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"You must behave appropriately since you are now Mrs. Alessandro", he says sternly. You are not an exception, and I have never tolerated mistakes". He looks into my eyes and I feel a chill run down my spine. I nod without turning to face his penetrating eyes and look down. He leaves in silence. There is only one person Camilla Allegra knows who could assist her in exacting retribution after she saw her father's murder. Michael Alessandro. Can she trust him after what he promises her? Powerful businessman Marco Alessandro is also a Mafia member. He is wealthy, attractive, and every girl is groveling before him. He discovers a girl he may marry without making a love commitment as his parents urge to get married grows. After ending our kiss, we turn to face one another. ''You make me irrational. I want all of your words, deeds, and body". He muttered. "You can have everything". I promptly smacked our lips together once again in response.

Chapter 1

I overheard my mother screaming "CAMILLA GET UP NOWW" a hundred times. She comes in and sits next to me in my room.

"Hey Camilla, just leave so your dad will be happy. It's just a ball, after all. I am irritated as I stare at her.

My father is frequently asked to sleazy balls. You can't handle it. The cuisine and getting to dress up are the only positive aspects.

If you provide me a suitable clothes to wear, I'll go. She gives me a smile before getting up to go for clothing for me.

Even though I've always like dressing up, the ball makes me miserable. I still don't understand how my dad gets invited to such opulent events. We aren't indigent, but we also don't have a fortune. Billionaires are the ones that possess the grasp the balls.

I'm aware that my mother wants me to look for a man. She finds it offensive that I've never been in a committed relationship.

She wants me to wed a wealthy businessman because she thinks it will simplify my life. However, every businessman I've encountered at these balls has disrespected women. They view them as things. With them, I could never survive.

Every man you encounter at the ball will actually eye fuck you. You can't handle it.

I make the decision to stand up because I will eventually have to leave.

When my mother entered the room carrying a dress, I was mid-morning routine and NOW I WANT TO GO.

Mom says, "Your dad won't like it, but I'll persuade him." I thank her while grinning.

I do my hair and apply a fair amount of makeup.

My sister was staring at me with her mouth open when I went downstairs after getting ready. I chuckle at how cute she is.

My dad won't let my sister come because she's only 14 years old.

She nags, "I want to come."

"Don't worry, Alessandra, you can come in a few years." I make fun of her.

"This is so unfair, I want to leave. You really do look fantastic. She nags, "I want to look good too.

I tell her, "You always look good."

"Camilla, let's go!" My father can be heard outside.

Running outside, I get into the car. Dad smiles when he stares at me.

"Since you didn't want to attend the ball, I'll only let you wear this dress there." I nod in accord with my dad as he says.

Only when it was necessary, my father has been strict. No matter how serious a mistake any of us make, he has never yelled at any of us. My mother is really strict. On the outside, though, everyone believes it to be the other way around.

It was far away and the vehicle trip was silent. I then put in my earbuds and started listening to music.

We arrived at a huge building after a lengthy drive. This one is even larger than normal. i.e., more people. This was not going to be fun for me.

"Camilla, you are aware of the laws. Behave yourself, please. Before we get out of the car, Mom said.

Yes, mother, I said.

I exhaled deeply as my dad assisted me in getting out of the car.

, "In we go."

As we make our way to the hallway, I stand beside my mother. As we enter, my father introduces himself to the guards stationed at the entrance.

I had never seen so many people here before, so I quickly felt uneasy. I recognize a couple of the faces, but the most of them are terrifying and exude authority.

We are seated at the table that has been allotted to us.

My dad normally spends the day exposing us to dull characters. I thus had no different expectations for today.

My dad introduced his boss, Mr. and Mrs. Delfina, to my mom and me.

Mrs. Delfina gave me a close examination.

"Is she single?" you ask. She asks my mother.

I don't like coming here for another reason, which is this. For their sons, there are always women searching for proposals. An planned marriage wouldn't bother me if their sons weren't such fuckboys.

"Yes." Mom responded.

She is quite attractive. I fought the impulse to roll my eyes as Mrs. Delfina said.

I didn't find my mother's chat with Mrs. Delfina very interesting, so I excused myself and left to use the restroom.

I asked a waitress how to get to the restroom. I was touching up my makeup when I overheard two women chatting.

One of them says in an extremely high pitched voice, "I heard he's hot."

The other almost announces to the entire room, "OMG You have no clue."

One of them said, "Everyone calls him Mr. Alessandro."

I walked out of the restroom because I detest chicks who swoon over men. They appear helpless because of it. I don't mean that I've been in relationships, nor am I interested in doing so. because it takes too much work.

As I turn around to go, I see my parents talking to a man. You could tell from a distance that he was the dominant one because my parents sounded frazzled.

I heard my dad's voice just as I turned to walk past them to my table.

great, I said. He will now eye-fuck me and give me a protracted handshake. If he previously asked me over to his house, I wouldn't be surprised. I've been through it all.

"Camilla, please come here to meet Mr. Alessandro."

I approached them while feigning a grin. "Mr. Alessandro, this is my daughter Camilla." My father says.

I assumed Mr. Alessandro was the subject of the girls' chatter. Although he was pretty attractive, I could never see myself falling in love with him. I'm too proud of myself to do that.

Mr. Alessandro simply nods before moving on to speak with someone else and taking his leave.

He's perhaps the first person who didn't give me an ugly smirk while looking me up and down. He might be a kind person or gay.

Meeting folks had taken an hour. My mother keeps telling me to look in this ball till I meet a respectable guy. I just shrugged it off.

Although I don't have anything against relationships, I don't have the energy they demand.

When I realized my dad had been gone for some time and that I needed to leave, I told my mother and then I started seeking for him.

When I asked a waiter why I couldn't locate him in the large hall, he replied that he had entered a room there. After thanking him, I started looking.

After knocking on the door and getting no response, I unlocked it to discover it was an office. My father is seated on the couch with his head in his hands as soon as I walk in. I approach him and bow down on my knees.

Is everything okay, Dad? I enquire worriedly. His eyes are crimson as he peers up at me. He appears to have been crying. I've never seen my father cry or even act this upset before.

"Dad?" I questioned now, even more anxious. I heard a huge thud before he could respond, and when I looked around, I saw the door slam open.

Chapter 2

A man with a sneer on his face slams open the door.

The man is someone I've never met. He also didn't seem to be very kind.

"I think I've found you now, Mr. Allegra." The guy says. My anxious father stands up and pulls me up behind him.

My dad tries to speak but stammers, "N-No."

Why is my father so afraid of him? I've never seen him respond in this manner. He has experienced anxiety before, but never stumbled.

My dad is mocked by the man's "N-N-N" laugh. He cries "NO" out of nowhere, which makes me jump. "Nothing, eh. You believe you can conceal yourself behind Mr. Alessandro. Allegra, I get what I want.

Mr. Alessio? the person we met. What is his connection to it? And why would my dad require defense against him?

I was standing behind my father, unsure of what the man was saying.

Mr. Nico, L-look." Okay, I'm sorry. I was at a loss for what to do. I was un


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