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A Deal With The Pompous CEO

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Richard had used her for his selfish interests for three years and had thought he was getting his revenge on her. However, upon finding out his revenge was wrong, he needed to make it up to her and win her back at all costs. “You promised that you would love me until the very end, Alexis. I acknowledge that I have been terrible, but if you give me just one month to make it up to you, to mend your broken heart, then you have every right to walk away and never look back," Richard pleaded desperately. Various thoughts raced through her head, and she squeezed her eyes shut. "A month-long deal, and it'll be over?" She finally found her voice, and Richard shook his head in acceptance. What will happen in a month? Will Richard finally get to amend what's broken inside of her? Read through this masterpiece to unlock this love game between Alexis and Richard.

Chapter 1

Author's point of view “Repeat what you said, Richard! Tell me you're not forgiving that son of a b*tch's daughter!” Miss. Michelle thundered in the room. Her scream did not seem to affect Richard anymore. He was used to being screamed at. The maid serving the mother and son's juice trembled at her scream, and the jar of fruit juice fell from her hand. “Consider yourself fired,” she uttered and the maid started pleading in tears. “Employ someone else before tomorrow,” she added, ignoring the maid's pleas as she was being dragged out by two security guards. “Mum, I'm not a kid anymore. Alexis's dad killing my father does not mean I should take my revenge on her. You should go to her father and not her!” He flared back at his mother. “Why would you even want me to take revenge on behalf of a father I didn't grow up with? I got to know he is my father after he died, and it's not like you both are in love.” “Richard!” “Mother!” He yelled back at her, standing up. “Since I can't be with the one I'm in love with because her dad killed my father, I will just call things off with her. I treated her like an animal for two years and that's enough, mother.” He finalized and grabbed his suitcase. “What are you waiting for, Butler Cyan?” Richard asked, staring at him, and he stood up as well. “I have something to say, Mr. Richard,” he said worriedly. “We have a flight to catch, remember. I have a meeting with the board of directors tomorrow,” he snapped but relaxed seeing the seriousness on his face. Richard stared at his mother, and she also had a frightening look. She was glaring at Cyan murderously. Richard found this weird and at the same time interesting. “Alright,” he returned to sit down. “Five minutes,” he said, staring at his mom and butler Cyan simultaneously. “Actually, the truth is that Alexis' Dad never did anything wrong. He does not even know your dad,” he said in a low voice. Richard processed what he had said and smiled smugly. “What do you mean? Can you shed more light on this?” He asked, giving a nervous chuckle. “I overheard Miss Michelle on a call six months ago, and she was threatening someone that she would kill him if he ever exposed her about some forged documents. I know she has many secrets, but she mentioned Miss Alexis' name during her conversation on a phone call. Curiosity got the best of me and…” “And you snooped on me? You rotten and ungrateful monster!” She cussed out at him, and he gulped down some invisible lump in his throat. Anyone who hears Miss Michelle speaking will think she is older than everyone. Simple courtesy has always been far from her. “What did you discover, Butler Cyan?” Richard demanded instead, ignoring his mother completely. “I found out that all the company papers and the voice clips she showed and played to you were lies. Alexis' father never killed anyone, I'm sorry I'm just telling you this now, Mr. Richard.” He apologized. Richard went numb. He was not sure what to think or say. He stared at his mother, and she could not meet his gaze. His mother had been deceiving him, and he had been making the wrong decisions and maltreating the woman he fell in love with. He opened his mouth, but words failed him. “Mother…” He called slowly with trembling lips. “Is this true? What do you have to say to this?” He demanded and she kept mute. “Answer me, Miss Michelle!” He thundered. He suddenly felt weak. His heart was aching so badly. Miss Michelle raised her head, and her gaze met his son's cold gaze. “That's right, it's true. So?” She asked proudly. “So? Did you just decide to ruin my relationship with her without any reason? Why are you doing this!?” Richard yelled and stood up. “You want to know why I'm doing this?” She laughed softly and stared at Cyan, who averted his gaze to the floor. She stared back at her son and said, “Money, I'm doing this, so we can get your father's wealth! What's so bad about that, huh?” Richard stared at her in anger. “So you're doing this for money?” He asked, and she nodded. Richard laughed softly. It was an aching laugh. “Miss Michelle,” he called slowly and chuckled dryly at the shocked expression he received from her. “Surprised, were you still expecting me to respect you after all you've done? It's not even like you were married to him in the first place,” he taunted and she kept mute, maintaining a smiley face which infuriated Richard the more. He wanted something that would prick her conscience for once. Her mother divorced yet another man just a week ago and she has half of his assets according to divorce procedures and he is sure she is seeing another man she would get married to in a few months currently. “You are just as shameless as I heard about you. You are richer than many celebrities, and you are still the richest and biggest businesswoman in all of Italy, but despite all this, you still sleep around with wealthy men, get married to them, and end the marriage once you've gotten their assets, but you're still not contented with what you have?” He asked, and she rolled her eyes. Richard felt ashamed of his mother again. She disgusts him. He moved backwards and pointed at her. “I'm going back to New York to make it up to her, but I promise you, you will regret this. Let's go, Butler Cyan.” He said and turned to leave, but Miss. Michelle tried to stop him. “I have a licensed gun with me. You had better not push me to the extreme!” He warned strictly and they left the mansion. As they drove away, Richard could not stop the tears from streaming down his face. He felt betrayed by his mother. How could she do such a thing just for money? He could not understand why anyone would go to such lengths to hurt others, especially their family. He had been forgiving her, but he was not going to let this pass. He was going to deal with her in an unexpected way. Cyan noticed the tears too but could not say anything. Had he spoken in time, everything could have been okay, but he kept mute for fear of what Michelle could do. Once they arrived in New York, Richard went straight to Alexis' apartment. He knocked on the door, and her friend opened it, looking surprised to see him. “And if it's not some pompous billionaire who thinks they can do and undo?” she rolled her eyes at him. Richard was dumbfounded. He had been a real d*ck to her best friend. “Please, Annie, is Alexis in?” He said, embarrassed. “Why? So you can take her home and bring some bitches to your home to make her…” “I'm not here for all that. I'm here to apologize to…” Annie laughed sarcastically and stared at him, her hand scratching her so badly to pounce on him. “She gave up on you today, so you should also forget about her. I don't want her stressed out again. Leave before I call the cops…” “Who is there?” Alexis demanded as she moved to the door but froze seeing him at the door.

Chapter 2

Author's point of view“Richard, what are you doing here?” she asked, her eyes red from crying. “I'm here to make things right, Alexis. I know I messed up, and I'm sorry,” he said, staring at the floor. He was too embarrassed to look at her. Alexis looked at him for a moment, then back at her best friend, and she stepped aside to let him in. “Just yell if you need me,” Ann said to Alexis and glared at him before leaving. They sat down on the couch, and Richard kept staring at his shoes. He had used her for his selfish interests for three years and had thought he was getting his revenge on her, but finding out his revenge was wrong made him feel guilty. He went to talk to his mom to tell her he wasn't interested in maltreating her again but discovered something more shocking instead. “Alexis, I'm deeply sorry. I apologize for everything I've done. I admit that I was stupid. And now


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