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Broken But Chained By Desire

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"You want money, I'm ready to give it, but you have to become my contracted slave for one month” He smirked, looking at her lips which were begging him to s*ck them. “What?” “Spend one month with me and fulfil all my desires and in return, I'm ready to pay all your expenses and give you the desired amount” He said and started kissing her jawline, intentionally missing her lips. “I can smell your arousal, little slave,” he whispered in her ear, sucking her earlobe. . Evelyn left her mom and old life to live with her mate, Samuel. She was happy and was about to announce her pregnancy to him until she came to know he was cheating on her with her best friend. After getting broken, rejected and dismissed from the pack, she returned to the human world in the hope of living her life for her baby, Kathie and giving her a good life, but the moon goddess has a different plan. Her daughter got diagnosed with cancer. She decided to sell herself and have a one-night stand with a rich man for money. Unbeknownst to reality, her paths crossed again with her ex-mate who cheated on her when she was carrying his baby. But having no other option, what would she choose? Would she resign to her fate and sell herself to save her daughter? Or… Would she resort to the path of revenge for what he did to her? Or worse would befall her? Would she be that fool again with the cupid's arrow aiming at her heart? Interested, wanna know more, read my story …

Chapter 1 Caught Him Cheating

Evelyn Pov's


I look at myself in the mirror after getting ready and decorating the room with candles, waiting for my mate to come and see the surprise I planned for him tonight. Also, I want to give him the biggest happiness in the world.

“I wonder how your father will react when I tell him about your arrival.” I bite my lips shyly and keep my hand on my stomach where my baby is growing. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time for the new journey of my life, but I know Samuel will support me, and we will be the best parents for our child.

I sat on bed feeling exhausted, after waiting for him for more than four hours, but he didn't come. I even tried to call him, but his phone was switched off.

“Sara, I know you are not as powerful as other wolves, but you can sense him around us, right?” I asked.

“I can't… You know I'm the weakest wolf.” I closed my eyes and cursed myself, realising I sprinkled salt on her wounds accidentally. Sara is the weakest among all the wolves. Neither I can morph into a wolf nor I can fight with others using my wolf strength. I'm the same as humans, except for the power of feeling a mate bond. The reason I have a weak wolf is that my mother was human, and my father was a werewolf with less power. I smiled recalling the old memories. 

I was living in the human world with my mother who is also human and left her pack after my father's death. I was happy living like a human, but then Samuel entered my life. I still remember when I met him for the first time in the college corridor and felt the mate bond with him.

At first, I was hesitant to accept him, but then he made me believe in him and our love. After completing our studies and mating with each other, I left the human world to come and live with him in his pack, leaving my world behind. The only regret I have is that I had to leave my mother, as she was against me going to Samuel's pack.

“Today I realised how it felt to be a mother and believe me, Mom, I'm missing you,” Tears welled up in my eyes, missing her badly. I tried to call her, but she didn't pick up my calls and then blocked me in anger.

“Evelyn,” Sara, my wolf, called my name in a broken voice.

“Yeah… What happened?” I asked and kept my hand on my chest, feeling suffocated. This morning sickness is killing me.

“Our mate” My eyes shot up when she started crying.

“What happened to our mate?” I stood up from bed, feeling anxious.

“Answer me, Sara, and why are you crying?”

"I don't know what it is, but I'm not feeling okay.” Her words were enough to terrify me. I wore a coat over my short red dress which I wore for Samuel before going out, towards his office searching for him, but he wasn't there. I anxiously started looking for him in the entire villa.

“Samuel” I called out his name while taking my steps towards the dining area.

“Luna,” Jace, the beta of the pack, came running, hearing my voice. He bowed his head.

“Where is your Alpha?” I asked and gulped when I started feeling a strange pain in my heart as if someone is continuously poking a needle on my heart.

"umm… Do you want something, Luna? You can order me." I squeezed my eyebrow at his response.

"Samuel told me he would be working in his office and would come a little late, but he was not there. Is everything okay in our pack?" I asked. He tightened his lips and rubbed his neck nervously. His every gesture was giving me a negative vibe.

"Alpha will be back in an hour. I think you should wait for him in your room." He said and passed me a tight lip smile.

"I asked where is your Alpha, Jace?" I growled, not able to hold the frustration. He sighed and gave me a pity look before answering me.

"He is in the study room." I nod my head and start walking towards the study room, ignoring Jace's request to not disturb him. I glared at him when he came in front of me when I was about to knock on the door.

"Jace step" I clamped up when I heard the low grunts, curses and moans coming from inside the room.

"What is going on?" I asked, despite guessing what could be happening inside the room.

"Ohh Alpha… Please harder" I exclaimed when I heard Jessica moaning for him.

"Yes... come for me." Tears rolled from my eyes when I heard Samuel's voice in response to her plea. I look at Jace who bowed his head, pitying me at the way the truth unfolds in front of me. I pushed him aside and opened the door.

“Samuel” I gasped and kept my hand on my chest over my heart, seeing Jessica lying on his working table, bare naked and Samuel was f*cking her with his shirt on and pants on the ground. Tears were rolling from my eyes, seeing my world crumble in front of me.

Samuel raised his head and looked at me with a smirk before increasing his pace, making Jessica moan his name louder. He doesn't even feel ashamed or guilty of cheating on me. I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

"Your mate is see---seeing us… ahhh… Harder" Jessica moaned. I opened my eyes and looked at the woman who claimed to be my best friend. She is mocking me for having my mate fuc*ing her in front of me. I look back at Samuel, who was looking at me with hatred as if I was the one who cheated on him and whoring around.

“Why?” I asked and tightened my lips to control my sobs. He got away from Jessica and took her dangerous steps towards me. His wolf, Xavier, was trying to take control from him. Maybe he was guilty of Samuel's action of cheating and wanted to cool off the things between us. I thought Samuel or his wolf would ask for forgiveness but all my hope died when he shut the door on my face to have alone time with Jessica. 

His action made me realise why he was looking at me with hatred because I ruined his precious moment with Jessica who was meant to be Luna of the pack before my arrival.

“Is there anything still left for me?” Tears streamed from my eyes as my mind screamed at me to reject him and my heart was shedding tears of blood at his betrayal and wanting him badly, despite him breaking my heart.

Chapter 2 Get Rid Of Me

Evelyn Pov's


“Evelyn” Jace held my shoulder from behind to support my lifeless body and forcefully took me back to my room.

“Are you okay?” he asked after making me sit on the bed.

“How can I be okay when he cheated on me?” I yelled and threw the glass of water he extended towards me.

“Evelyn” Tears brimmed in his eyes seeing my broken soul. I bow my head, not wanting his sympathy.

“Please leave me alone.”


“Please”  I begged and covered my face with my hands, crying at my misery, not able to believe he cheated on me with my best friend. Jace nodded his head and left the room after understanding I needed time.

“How could he?” I sobbed, hugging myself after pulling my legs closer to my chest.

“You will regret your decision of going with him when he and his pack will make you realise that omegas with weak wolves are nothing but trash for them.” I sobbed, recalling my mother's warning. She warned me a thousand times


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