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168 Hours In Hell
  • Author: Zed
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 141
  • 7.5

Eloise Muir is a young, energetic woman. She has everything in her which makes any man kneel to her. Working in a News Firm, she had encountered many admirers and turned down their proposals elegantly. But, her one co-worker, David Cooper was reluctant to accept her refusal, hence, he kept finding every way to please her and help her in anything she wanted no matter how cold or indifferent she would act to him. After Eloise's trip to Germany, she was supposed to return alone but she returned with an unexpected boyfriend who soon turned into her loving husband. After the delightful rollercoaster of events in Eloise's life, she returned to her work as a Married Woman looking more sexy, confident, and beautiful, but she didn't know that there was someone waiting eagerly for her return. On her first day at her job as a Married Woman, Eloise and the seven members of her staff got kidnapped by none other than David. He felt betrayed by Eloise and was eager to punish her, to make her realize that no one except him could give him the best pleasure of her life. Seven Days, Seven Hostages. One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Hours, Will Eloise be able to survive in those terrible hours and days of her life? Will she be able to resist the temptation of David and betray her husband? Will she be able to make wise decisions that would save her and her colleagues' lives, or would she be drowned in David’s lustful games?


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