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CEO's Exclusive Gigolo

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After getting retrenched, former sales representative Nathaniel Underwood searches for ways to gain employment but fails. Left with no other choice, he becomes a gigolo serving wealthy older women in Neon City while keeping the truth from his long-time girlfriend Regina White, a renowned travelling journalist. With bills to pay and a house mortgage to pay off, Nathaniel resorts to seducing these women so that they will keep on taking his services and also increase his feedback score. However, fate causes Nathaniel to get entangled with the wealthiest young woman in the whole of Neon, Alyssa Dawson, the wealthy CEO of AD Systems Corp. When he extorts her with a s*x tape of their night together, she retaliates by presenting him with an offer that he cannot refuse: to become her exclusive gigolo! But when Regina returns one day to stay in Neon for good, can Nathaniel continue keeping the truth from her? Or will she divulge his secret relationship with Alyssa? And what feud does Sirius White, Regina’s stepbrother, has with Alyssa, and why does she hate him so much?

Chapter 1


The city of Neon never slept. By seven p.m, businesses close and the residents of the city make merry in the busiest nightclubs in the heart of the city. There, people of different backgrounds, races, professions and social statuses mingled.

Alyssa Dawson sported a pair of oversized framed spectacles as she alighted from the taxi, making her way towards the busy Mysterious Club. It was a club where there were no rules. Just like Alyssa herself. At twenty-four, she was already the CEO of a multinational company, living the luxurious life of a billionaire. A life with no commitments. She answered to no one.

In fact, she led a huge team of expatriates and had over five hundred employees all over the country. Like the name of the club, she was Neon’s greatest mystery. She donned a dark black jacket every day to the office, covered her bright crimson hair with a black wig and on her nose, sat an oversized, framed spectacles that hid her beauty. None knew who she was like outside the office.

But aside from being the wealthiest woman in the city, envied by men and women alike, there is a part of her that nobody knows. That side of her, with a crimson red crest and a furry tail, and golden-yellow eyes. She can never forget that day when a rival pack exterminated the Crimsoncrown pack, and her father’s last words to her when they died.

She was the last of the Crimsoncrown pack and its sole survivor. Her father had been the pack’s Alpha.

His last words to her were for her to survive and avenge their pack. Luck was on her side after that; an unsuspecting childless couple had found her passed out at the roadside, rescued and then adopted her. She had been fourteen then when she became Alyssa Dawson. At twenty years old, she inherited a fortune from her adoptive parents and became the richest female entrepreneur in Neon.

Ten years later today, she was standing outside the bar in a dark alley, disregarding the rules that a werewolf should have a mate and seeking a night of fun. It was the fourteenth of February, what the humans called Valentine’s Day. Her goal that night was to find a mate, and it was just for that night. She wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship, nor to change anything about herself. A one-night-stand seemed perfect: a night of passion, with no regrets or responsibility. But she had other plans than to approach a man herself.

She reached up to her wig and removed it, following with her spectacles. It was time for her to let herself loose. A bed of curly crimson hair spilled from the wig, tumbling down her waist. Then she took off her serious-looking designer work jacket. Underneath the jacket, she wore a stylish black dress, which stressed her curvy hips and boasted her impeccable figure. Being a werewolf had its perks.

She dumped the items she had taken off in a dustbin nearby. Without them, she was unrecognisable. Her eyes glittered with excitement as she thought about the deal she had made with the owner of the club: that she would have a gigolo accompany her for the rest of the night. Just one night!

That night, she would let the games begin. Whatever happened in the Mysterious Club stayed in the Mysterious Club, she thought with a wide smile across her face. By no way was she ever going to allow some male stranger from the club to make a claim over her and ruin the equilibrium of her perfect life?

But that night, she was in for a big surprise.

-----Chapter One-------

Nathaniel Underwood woke up with an aching pain in his back and sides. Above his head, the white ceiling of the five-star posh hotel greeted him. On the walls hung a painting of a sunset. Hearing her soft breaths next to him was enough to remind him of what had happened the night before.

Like the other gigolos in the Mysterious Club, they tasked him with fulfilling a particular female guest. Out of ten other gigolos, that red-headed wealthy woman had picked him. He hadn’t expected her to have an insatiable appetite, nor had he anticipated the bite mark she left on his neck.

Last night had been the most exhausting night he had ever experienced with a client. As much as it was exhilarating, he felt as if something had torn his soul out of his body. Never, for once in the three months of being in the trade, had he ever suffered such a demanding client.

She let out a soft moan as he gently pushed her aside and got out of bed. Just what time was it? He groaned as he searched anxiously for his clothes and slipped them on. A gold watch with his initials dangled from the corner of a desk. He grabbed it and put it on as well, glancing at the face of the watch to tell the time.

Goodness! The time for his next client was in an hour. He hurriedly entered the bathroom to get ready quickly.

The sight of his reflection in the mirror shocked him.

“What in the world?” He almost screamed.

That didn’t look like an ordinary bite mark. It was as if some beast had clawed on his neck with extremely sharp talons. There was no way he was going on his next ‘date’ looking like that.

What should he do now?

His instinct told him he had to get out of there as soon as possible. While the wound wouldn’t heal in a short while, he needed to hide it as much as he could.

He still had bills and a house mortgage to pay off.

When he exited the bathroom, it appalled him to realise that the woman he had serviced last night had arisen, and was walking around the room in a daze.

She had swept her crimson hair around her naked shoulders glamorously, and her face carried a bright shine.

“Who are you?” She looked mystified to see him in the room with her.

“I’m Nathaniel. I mean, I’m the gigolo you chose last night.” He answered truthfully, unable to keep his eyes off her. What kind of woman looked so captivating even after a night of wild passion? Her morning look was definitely a soul-stealer. If not that he was a gigolo and she was the client, he swore he could have made another go with her.

“Oh? If that’s right, then you can leave now. I’m very busy.”

She pointed towards the door.

What? She was definitely straightforward! But kicking him out after having a night of passion? That was totally unheard of! Most of his clients had always requested for him to continue his services for a day, but not this one!

"Hmmm?" She placed her hands on her bare hips. "Do I need to repeat myself?"

Her authoritative side was intriguing. He felt drawn to her, as if she had some power over him.

Regardless, he needed to go. Perhaps he could find some way to hide the mark on his neck. For now, he had it hidden well with a collar that he folded upwards.

"As you wish, ma'am. But please, let me grab my phone first and check on my payment."

He had left his cell phone on his side of the bed. As a gigolo registered on the eGigolo platform in Neon, it ensured that clients made a payment of his services in advance. But he needed to ensure that she had paid.

She sneered and leaned back in the plush chair in the suite. "Since when did I ever default on any payment?"

"Since now."

He flashed his cell phone screen before the naked redhead. The smirk on her face turned to that of annoyance. He had opened on the screen of his cell phone, the payment window of the eGigolo app.

It indicated he had received a payment of zero for his services yesterday.

"Are you kidding me?"

He smiled coolly. "Like you, I don't have so much free time on my hands. I have another rich widow to handle next."

"Wait. I'll transfer the money to you now. There must be a misunderstanding. I am sure I've paid Madam McLean.."

He shook his head with a laugh. "How can you place me with McLean's little boys? I am Nathaniel Woods, an independent male escort."

"Don't waste my time. Give me your contact number for me to do an online funds transfer now."

She looked cross. He couldn't help thinking how s*xy she looked while angry, and took his sweet time to key in his number into the contacts of her cPhone. He even saved his number in her phone as "S*xy Nat At Your Service".

"Thank you Madam for your patronage. Call me if you need any further servicing," he teased her with a curtsey. "I hope my performance last night pleased you."

While he was teasing her, some red stains on the pale sheets caught his attention. He eyed the woman strangely, but she avoided his gaze.

"Transfer done. I hope I don't see you again."

That desirable woman who had moaned so loudly last night that he thought the other patrons of the hotel floor could hear her turned out to be a virgin?

She had been such a wildcat that it made him pound inside her roughly. She had retaliated by scratching him on his back and biting him on his neck. But for a virgin to be this wild? It was like striking a jackpot for him. Virgins in Neon were as rare as a pearl in the wild.

Hiding his excitement, he exited the suite, beaming silently at his finding.

She would soon look him up, and it wouldn't be many days later. As he had received the funds she had transferred into his account, he had her number now. They wouldn't remain strangers.

And she seemed like a really wealthy lady. She looked just a little older than him. Just a few more times and he could bid this horrible job goodbye.

He was even more scheming than he appeared to be. For every client he took on, he always prepared himself to have something in hand to seduce them for a second opportunity with him. And each time he met with a client for the second time, he would increase his price using valid reasons, until they eventually stopped calling on him. By then, he would have got what he needed from that client, and would move on to the next.

But for this fiery lady who turned out to be a virgin last night, he had a bigger plan. And that was to blackmail her with a video of their s*x last night.

His phone suddenly started beeping with an unsaved number on the line.

It turned out his girlfriend, Regina, was back from another of her long trips for work. He decided that she likely wouldn't stay in Neon much longer this time.

And he had a client to attend to in fifteen minutes.

Chapter 2

Alyssa twirled a long strand of her crimson locks around her index finger on her dominant hand, watching the gigolo exit her luxurious hotel room.

She was sure that he would be back soon; she thought with an arrogant smile as she observed her naked figure in the mirror of the bathroom.

Last night turned out to be more gratifying than she had thought, even if it was her first time. She had made use of his well-honed skills. In fact, it had even unleashed the Kraken inside her.

But why did she feel something was ‌odd with this man? When he had left, it gave her an uneasy sensation. It was like something was missing from her. She had even sensed her own wetness in his presence, which she loathed.

She, Alyssa Dawson, would never need a man. She was better off depending on herself than yearning for a man to satisfy her desires, be it her thirst for power or relief from the sexual deprivation in her all these years. It didn’t matter now. She was the CEO of her own


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