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365 Days: Endless Love

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Emma's life is ruined after marrying a man with a mental disorder. She was forced into an arranged marriage to save her family's economy. Things wouldn't be so complicated if she married a single man. Joe was already engaged to a top actress before marrying. Her husband also openly cheated on her with a woman who had been his fiancee. After going through many problems, is it possible for Emma to keep her marriage together with Joe?

Full of Theatrics

Emma was still staring at her husband's every activity in the living room. She wanted to say hello but still didn't dare to do so. Suddenly, Joe violently slammed down some equipment that was nearby.

Emma immediately looked seriously at the man's face. "What are you looking for? Let me help you find it."

Joe very sarcastically began to stare at the woman not far from him. "You don't need to be so considerate. Just take care of yourself!"

Emma could only stroke her chest after hearing these words. "Alright, but you can call me if there's anything serious. I'll help you immediately."

Emma quickly walked away from her husband. Joe consciously watched the departure of the woman who had legally become his wife a few weeks ago. They did not marry for love. Emma was forced to marry a man who already had a fiancée. Not wanting to snatch the woman's first love. He also wouldn't have done this if his father's company hadn't gone bankrupt.

With his stern face, Joe immediately threw a water bottle at Emma, who was resting on the bed. "What a lazy wife! Why isn't there any food on the table?"

Emma looked very surprised after hearing the words. "Sorry, Joe. I didn't go shopping because you didn't give me money to buy food supplies."

Joe's face looked even more stern after hearing that. "Argh, I don't want to hear your excuses! Now help me find my car keys. Aish, I forgot about them since last night. Yes, you've organized all the tools in this room. Where did you put them?

"I put them inside this drawer." Emma immediately raised her body.

Joe's emotions grew even more intense after seeing Emma's scowling face. The man never realized all the harsh actions he had given his wife. Emma's body felt very weak from all that had happened. Joe consciously began throwing the glass flower vase when Emma wanted to pass from the room.

"You feel that way! What you got doesn't make up for all the time you've wasted since then."  Joe looked upset.

Emma roughly looked at her husband's face. "Why are you doing this, Mas?" She seemed to be enduring the pain in her leg, which was already bleeding.

Joe still gripped both of his wife's shoulders very hard. He also did not hesitate to insult the woman, who had been very patient with his rude behavior. The next morning, Joe came home with a heavy hangover. Emma, who had just finished cleaning the room, immediately helped her husband, who was about to walk up the stairs.

Emma immediately touched her husband's shoulder gently. "Just slow down. I'll help you get to the room."

Joe immediately pushed his wife's hand away roughly. "No need! You take care of the housework. You don't have to act like a good wife to me! Argh, take your hand off! I don't want your family's bad luck to rub off on me!"

Emma still did not care about her husband's accusatory words. "You'll fall if you walk like this up there."

Joe immediately pushed his wife's body out of his hands. "If I say no need, don't keep forcing me to."

Emma's body was immediately slammed hard to the floor. However, there was no pitying look from the perpetrator who had caused Emma's leg to be injured. Even so, she did not care about the condition of her leg. She immediately went to the kitchen to make soup for her husband. Throughout the cooking process, she never stopped crying.

"Sorry, Joe. I took a little while to deliver this soup to your room." Emma began to put down the bowl of food.

Joe immediately gave her a scathing look. "I'm not hungry. Just bring the food back!"

Emma insisted again. "I've prepared this breakfast for you. Just eat a little. Your stomach will feel a little better after eating it."

Joe immediately raised his body from the bed. His red face came back into view. He immediately threw the bowl of food that had been placed on the nightstand.

"Don't force me to eat this non-nutritious food! I've ordered food from outside! You just finished that meal. What are you waiting for? Don't look at my face like that! I'm so disgusted by your face."

Emma ignored her husband's words. She immediately looked down to clean up the broken tiles down there. However, Joe blindly poured a hot drink into Emma's hand. The woman suddenly whimpered in pain from her husband's actions.

Joe again grabbed his wife's thin chin. "Save all those puddles of tears. Do you think I'll feel sorry for you after seeing you cry? Haha, you remember once again, Emma Caitlyn! You are not the wife I love. Do you remember? This marriage that has happened is not of my choosing, so you don't need to go out of your way to make me treat you well!"

Emma's tears were still streaming down her beautiful face. "You think marriage is a toy? Please don't take this as a joke in your life.

Joe immediately slapped Emma's face. "Hey, you're getting more and more insolent! You're tired of living, huh? Do you want to die today?" He also did not hesitate to choke his wife.

Emma found it difficult to breathe due to the man's actions. "Hiks, stop! Don't do that, Joe! You've hurt my neck. I beg you not to do that terrible thing to me." Her voice sounded very limited when she said that.

Joe looked a little panicked when he saw Emma's slightly bluish face. "I won't let you go today, Emma," he said after releasing his hard grip.

The next day, Bakhtiar's extended family visited their residence. Emma was also a little uneasy because her legs and hands had not fully recovered. Surprisingly, Joe entered the kitchen and threw some closed clothes at her.

"I don't want to see your pitiful face displayed in the eyes of my family. Hurry up and clean all this up! I don't want any more trouble in my life. Suppose this matter reaches their ears. You know what I will do to you and your family, right?" Joe threatened Emma again.

Emma immediately nodded and picked up the clothes that had fallen on the floor. "I-I understand. I'll clean up everything right away. However, I need some time to do so. My leg is injured. I'm having trouble walking."

Joe again looked harshly at Emma's face. "I don't want to know about that! Hurry up and take care of everything! Clean up this puddle of tears, too!"

All the family members were very surprised when they saw how Emma walked. The woman had tried very hard to put on an act in front of everyone. It wasn't just that that made them surprised. Emma's face and body proportions also looked very unhealthy.

"Are you okay, Emma?" asked the woman with a stern face.

Emma looked very worried by her mother-in-law's question. "I'm fine, Mom."

Lauren immediately glanced at Joe's face sternly. "Are you not taking good care of your wife, Joe?"

"Mom, Joe treats me very well. I'm just not used to being tired of all the household chores." Emma immediately replied to her mother-in-law's words.

At a conference hall. Emma accidentally met Sherly - Joe's ex-fiancée in the toilet. She looked very surprised when she saw the face of the woman many people admired.

Sherly walked straight up to Emma. "Congratulations on your marriage."

Emma tried to avoid the woman. "Thank you for the kind words, ma'am."

Sherly said, "I'm sorry I can't attend your happy event."

Emma immediately stopped her from leaving. "No problem, ma'am. The words have already made me happy."

Sherly smiled sarcastically as she pounced on the remark. "Are you happy living together with Joe? After taking him away from me, Mrs. Bakhtiar?"

Emma looked very distressed after hearing these words. "Why are you asking me that? The matter between the two of us is over. Why are you still discussing this matter?"

Sherly approached Emma again. "It's over? Haha, how can you say that? You've already snatched my future husband, Emma! You didn't realize that until this moment? I'm amazed by this shameless woman like you! Does Joe's money mean that much to support your family's future?

Emma's temper began to rise after hearing those words. "Madam, that's enough! You can insult me all you want, but don't you ever insult my family!"

From outside, Joe's voice was calling Emma. Sherly suddenly burst into tears for no apparent reason. Emma also looked very surprised by the charade the waist gave her. Suddenly, Joe came in and immediately hugged his ex-fiancée's body.

"Sherly? Why are you crying?" Joe immediately looked at his wife's face sternly.

Sherly was even happier after hearing that. "I didn't mean to make your wife's heart feel hurt. I just wanted to greet her. Instead, she bullied me!"

Emma looked even more panicked when she heard that. "What have you said, Madam? I didn't do what she accused me of. I didn't do anything bad, Joe!"

Joe ignored his wife's words. "Forgive what my wife did, Sherly. Now follow me, Emma!" He pulled his wife's hand roughly.

Forced to Serve the CEO's Rude Lust

Joe was still holding his wife's hand very hard. "What hurtful words have you said to Sherly? Why is she crying like that?"

Emma was still trying to release the grip. "Can you believe every word I've said? I didn't say anything bad to her. I also don't know why she would cry like that." He glanced back slightly. "That woman lied to you!"

Joe didn't seem to care about Emma's reasoning. "You don't talk so much anymore. Now get in the car. I will soon give you a very extraordinary gift."

Emma still looked very anxious with her husband's words. "I haven't done anything bad to women─"

Joe immediately pressed Emma's body in the car. "Can you be quiet? Once again, I hear your voice. I won't hesitate to rip your mouth off! Do you want to get that, Emma? Huh, do you still want to talk?"

Emma immediately shook her head. She did not dare to speak agai


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