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31 Days

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Alice was desperate for money and had no other options. She had been searching for a job for months and when she saw the opportunity of being in a contracted relationship for a large sum of money, she jumped at the chance. Alice had no idea what she was getting into. The CEO of the company, Damon, was a cruel and demanding man. He offered Alice a contract where she would be his "girlfriend" for the next 31 days and he would pay her a large sum of money. Alice signed the contract without hesitation, desperate for the money. On their first night together, Damon was cold and uninterested. When Alice revealed to him that she was a virgin, he immediately rejected her and sent her home. Alice was heartbroken and humiliated but it didn't end there.

Chapter 1 Damon

Damon, the CEO of Damon Sanitary Pad International Limited. His company was the number one international best selling pad company. There were branches of his company all over the world with lots of workers in them. Including male and female workers. All the buildings have the same design, either by painting or building structure.

Damon is a young billionaire with a strong business acumen. He rarely visits his company's branches as he believes his physical presence wouldn't significantly impact his finances. Instead, he prefers to work from home and only ventures out when absolutely necessary, such as for crucial business meetings. In such cases, he often delegates the responsibility to his trusted manager.

At the reception…

The receptionist was a 25 years old lady named Camila. As soon as

she noticed a familiar car driving into the compound, she stopped chit chatting with the other female staff standing in front of her. It was clear from the shock in her voice that she recognized the car.

"Boss Damon is here."

"Boss Damon?" The other staff asked in awe as she left her standing position, now running to her work post which happens to be at the entrance door. She was a female security. Her job was to use the Garrett hand held metal detector to check on the bags of people before they go into the building. They didn't expect his presence as they wondered what must have brought him.

The car finally parked at the garage. A muscular young dude of 28 years old who happens to be his personal bodyguard rushed out from the front seat beside the driver's seat as he then walked towards the passenger's seat and pulled the door open. His name is Anderson.

With an expressionless and emotionless face, Damon climbed out of the car, adjusted his body-hugged shirt which made his muscular arms and shoulders look attractive. His blue jean and white canvas was fitted on him, giving him a perfect physique of a model as he then began to walk towards the entrance door of the building while the bodyguard shut the car door and walked behind him with Damon's briefcase in his hands.

He saw no staff outside the building aside from the gatekeeper who was now sitting on a seat beside the gate. Probably they were all busy with their work, he assumed.

"Good morning sir."

The female security whose job position was at the entrance door greeted him and he nodded and walked in. Smile was far from his face.

He is just 25 years old. A black short hair, fair in complexion, almost pale white. His unfathomable blue pupils' eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light toned face. His eyes were as deep and expressive and if an opposite gender should look into it, she would be lost into lust.

Now, walking towards his office,

"Good morning sir."

The receptionist greeted as well but got no response from him.

After a few minutes of walking, he finally got closer to the front of his office door and without the bodyguard being told what to do, he hurriedly pushed the door open and then stood beside the door as Damon walked in, now walking towards his office seat.

He got in front of his office table and placed his thumb on it. He felt it to know if he would feel any form of dust but then, it was clean as expected. He did the same to his seat and got the same result before he finally sat down while his bodyguard stood beside him with his briefcase still in his hands.

In the next second, he stretched out his right hand and his bodyguard understood that he was requesting for his briefcase.

Anderson stepped forward and carefully placed the briefcase on his table and then took a few steps backwards, now standing where he stood earlier.

Just as Damon was about to open up the briefcase, the ringing sound of his iPhone made him pause.

"Who is that?"

Damon asked as Anderson took up Damon's phone from the table and looked at the screen to know who the caller was.

"Manager Rex." Anderson replied and immediately, Damon took the phone and picked up the call.

On the phone…

He didn't say a word. He kept quiet and waited for the caller to break the silence.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Just calling to inform you ahead just as you have instructed." Said the caller.

"I'll be waiting." He replied and handed the phone over to Anderson. Anderson ended the call and carefully placed the phone back on the table.

"Inform the receptionist I'll be having a visitor and she should let them in." He Instructed as Anderson grabbed the office telephone that was placed on the corner side of the table. He dialled the receptionist line and after delivering his message, he ended the call and dropped the telephone back on the table before going back to stand at his position.

Damon, whose eyes were beauteous, opened up his briefcase and then brought out his apple PC, placing it carefully on the table as he then opened his PC and turned it on.

After waiting for some minutes for the boothing of the system, he took his reading glasses out of the briefcase and wore them, now looking intensely at the PC screen as his fingers found its way to the mouse, now trying to open up a document file which happens to be a business proposal from an upcoming company. The company was in charge of producing condoms. A new branch of the brand is ongoing and they want Damon to commission their building and his signature would be needed on a hard copy printed sheet if he agrees and accepts their invitation.

He was about reading the first line on the document file when he suddenly heard some argument voices coming from the reception. He wondered why. He looked up at Anderson, and he understood the reason for the look. Anderson immediately picked up the office telephone and called the receptionist to know what's going on.

On the phone…

"There's a lady here. She is Alice by name. She wants to see CEO Damon, claiming she has a job interview with him." Said the receptionist. The telephone was in a loud speaker so Damon heard clearly the receptionist statement.

"Let her in." He said. He knew it was his fault for not telling the receptionist about Alice's interview.

Boss said you should let her in." Anderson said to the receptionist and then ended the call.

A few minutes later, Damon and Anderson heard a knock on the door.

Chapter 2 The Interview

In no time, Alice walked nervously into his office. Damon, the notoriously cruel CEO of the company she had applied to, didn't take his gaze off her. She had heard stories about his harsh treatment of employees and his tendency to belittle anyone who crossed him. Despite her trepidation, Alice was determined to put her best foot forward and make a good impression.

"Leave us." Damon said to Anderson and he obeyed. He walked out and shut the door. Leaving Damon and Alice alone.

Damon was still seated comfortably in his office seat when Alice finally took a seat in front of him.

"I'm really sorry sir if I caused any problem at the reception." She begged.

He didn't say a word to her. He stood from his seat and walked towards the corner of his office room where he had some files arranged carefully on his book shelves and then took a file out of it before walking back to his seat.

Alice saw he was a tall, imposing figure wit


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