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A Baby for the Deceased CEO's Son

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Have you ever thought about waking up and not remembering your name or how you ended up in a hospital? Ivy, as she was named, is in this situation. With only three pieces of information about you. She possibly had a relationship, with the son of the richest man in Texas who was now dead. They had been kidnapped, which resulted in the death of the Oil heir and she was pregnant with him. Nothing made sense to her at that moment and the only person who could help her was Zack's father. Ivy would have Zack's baby. But she didn't give him any guarantees that she wouldn't fall in love with the baby's grandfather.

Chapter 1

External noises are the first sounds that reach my ears when I start to wake up. My eyes for some reason don't open fully, which freaks me out because I can only see smudges under my lashes.

Where am I? the question pops into my mind as I shake my aching head from side to side. With no idea where he was.

My hands grope for what feels like a mattress and sheets. There was a needle in my right arm and some wires in my chest.

Despite forcing my eyelids open. I couldn't.

The air becomes heavy and difficult to breathe, even with the nasal catheter, between my nose and my lower lip.

In agony, I try to sit up and remove the catheter, to try to breathe better. Hearing quick footsteps and then a hand on my wrist.

"Calm down, "says an authoritative female voice "You will get hurt! " Warn her.

“…I can't breathe,” I say, frowning tightly, feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"Also how would you do it? Pulled out the catheter,” she says wearily, replacing the catheter in my nose, and increasing the flow of oxygen.

" Where I am? " My voice sounds hoarse, I still need to breathe through my mouth so I don't lose my breath.

The woman's figure moves in front of me.

"In a hospital.”

I was already deducing this, based on the external noises and devices. The next question was the most obvious one...

"How did I get here? " The figure stops hesitating, remaining a few seconds still before the female voice sounds again.

"Don't you remember?”

If I knew, I wouldn't be asking...

I breathe through open lips, trying to stay focused on the figure ahead.

" No.”

She ponders my answer, clearing her throat afterward.

" I'll call Dr. Schultz," she says at last, the figure leaving my field of vision then.

My eyes wander over what must be the objects and walls of the room.

There is light coming from somewhere, maybe from the window. It was hard to tell when half of her vision was compromised by a black blur.

Two figures stop in front of me this time, one tall and one shorter. From the scent, I believe it's Dr. Schultz and maybe an intern. She just wasn't the same woman as before.

" I'm Dr. Schultz "The doctor's voice is low but clear "How are you feeling?”

I swallow hard.

"My head… it hurts a lot "It wasn't a simple headache that people were used to. It was worse. Very. Practically the feeling I had was that I was carrying concrete, it was so heavy.

“You suffered a lot of injuries to your face,” he clarifies. This explained that he couldn't see properly "His face is quite swollen "He pauses briefly "The nurse mentioned that she doesn't know how she got here.

" I don't remember.”

" Anything?”

Why was it so hard to believe? It was as if nothing existed beyond what he was experiencing that day.

" What is your name? "He asks another question.

My name. People had a name and I should have one.

My breathing gets heavy, along with the device beside me that intensifies the beeping.

"Take a deep breath "The woman beside him guides with a soft voice "This. Well done — Praises, when I follow his directions.

“I don't remember my name,” I say in a shaky voice.

Schultz is silent, analyzing what he had said.

" What is wrong with me?”

"There was a chance that he didn't remember his most recent memories or even the oldest ones. I'll have to ask them to redo all the exams, to better understand what's going on.

My bottom lip trembles as I understand what you mean.

"I lost my memory, is that it?"

" It's still too early to say anything.”

I was in a hospital. Without memory. Without even having an idea how it got there.

It couldn't get any more desperate.

"Dr. Sully will drive you to take the exams. Don't worry. You're in good hands "Even with her voice giving me the possible reassurance I needed, it was difficult to remain calm in the state I was in.

Unlike the nurse, Dr. Sully was very attentive. Trying at all times to keep calm with random subjects that didn't make any sense to me.

For the CT scan, I needed to be sedated. Ending up being pulled into my subconscious, in which there was absolutely nothing. Not a dream. Just the void.

Of course, the feeling of emptiness lingered as the anesthetic wore off sometime later, as she realized she was back in the room.

Try as I might, mentally dictating several names, I couldn't remember my own. Much less than what drove me to that hospital.

What if I was a serial killer with memory loss that only came back once in a while? Worse of everything: what if I were wanted by the police for some serious crime and had injured myself in order not to be arrested?

It could be anyone, with a dark past or not. And if my memory didn't come back, how would I live without knowing who I am?

For some people, in my shoes, it could be a great opportunity to start over. But for me, who had no idea about anything, it was scary.

I didn't have a face. Much less a name.

Have you ever woken up with the feeling of someone looking at you?

Still kind of sleepy, I had this “feeling”, taking a while to notice a figure standing by the window.

Chapter 2

My eyes weren't as puffy as they had been the day before, but my vision was still limited.

" Who are you? " I ask in doubt if it's something on my mind.

The figure releases the air from his lungs.

" Lucius Cesarini " The thick male voice reached my ears firmly.

That name was far from familiar to me.

"Are you a doctor?”

He laughs through his nose.

"No "his voice is soft "I'm Zack's father "He pauses as if waiting for me to say something. But what?

Who was he? And this Zack guy?

Sudden knocks on the door, make me turn my head in that direction, seeing two figures next to the door.

"Mr. Cesarini, "says a man "I didn't expect to see you here. My feelings.

Lucius takes a deep breath.

" Thanks.”

One of the figures at the door approaches the bed, trying to stay in my field of vision.

“I'm Officer Rogers. I came


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