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Part-Time Wife

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"Would you like to work part-time as my wife? Not for mutual love, not for a romantic relationship. Rather, to be a contract wife as the last thing I can do for my mother, who desperately wants a daughter-in-law." Sienna thought Harvey was going to fire her as a secretary when she was summoned to his room, only to receive a shocking and ridiculous offer. To be Harvey Claire's part-time wife! When Sienna accepts the offer and her part-time job as Harvey's wife begins, she realizes that she cannot maintain her professionalism the way she used to as Harvey's secretary. Especially when Harvey has the same feelings for her, even though they both know there is no future in their relationship. Because it wasn't just a divorce that would end their unconventional marriage, but the threat of Harvey's impending death that prompted him to propose the arrangement in the first place. "Three months at the earliest, a year at the longest. Are you willing to take this job and be my part-time wife?"


"No, no, no! Wait!" I ran, stumbled, and almost fell in the crowded lobby. But the elevator doors remained closed, rising and leaving me gasping for breath.

Oh, crap! It's Monday and very early, but I'm already so busy and sweating so much.

I woke up late, missed the bus, missed the elevator and had to walk up the stairs, and now my boss is staring at me with eyebrows almost drawn together as I stand in front of him in a sweaty heap like I just finished a marathon.

"You're late again, and it looks like you have a lot to tell me, Ms. Winston." Mr. Claire said in a tone that sounded bored. And yeah, I could understand it because I was also very bored with this situation.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Claire. I didn't hear my alarm go off and I missed the bus. Then I had to–"

"Go to the restroom and make yourself presentable, Ms. Winston! I'll see you in the boardroom in 5 minutes!" Mr. Claire interrupted me with an order that made me run again. For God's sake, it's not even ten o'clock yet, but it feels like I've spent all my energy for the entire week just running here and there to catch up with the time that always seems to be ten steps ahead of me.


"Wow, Sienna! Where did you come back from the battlefield, huh?"

I snorted when I heard Calla's teasing. I flopped down in the chair beside her, too tired to respond to my co-worker.

"Is your watch broken? Why is it still 11 o'clock?" I asked Calla in a complaining tone that made her laugh.

"Are you hungry? Did your stomach make loud noises again during the meeting?" Calla teased me again, making me groan in annoyance because it seemed like she would keep teasing me until we retired from this company. Even though the embarrassing incident of my hungry stomach rumbling loudly during the meeting was the most embarrassing thing I wanted to forget, that evil girl kept bringing it up.

"Eat this!" Calla placed the lunch box before me, lighting my eyes at the two sandwiches inside. "Your stomach must be growling because you haven't had breakfast, right?"

"I haven't had breakfast lately because I always wake up late." I said before taking a big bite of the sandwich.

"I think you should cut down on your part-time job. Isn't the work at the office already too much?"

"I can't. Those d*mn collectors are always–"

"Hey, hide that! Mr. Claire is coming!" Calla interrupted me as she grabbed the lunch box on the desk and hid it in the drawer upon seeing Mr. Claire's appearance. I, too surprised by this, reflexively coughed, unable to stop it even as Mr. Claire walked past my desk while looking at me with a shake of his head and a click of his tongue.

"He clicked his tongue at me, right? He's like that to me, huh?" I asked Calla in a whisper after Mr. Claire entered his room.

"Just ignore him! Here, have some more!" Calla took out her lunch box again so I could continue eating.

I pouted. Mr. Claire's tongue-lashing had made me lose my appetite, but since lunchtime was still a few hours away, I didn't want to starve and was forced to continue eating

But a second before I put the sandwich in my mouth, the phone on my desk rang. I picked it up, only to be even more annoyed when I heard Mr. Claire's flat voice before I could say 'hello'.

"Come to my office now!"

That was it, and the call ended just like that.

"Wipe your mouth!" Calla ordered as she watched me get up with a long sigh. I sighed again as I roughly cleaned my mouth of sandwich crumbs.

I entered Mr. Claire's office and approached his desk, where he sat in his CEO chair with his back to me, facing the large window that showed a view of the skyscrapers that filled the New York office district.

"May I help you, Mr. Claire?" I asked politely, causing Mr. Claire to turn his chair to face me.

"It seems you've been very busy lately, Ms. Winston. You always come late and often fall asleep during work hours." Mr. Claire didn't mince words in attacking me directly.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Claire. I've been having trouble sleeping lately and–"

"Is the salary I give you not enough that you have to work for another company?" Mr. Claire interrupted, causing my eyes to instantly widen in surprise along with my pounding heart.

"That's... I..." I tried to explain, but my brain couldn't find a good reason, leaving my mouth at a loss for words. "I'm sorry, Mr. Claire. But I–"

"Does it pay a lot?" Mr. Claire interrupted me again, making it difficult for me to swallow as my throat suddenly felt dry. And he shot back at me. "Remote work as a data analyst, huh? How much do you get paid?"

"That's..." My fingers crossed nervously. I opened my mouth but didn't know what to say, while Mr. Claire raised an eyebrow as if impatiently waiting for my answer.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Claire. I think I've been overdoing it with my part-time job. I'll cut it back so that–"

"You didn't answer my question, Ms. Winston!" D*mn it! Is interrupting me his new hobby? Doesn't he know how hard it is to think of an answer at a time like this, and he's just shutting my brain down by continuing to interrupt me?

I closed my eyes and tried to calm down before answering his question. "About $800 a week, Mr. Claire."

Mr. Claire nodded his head while frowning as if he was considering something. It made my chest tighten with fear to think that he was considering firing me.

"I'm sorry if my work in the office has become less than optimal due to my part-time job, Mr. Claire. I'm going to quit–"

"How about working part-time for me instead?" Mr. Claire interrupted me again, again and again. And this time, he made me tilt my head in confusion.

"Part-time work?" I asked. And my eyes immediately widened as I realized what that meant. "Are you going to fire me as a full-time employee and only hire me as a part-time employee?"

"No, no! That's not what I meant." Mr. Claire denied it, but I didn't feel safe at all. "It's not about office work."

"Then what?"

"That..." Mr. Claire bit his lower lip, making me blink in surprise. Was he nervous right now? A Harvey Claire? Wow, this is the first time I've seen this kind of expression from him. I want to take a picture to show Calla.

"Ms. Winston." Mr. Claire called to me, making me straighten up, waiting for his words. "Would you like to work part-time as my wife?"

I blinked my eyes. He did the same. I blinked again, confused as to why he hadn't said anything about a job to make my brain whisper something strange in my ear.

"How was it, Ms. Winston?" he asked.

"Yes? How was it, Mr. Claire?" I asked back, still waiting for him to explain.

Mr. Claire nervously cleared his throat, the handsome lines of his face creasing with tension. "I asked, are you willing to work part-time as my wife?"

I blinked before rounding my eyes. Only then did I realize I hadn't misheard or hallucinated earlier because Mr. Claire repeated the same thing.

And I couldn't stop my mouth from opening wide as he continued, "I will pay you $800 per hour if you are willing to be my part-time wife, Ms. Winston."


"Would you like to work part-time as my wife?"

It was a crazy question, and I knew it even though it came out of my mouth. I waited for Sienna's reaction, but she just blinked her eyes. I blinked too, waiting for her answer, but she just repeated it without answering anything.

Okay, I feel so stupid now. It felt better to be rejected outright than to see her blink her eyes without saying anything, as if she had just heard the dumbest thing in the world.

But since I had already said it, I had to finish it. "How was it, Ms. Winston?"

"Yes? How was it, Mr. Claire?"

Oh, shit! Why is she parroting and making me feel so stupid with that innocent look?

I cleared my throat, trying to get rid of my nervousness before continuing. "I asked, are you willing to work part-time as my wife?"

She blinked again. I had already given up hope and was about to give up because Sienna didn't seem to understand my wo


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