes and I swear I never wanted to leave her hand, it was soft and delicate. God must have used some extra days to create her because what the hell…

“By the way, your hair looks pretty”

After talking she turned on her heel and walked out of the office leaving me in a dazed state.

A lot of people have told me how they liked my long silky hair which I always held in place with a scarf but today I let it down and she was loving it. Maybe this was a good start.

I was still in that dazed state when my phone rang and how I badly wanted to smash it on the floor.

“What” I said the moment I pressed it against my ears.

“Why don’t we chill tonight, zayn” my best friend, Alex said from the other end, “I haven’t seen you in like forever”

“I am busy” was my simple reply.

He laughed, “you are always busy, just make time for this friend of yours” I could feel him pout and I wanted to laugh so badly.

“Just tell me what you want alex”

“I want you, the girls love to spend on me when they see you beside me”

“Do you realize I am a priest?” I asked him and I knew for a second he rolled his eyes.

“You should come zayn, I will text you the address” the the line went dead.

My mind slowly drifted back to ayita and I can swear on my life that I wanted to see her again.

Chapter 2

After I was done with my work at the office, I decided to hang out with Alex because he would not let me rest if I don’t.

Picking up the keys to my Bentley, I drove out of the house onto the almost lonely road but I was surprised to see a car parked by the side of the road and ayita was standing by it and looking downcast.

I quickly stopped my car and climbed out before making my way towards her.

“Ayita” I called and she turned towards me, I could see a look of gratitude flash through her eyes, “what happened?”

“My car broke down and I have been trying to get my mechanic but it’s not reachable and no taxi seem to be touring this area”

The way she was talking in a calm and collected voice made my heart leap faster, she already had an effect on me and somewhere within me, I was glad that I was the one who could help her.

“You would have called me Ayita, I gave you my card right?”

After talking I walked over to the car and checked it out but it


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