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Bounded to my billionaire boss

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"I love you!" He screamed and a sob escaped her lips. "I love you Rosie…from that day—" he took a step and ran his hands through his hair. "From that day I fired you Rosie. You were so clumsy—" he sniffed and chuckled. "You were so anxious and I had to fire you but that same day; that I saw you in the bar drunk; that I kissed you" he exhaled and laughed. "I fell in love with you" he confessed and she blinked back her tears. "Then why have you been cold to me Xander? Why have you been pushing me away? You were so warm to me, then it all changed when your brother came to you. Why!" "Because Rosie—" he licked his lips and tugged on his hair. "You're too innocent to get involved in the life I'm in." ———— Alexander Macaulay, the CEO of spelldrink Mac's was in love with his secretary from the day he saw her intoxicated self. He craved her presence but kept it to himself until he had the situation around him sorted out. Rosalie Jones promised to stay as long as he showed her he needed her. She could feel his love even if he never said it out loud. She was willing to keep the fire of their love burning unless he quelled it. Will their love overshadow their indifferences? Will their love be blissful despite the antagonists around them?

Chapter 1...First day at work!

The young lady clutched tightly to her handbag, her heart racing at every nanosecond that passed by. Every step towards the elevator she saw ahead wavered.Her hands balled into a fist in an attempt to stop them from trembling but it didn't work. Her pulse throbbed in her ears as she walked.It's her first day at work!She had never been that paranoid. She understood the reason. It was her first time in such a big company.She ran her hands through her golden bronze hair that ran freely down her shoulders in an attempt to calm her erratic heartbeat.But nothing worked.Breathe Rosalie. Breathe.She s*ck*d in a deep breath and rearranged her hair. A hand on her chest, she assured herself she would do well. She had a choice; to go in there, walk to his office and stop being a scared kitten.With hands that struggled not to tremble, she pressed on the button of the elevator. It slid open and she got in.Thankfully, no one was in. She guessed she came earlier than expected. She had just gotten the job and had to resume earlier in order to make a good first impression.Her lips formed into a thin line and her eyes went close when events flashed through her mind. She struggled to get the job and dare not make any mistake that might jeopardize her job.And the first thing was to calm her anxiety. The elevator beeped and she got out. Her eyes darted around as she took slow steps towards the office that was ahead of her.The walls had a silvery color that sparkled and emanated elegance alongside plushness. Her steps got tentative at every moment closer to the office door and her pulse throbbed in her neck.Rosalie took a deep breath when she was just a few inches away from the door. And that did the magic. Her confidence returned and it heightened because she did the unimaginable and unthinkable.She grabbed the handle of the door and pushed the door open without a second thought; no without a first thought. It was an impulsive action.And that was the most stupid decision she had made in years. Her eyes dilated in shock at the images her eyes fed on immediately. Her mouth went agape when her brain registered the scene unfolding right in front of her.She walked in on two people making out!The lady's bare hands roamed over the guy's chest and he held her firmly, his free hand tugging on her n*ppl*s. The lady arched her back to accommodate all of the man's size which caused the lady to release a high-pitched moan.Rosalie's eyes threatened to pop out and a loud gasp ran out her lips when the man turned to her.Not just a random man. It was Alexander Macaulay, the CEO of the company; her boss.His action paused as he gazed at the intruder. His eyes darkened and his face contorted. When the lady saw his eyes were fixed in another direction, she whipped her head to that direction immediately.Rosalie's chest tightened and she struggled to breath when the two pairs of eyes bore holes onto her skin. Her legs wanted to move; they needed to, but it seemed they were glued to the spot because all attempts to move them were futile.She knew she needed to do something. She needed to move so they could get the space they needed but her legs were unable to move. Since it was the only thing her mind could process, she tore her eyes away from them and turned around.Her heart palpitated and her breathing became rapid as she kept a gaze on the wall. Despite the glamorous color, her brain couldn't register it.Her gaze was fixated ahead and her mind was blank until the shrill jerked her back to life. It was the lady's shrill. Rosalie casted her gaze back to them and the lady was walking towards her.She could recognize the face anywhere. It was Sophia, the famous runway and editorial model. Rosalie held her breath as Sophia approached her with a frown.With her carved brows that were contorted and the heavy makeup that she wore, she scrutinized Rosalie. She ran her hands through her hair before she released a scoff.It was an annoyed scoff. Rosalie batted her lids and casted her gaze down in an attempt to avoid her penetrating gaze.Her eyes met with the piece of clothing that was on Sophia exposing every inch of her cleavage. Unable to keep her gaze on Sophia's chest, Rosalie raised her head to Sophia and they locked eyes.Her lungs failed to work as Sophia bore holes into her skin, "do we have to tell you you need to get out?" Sophia tilted her head and crossed her hands on her chest and awaited a reply."Huh?" Rosalie struggled to speak but she was tongue tied. She swallowed thickly and accessed Sophia's face. Her jaw was tightened and despite her posture, Rosalie could sense the anger in her eyes.Sophia looked like she was ready to pounce on her. Her eyes shone and flames burned inside of them as it hid the despise and anger she felt.She cut short what she worked so hard to get!All dreaded thoughts flew into Rosalie's mind when she realized what had just happened. She walked in on her boss with a woman whose net worth was enough to feed her entire generation for a lifetime.Her heart palpitated at the implications. Were they going to fire her? Were they going to punish her for not knocking before entering? Sweat trickled down her face at the thought.She struggled hard to get the job. Knots tightened in her stomach and a gasp escaped her lips when Sophia took a step backward and muttered the unbelievable, "is she the new secretary? If she is, you have to fire her Alexander."Rosalie's eyes widened in disbelief and she turned to Alexander who was dressed now. He was seated on the huge couch that was placed in front of the oak office desk and across it, he watched the two ladies.His gaze was fixated on Rosalie who was short of breath as she feared the worst reply. His sterling gray eyes penetrated into her skin and her cognac eyes did the same.Thoughts of being sacked flew off Rosalie's mind when her eyes fed on the face of her boss. His full eyebrows were puckered up and his Roman nose was squeezed. When her gaze traveled down his lips, her heart fluttered.The sound of the scorn brought Rosalie out of her admiration and it was Sophia. She hissed and shot Alexander a glare, "you're just going to keep staring at her, huh?"Again, Rosalie became aware of the situation. Her heart threatened to burst out of her chest at the thought of her boss firing her on her first day of work. No, she didn't deserve such an ill fate.She batted her lashes and bit on her lips like a prisoner awaiting a judgment from the judge. Alexander's stare was too penetrating and if not because of the situation, her knees would have become jelly and would have failed her.Alexander skeptically examined her features before he cleared his throat, "Rosalie Jones right?" She nodded and he clicked his tongue with his eyes tracing a file in his hands. "Let's begin working."

Chapter 2... Heartwarming handshake

Rosalie could swear she heard the wrong words but she didn't. Her eyes widened and joy surged through her like a comet. Her heart fluttered when she digested his words again. He didn't fire her. He gave her a chance to work. Her heart leaped for joy and a smile broke on her face."Yes sir" she chuckled when she found her tongue and she made to walk towards Alexander.She barely took a foot when the hand grabbed her wrist. It was a painful grip and it caused her to whip her head to Sophia who held her down. Rosalie sucked in her lips at the look of contempt on her face.Her jaw was tensed and her face was contorted in a frown, "you really think you would work here?" Sophia scoffed and turned to Alexander. "Did you just say she can start working, Alex? This lady here just walked in on us. She didn't bother to knock and you think she should work with you?" She queried as her blood boil


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