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My Billionaire Mafia Queen: Battle Of Love

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"Le--Leave Me, Christian" I stuttered, as his closeness was driving me crazy. I was screaming in my mind to push him away, I belong to someone but my heart was telling me to again melt down in his arms and drown in the pool of pleasure. Ivanna was a simple girl who was living her life to the fullest until the person who she loved dumped her. Her life took a 180-degree turn when her ex re-entered her life for forgiveness. That day not only he came back but a stranger also came into her life. "You would have to choose between us, Ivanna." Who will she choose? The one who is a mystery to her but brought happiness in her life or the person who she loved all her life.

Chapter 1 You Broke Me

Ivanna Pov's 


"Congratulations once again" My best friend, Sia, congratulated me on the award of the CEO of the Year that I received today. I smiled and hugged her, before hopping off the car. After bidding her goodbye I look at my cup. Another success but I had no one to celebrate it. 

"I wish you were here, Stefan. I would have shown you what I'm capable of" I thought and turned to go towards my home while searching for the key to my house. After struggling for a while, I finally found it and looked towards the door, only to find my ex standing there.

"Stefan" I halted my steps which were going towards him. He was standing at the door of my house with a big smile on his face, waiting for me.

"No… You're not here... It's my imagination" I shook my head, trying to get into reality. It's not the first time that I've imagined him. There is not a day when I don't think about him. Many times, I woke up after seeing him in my dreams. Many times, I imagine him like this in front of me and I'm sure this is also one of those fantasies where I dream of him waiting for me at the door to wish me for taking a step to achieve my dreams.

"He is not here, Ivanna" I muttered to myself and closed my eyes, knowing he will go when I open my eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes but I didn't let them fall... I know he is just my imagination and I hate it... I hate that I still love him despite what he did to me.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes and it grew wider seeing him standing close to me. My heartbeat rose with the thought of him present in reality.

"Ivanna" I felt like my whole world stopped when he called me, giving me proof that he is not a dream. Tears fell from my eyes which I was holding. He was about to wipe my tears but I moved back.

"St---Stefan" He nodded his head. Even he had tears in his eyes with a smile. My heart was screaming at me to hug him but my brain was reminding me of the damage he did to me. 

"Wh--What are yo--you doing here?" I cursed myself for stuttering in front of him… He hates when I stutter but it's not in my hand. I stutter whenever I feel nervous or upset. 

"I'm here for you" My heart skipped a beat upon hearing him. 

"You're three years late, Stefan" I muttered without thinking much. I wiped my tears and crossed him. I don't want to stay near him because I know if I did then I would end up broken down in front of him. I insert the password to open my door.

"I'm sorry" My hands stopped and again unwanted tears fell from my eyes.

"I'm sorry for everything, Shine" I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself, and pressed the enter button to open the door.

"I know there is no forgiveness for what I did but I love you, Ivanna" His words were enough to melt the ice around my heart but I controlled my emotion and listened to my mind which was telling me to push him away.

"But I don't love you" I muttered and wiped my tears before turning towards him.

"I told you, Stefan. You're three years late. I don't want your sorry and neither do I need your love anymore" I entered and closed the door at his face before he would have said something. I sat on the floor, broke into tears. I always imagine him but I never thought that it would break me again to see him in front of my eyes. I felt like all my wounds were freshened up after seeing him in front of me.

"You broke me, Stefan... You broke me" 

"I'm sorry, Ivanna. Please at least give me a chance to explain myself. Please. I know you still love me like I do. Please open the door. Please" I heard him yelling from outside the door. I stood up from the ground and called my security guard to ask Stefan to get out of my place.  

After a minute, I heard him fighting with the security guard to let him stay. Many times he even called me but neither I listened to him nor the security guard.

"Fine... I'm leaving right now but I will be back, Ivanna. I will be back to win your heart again." he yelled. Everything went silent after a few minutes, telling me that he was gone. I don't know till when I was crying, sitting on the floor thinking about him and his apology. I always wanted to hear sorry from him for what he did to me but still, it didn't heal the wounds he gave me. I wiped my tears and stood up from the ground. My eyes went to the clock. It was two at night. I sighed and went towards the kitchen to have a vodka to calm the battle of my heart and mind but to my dismay, my fridge was empty. For the first time, I realised why my mom called me careless.

"I badly needed to drink something before I went insane thinking about Stefan," I muttered to myself before picking up the car key from the table. I went outside to purchase a beer.

I started the car and drove towards the shop from where I always purchased bottles of beer and vodka. Somewhere I know, I drink to forget him. I drink to get over the pain he gave me.

"The girl who used to stay inebriated in his love, now needs a bottle of beer to get out of the intoxication of his love." I laughed and a tear rolled from my eyes. 

"You ruined me Stefan" I screamed as more tears were falling from my eyes making my vision blur. I wiped my tears to see clearly, only to see a person walking in the middle of the road. I tried to apply the brake but damage was done. My car slightly hit him, making him fall to the ground.

"Spiderman" I squeezed my eyebrow hearing something like this instead of a scream of pain. I hopped down from the car to check on the man who is the eighth wonder of the world. I mean seriously who yelled Spiderman when they got hit?

"What the fuck I did" I growled at myself, finding him laying on his stomach on the ground. I sat on the ground and turned him towards me. His eyes were closed and there was a slight injury on his head.

"Don't tell me, I killed someone in pain of losing my love" I muttered in panic and then I heard his voice. 

"You did." I took a relieved breath when he opened his eyes and I heard his voice.

"You killed me," he muttered. By seeing him, I can bet he is drunk. 

"What? You're alive Mr," I growled. At first, he came in front of my car and now he is accusing me of killing him.

"No… You killed me. I know I'm in heaven" 

"You're alive" I rolled my eyes.

"Wait… Let me check" he mumbled and pinched himself then hissed. I sighed seeing the antique piece in front of my eyes.

"Wow… you're right. I'm alive" He laughed like he won the lottery.

"Listen, I'm not in a good mood, nor do I have strength to handle an idiot like you. Since you're fine…I'm going" I was about to stand when he held my hand and then kissed my left cheek, pulling me closer to him and his one kiss was enough to calm the battle of my heart and mind and to raise the strange feeling.

Chapter 2 Hold My Hand

Ivanna Pov's


I was startled by his one kiss on my cheek. It was like his one kiss ignited the spark all over my body and my heart was beating at high speed, giving me proof that it was alive. I looked at him dumb-headed while he was smiling like an idiot.

"Thank you, Spiderman, for handling me," he chuckled. I wanted to snap at him for calling me Spiderman but his smile is so beautiful... It didn't let me scold him for kissing me without my permission. I turned my head in another direction. 

"Argh... It's hurting" I look back at him when he hissed in pain, only to find a minor injury on his forehead. 

"Ohh god... It's bleeding" I cursed myself for not focusing on driving. If I would then he wouldn't have got injured. 

"It's hurting" He mumbled. 

"I-- I had first aid in my car. Wait" I muttered and stood up to take out the first aid. He was staring at me during


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