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168 Hours In Hell

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Eloise Muir is a young, energetic woman. She has everything in her which makes any man kneel to her. Working in a News Firm, she had encountered many admirers and turned down their proposals elegantly. But, her one co-worker, David Cooper was reluctant to accept her refusal, hence, he kept finding every way to please her and help her in anything she wanted no matter how cold or indifferent she would act to him. After Eloise's trip to Germany, she was supposed to return alone but she returned with an unexpected boyfriend who soon turned into her loving husband. After the delightful rollercoaster of events in Eloise's life, she returned to her work as a Married Woman looking more s*xy, confident, and beautiful, but she didn't know that there was someone waiting eagerly for her return. On her first day at her job as a Married Woman, Eloise and the seven members of her staff got kidnapped by none other than David. He felt betrayed by Eloise and was eager to punish her, to make her realize that no one except him could give him the best pleasure of her life. Seven Days, Seven Hostages. One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Hours, Will Eloise be able to survive in those terrible hours and days of her life? Will she be able to resist the temptation of David and betray her husband? Will she be able to make wise decisions that would save her and her colleagues' lives, or would she be drowned in David’s lustful games?

Chapter 1

“Come on, one dance.” The people around us cheered asking for another dance. I looked at my handsome husband. He was wearing an open-neck silk shirt, tailored slacks, and a well-cut jacket.

My handsome man gave me his beautiful charming smile, stretching his hand towards me and then bowing in respect as I took his hand, and again we were in the center of the stage dancing.

“They just can’t get enough…” My husband chuckled, and I let out a small giggle while looking at the bunch of people we had invited for dinner before I would start my work again as a married woman.

I had been working in a news firm, writing different articles and covering breaking news. That's what I do. I went to Germany for an interview with a high-end man, where I met Theo. Theo worked for a well-known software engineering company. He is an engineer, a well-built, educated, intelligent man.

I was not someone easy to please but he had swept me over with his charms. In just two months, he proposed and the other week we were planning the wedding and got married the same week.

And then we went off to Paris for our dreamy honeymoon. Just now, I have returned to Manchester where I belonged and my work too. Thankfully, Theo is also soon joining me back here. I can’t stand long-distance relationships at all.

“It’s a long song, Eloise.” My husband murmured in my ears, taking away the memories of all the blissful times I had been counting just now.

I looked at him apologetically thinking he had been getting bored by my colleagues' unreasonable demands but when I looked into his eyes, I saw something intense and dark.

He reached down to my bottom, squeezing my hips gently and then he pushed his erection between my legs rubbing on the thin fabric of my dress.

I bit my lips suppressing a moan, Theo is a man, who could f**k me for twenty-four hours a day and I love the passion he has for me, he made me so horny yet desirable. I just can’t resist this man. I adored his beauty, his looks, and his boner which is currently rubbing between my thighs and touching my crotch from time to time.

I looked at my colleague with hesitation. What he is doing is too outrageous. I needed to remind him that we are in public.

“We are in public, Theo,” I whispered in his ear and he gave me a seductive grin, making my panties wet in an instant.

“I’ve paid the DJ fair money, can’t you see the lights are too dim, no one would be able to see what we are doing.” He whispers in my ear, his hand slowly trailing up and down my back.

I pulled away looking into his eyes which showed excitement and lust, mine too shining with the same excitement, I bit my lips and then leaned over him, “I’ve never done it in public.”

“Neither had I.” He gave me a huge smile and then his hand started to go down to my plunge neckline, pulling the cloth aside to reveal my one ni**le, and then he started to rub his finger on it, arousing me.

“They are so hard.” He said in awe and I tried to stifle my moan.

“This would be fun.” He whispered again leaning on me, his tongue indecently brushing my ear and I flinched from the sensation.

In a minute, he hiked up my skirt and then with a strong pull tore my silk sheer panties in an instant. “Ahh.” A surprised cry escaped my lips.

He put my panties in his pocket after sniffing them, my pu**y throbbed at his gesture, he loved to smell my arousal it turned him on.

He then pulled me to the corner near a pillar. I tried to look around to see if anyone was looking but it was too dark. Everyone is immersed in dancing or God knows if they decided to do the same thing me and my husband were doing.

Once he cornered me to the pillar, he pulled down both sides of my dress revealing my br**asts, he leaned down and circled my ni**Les with his tongue, “Ahh…” A moan escaped my lips and he quickly covered my mouth while his mouth remained on my ni**les assaulting my both br**sts again and again.

His kisses started to get on my chest and then my shoulder while my hands started to get inside his hair tugging at them forcefully.

In a swift move, he held me up and his c**k rubbed at my warm entrance making me push myself desperately into him.

“Patience, Darling.” He teased me, “We have nine minutes left.” He whispered in my ear.

“Theo…” I moaned his name when he circled my entrance with his hard c**k. I am dying for him to push his hardcore inside me.

“Please…” I started to beg.

“Please… What…” He teased me more.

“I want you inside me… F**k me, baby… Please.” I beg him and even though it’s too dark, I know he is smirking the way I am writhing in his hold for his c**k.

“Oh, I will, my dear wife.” Saying that, he pushed his hard length inside me and I felt like a tunnel just got inside me, “God…” I gasp from his rough thrust.

He was so deep hitting my womb and knowing that people around could catch us at any moment, it felt more good and exciting.

“F**k, so wet…” He whispered while thrusting harder into me, sandwiching me between him and the hard pillar. I am sure my back is going to be bruised now, but it’s all worth it.

“Theo… Harder… Baby… Harder…” I moaned while scissoring my legs around his waist.

“Yes… Darling, yes…” He stole light kisses from my face and then sealed my lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth and our tongues started to move aggressively, he intended to explore me and so was I.

“Three minutes.” He pulled away, breathing heavily.

Holding my waist in a crushing grip he started to thrust more harder, more firmly, hitting my G-spot. “Close…” I exhaled as he shook me violently.

“Give it to me, baby.” He bit my ear and that’s it I explode like hot lava, covering his hard c**k with my c*m.

“F**k…” With three hard thrusts, he pounded his ejaculate into me, filling me fully.

His breath lingers on my face, panting heavily and then smoothly he put me back on my legs, I held his arms tightly to stable my wobbling legs, looking around I realized that the lights are starting to get bright and then hurriedly I started to smooth my dress, putting my hanging breasts back into their place and then pushing down my skirt, smoothing my hands over it to keep it still.

When I looked up Theo had been dressed, his hair smooth not the f**king mess I made before and his face as calm as water, sometimes I felt envious of how good he is at composing his emotions.

His hand reached to my face wiping away the sweat on my face even setting my smudged makeup which I noticed later on his handkerchief.


Everyone started to cheer when the lights got normal and the sound ended.

Theo stole a quick peck on my lips and that’s how we ended the dinner. From tomorrow, my daily routine life is going to start. I am happy yet a bit perplexed by the thought that Theo is going to leave for Germany this morning and hopefully after a week, he will be here with me forever.

Chapter 2

“Hmm…” I moaned in my sleep, something wet and warm circles my c**t, and I am thrown over the edge, I don’t know if it was a dream of mine or reality.

“Ahhh…” I moan louder when I feel soft strokes penetrating me and I squirm from the sensation.


I opened my eyes, bewildered, and when I look down I found my dear husband eating my pu**y, such a lavish sight for my eyes.

I sat up, detaching him from my hot entrance and he groaned unhappily.

“Come back.” He demanded grumpily, sitting up when I suddenly push him down on the bed and sit on his face rubbing my wet c**t on his mouth, “Now, it’s better.”

He smirk, sucking on my c**t, while I rubbed my hips in sync with his face, God, How am I going to stay without him for a whole week, those thoughts gave a pang of sadness in my heart, ruining my intense orgasm.


“I’ll be in touch.” Theo kissed my forehead before leaving and I tried not to cry in front of him. “I am going to miss you,


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