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About me

InspiredWriter is a seasoned author with a talent for crafting compelling steamy stories that resonate deeply with readers. With a diverse range of interests and experiences, InspiredWriter brings a unique perspective to storytelling, creating characters and worlds that captivate the imagination. From heartfelt dramas to adventurous steamy tales, InspiredWriter's writing is characterized by its emotional depth and relatable themes. Whether exploring the intricacies of human relationships or embarking on thrilling journeys of discovery, InspiredWriter excels at drawing readers into immersive and engaging stories. As InspiredWriter continues to evolve as an author, their dedication to honing their craft and delivering memorable stories is evident in every word. With each new work, InspiredWriter invites readers on a journey of exploration and introspection, committed to entertaining you and making a lasting impact on those who delve into their literary worlds.


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"Take it, b*tch," I heard from the next floor up. "I paid extra so I could do whatever I wanted to you, and I want you to scream for me as I take your *ss." "I'll be good for you, you're such a big and strong man," the woman's voice said, and I froze. "F*ck my *ss harder, Daddy." I recognized that voice. It couldn't be. Not after almost four years of my sister being missing, the search futile, the Packs showed no help in finding her. Running back inside, I knocked the chair aside and moved the bar and the chain before flinging the door open. Going to the stairwell, I went up to the fourth floor and stalked towards the room. I could smell her; it WAS her, it was different but still the same, like her wolfy-ness was gone, the scent she had before her first shift. I was going to f*ck*ng kill them all. ***************** "You're one of the few wolves who does, that's why I like working with you. Those Pack mutts have no honor in their dealings with my kind. You, on the other hand, have always delivered what you bargained." Vampires and werewolves have had a shaky peace over the past century, and both sides would push the envelope of acceptable behavior. Three times she had killed werewolves to settle accounts for Jarrod without the Vampire Master having his fingerprints on it, and three times the Vampires had saved her. ***************** Betrayed, Abused and Taken, is there any hope left for the ALPHA? ----------------- *Choices and Consequences *Wanted *Returning Home *Blood Vow *Moves & Counters *Alpha Alpha Killer *Mating Issues *Hybrid Vigor & Council Matters *Werewolves and Vampires *Council Politics & Civil War *The Final Battle and Aftermath. -------- THE MERCILESS ALPHA KILLER IS A 16 PART SERIES AND ALSO CONTAINS OTHER WEREWOLF STEAMY STORIES FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE Enjoy the ride.....


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