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Sleeping With A Demon Billionaire

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Another name :THE TAKEN OF LENA NB: This book contains strong erotic, steamy and violence scenes. Reader's discretion is advised. ********** Lena an innocent chambermaid is taken by a wealthy billionaire lord. Lena began sobbing once more. She'd never felt more alone all in her entire life, and had never been betrayed by a person this way before. No one had prepared her. "Lena...I'm going to come inside of you," Renz ground out, looking down at her. Lena pounded her little fists against his chest, now desperate to get him off of her. "No, sir, not inside of me!" she screamed. Renz trapped her wrists in one hand and reached down to finger her still sensitive cl*t. Lena couldn't handle both sensations, and she fell back, surrendering entirely. She was coerced, seduced, romanced, ravished and dominated. Betrayed, Abused and taken, will there be any hope left for Lena? ******* Sleeping With A Demon Billionaire is an 11 part steamy erotica series. ........... Also note that this book contains other steamy erotica stories/series for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the ride....

Chapter 1

A sweet fragrance brought Lena from her deep slumber to a state of awake. Her large blue eyes fluttered open, and she was delighted to see the modest array of colorful wildflowers that sat atop her small wooden nightstand.

She reached for the small square of parchment that sat beside the flowers and unfolded it. In simple, untrained script, it read "Happy Birthday Lena".

Lena smiled to herself for a few moments, pondering how her love Gregory had managed to sneak them into the maids' quarters the night before, let alone her small room to deliver her birthday surprise. She blushed at the mere thought of him seeing her while she slept.

Lena rose from her cot and took the three familiar steps toward her window, with a smile still on her face. Although she was merely a servant in a servant's room, Lena felt that the view from her window was far superior to those of the wealthy family that she served. The views from their suites overlooked the rolling hills and expansive forests in the westernmost regions of the manor. But Lena's, on the easternmost corner, overlooked the lake.

Lena closed her eyes and breathed in deep, taking in the crisp, cool scent of morning. A light breeze teased the smooth chestnut hair that cascaded down her back.

She recognized the familiar orange ray of light begin to appear off in the distance and across the water, and admired the gradual beauty of the sunrise that began to unfold.

With a pleasant sigh, Lena stepped away from the window, realizing the time had come to start her day.

"My goodness, child, you're going to work yourself to death!" Marie exclaimed. Lena's eyes widened, and she paused in her task of stripping the tapestries of the Crown guest suite.

"What do you mean? I always try to be efficient, Marie," Lena replied. Marie shook her head, unbelieving, and walked over to the far wall to help her.

"There is something different about you today. I have never seen you work this fast in the all the years you have been living here. This wouldn't have anything to do with tonight?" she asked knowingly. Lena began to blush.

"I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about, Marie. I just like to do good work," she replied pleasantly, absently rolling the tapestry she held.

The older woman took the tapestry from her, re-rolling it properly.

"So this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that this is your eighteenth birthday, and that stable boy's plans to enjoy you on the first night of your womanhood?" she asked. Lena's pale cheeks turned scarlet.

"That is positively improper! However...I suspect that Gregory might propose tonight," she replied, unable to hide her blissful smile.

Marie smiled at the young girl, unable to resist her sweet, pleasant disposition.

"I knew he was a respectable young boy. A very smart match for you. Congratulations darling," Marie said, embracing the young girl that had become much like a daughter to her over the years.

"Thank you Marie," Lena replied happily.

After releasing her, the two chambermaids continued to remove the tapestries. Once finished, new oil paintings were hung in their place. New linens and down quilts were added to the large bed that dominated the sleeping room, and new rugs were placed on the carpeted floors of the lounge outside of the double doors of the bedroom.

"Why the sudden need for redecorating?" Lena asked eventually.

"For the ball tonight, of course! Dozens of Master Sterling's friends will be staying for the next week, and he thought it best to decorate each suite of his most noble guests with schemes to suit their individual tastes," Marie explained.

Lena regarded the new suite, unsure if she liked the way it was decorated. Before, it had been light and open and warm. But now, dark colors and intense paintings dominated the formerly pleasant quarters. Lena frowned at the angry looking tiger pelt that sat in the middle of the floor of the lounge.

"Who is staying in here?" she asked.

"Some German lord, his name escapes me. Why do you ask?" Marie replied. Lena shrugged her narrow shoulders.

"Must be a very pleasant man, is all," she answered, slightly giggling.

Marie and Lena refurnished an additional four suites before retreating to the kitchens so that the cleaning maids could do their work. The cooks were busy with preparing the feast for the evening, and Marie had to argue with Leonardo, the head chef, just to obtain a loaf and some cheese.

"You really must eat something. You are much too skinny," Marie mentioned, as the two women sat outside for lunch. Lena shook her head, bright smile still on her face.

"I can't! I am too excited!" she replied sheepishly. Marie smiled fondly at the young girl.

"I remember being your age with my first love. It's a wonderful feeling," Marie replied.

"With Mr. Landley?" she asked. Marie's eyes widened.

"Oh, heavens no! I met my husband years later. No, this was a farm boy from the village where I grew up. Dominic," Marie answered, remembering.

"What happened to him?" Lena asked. Marie paused before answering.

"He went off to sea, intent on finding a fortune for us. I never saw him again. I love my husband, he gave me my beautiful daughters, but...there's no one quite like your first," Marie said.

Lena noticed that Marie had become somewhat saddened.

"What time will the guests begin arriving?" Lena asked, hoping to change the subject. Marie closed her eyes and shook away the feeling of sadness before answering.

"At sundown. We should probably head back inside to finish preparing. Although..."

Lena looked at Marie expectantly.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I am fairly certain that the stable boys are grooming the horses right about now. And we are slightly ahead of schedule because you were so efficient earlier," Marie began. Lena's eyes widened in joy, and she embraced Marie in gratitude.

"Thank you, Marie! You are good to me!" she said, standing up.

"Be quick, girl!" Marie encouraged, lightly slapping her on her bottom. Lena quickly darted down the hill, towards the stables.

She found Gregory brushing Cobalt, a black stallion. She admired him for a few moments, with his long, lean body, messy blonde hair, and tanned skin. She thought he was very handsome.

He finally looked in her direction, and he smiled broadly.

"Why my lovely little Lena," Gregory said warmly. Lena rushed over to him, and he opened his arms to receive her, and spun her around.

"Thank you so much for the flowers," she said happily. Gregory gently brushed away a stray tendril that had found its way to her face.

"Happy birthday love," he whispered, gently kissing her cheek.

"I know we said we would wait until tonight, but I just couldn't wait to see you," Lena exclaimed happily. Gregory chuckled.

"Always the eager girl, Lena. I'm actually very glad you stopped by. There is something I have been meaning to talk to you about," Gregory began.

Lena settled down and did her best to appear serious and mature. Gregory released her hands and lead Cobalt back to his stall before beginning to speak.

"I have been courting you for many months now, and...we have reached the point where we need to make decisions about our future," Gregory mentioned, taking her hand. Lena nodded, feeling her heart begin to rapidly pound in her chest.

"I have set some money aside, and although I will never be as wealthy as Master Sterling, I do have modest means for a wedding, and eventually a family," he continued. Lena nodded, trying her best not to burst with excitement.

"Do you understand what I'm saying, Lena?" Gregory asked. Lena nodded, but she couldn't find her words.

"I want to get married," Gregory said seriously. Tears began to form in Lena's eyes, and she stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh, Gregory, I'd love to marry you!" Lena squealed.

Gregory gently kissed her forehead.

"Lena, dear...I didn't mean I want to marry you," he said. Lena froze.

"B-but you said—"

"I said I wanted to get married, love. To Eleanor Smith. I proposed to her this morning," Gregory explained. Lena took a few steps backward, and began feeling as if the world were spinning.

" said you love me. Do you love her?" she asked. Gregory sighed.

"Lena, you're a beautiful girl. The prettiest I've ever seen. You're vivacious, passionate, and delightfully innocent. But Eleanor is older; she has seen more of the world. She...fulfills those needs you cannot. And I love her," Gregory said.

Lena felt a ringing in her ears, and sick began to build up in her throat.

"You've been intimate with her this entire time," she murmured.

"I won't lie to you. Yes," he replied. Lena put her hand on her forehead.

"'s my birthday," Lena said, unsure of what else to say. The tears were falling freely now, forming rivers down her flushed cheeks.

Gregory walked over to her, and placed a hand on her trembling shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Lena," he said, kissing her forehead once more.

He left her then, and Lena was alone with the horses in the stables. She felt as if someone had punched her deep in the gut, and before she knew what she was doing, the sick she felt building up in her throat finally spilled over, and she sank to her knees and emptied the contents of her stomach on the floor of the stable.

Gregory had never loved her. He had just been amusing himself with her. But now he was ready for someone serious. And she just wasn't good enough.

Lena began sobbing once more. Each time she tried to stop crying, a fresh set of tears would spill from her eyes. She'd never felt more alone, and had never been betrayed by a person this way before. No one had prepared her.

Lena did her best to keep her emotions under control once the guests started arriving for the ball. She bathed, and dressed in her formal black uniform with white lace.

She tried to be pleasant to the guests that arrived, showing them to their suites and taking care of additional accommodations, but all she really wanted to do was cry.

"I hear the guests are very pleased with the rooms. You and Marie have done well, Lena," Master Sterling said. Lena couldn't help but smile at him. He was a kindly, older man that had taken her in when she was orphaned as a young toddler. Her mother had been a maid, and her father's identity was never known. After the death of her mother, Sterling had made sure Lena always had a place at his manor.

"Thank you, sir," Lena said politely.

"It is a busy time for me, with my acquisition and my son's engagement, but...well here," Sterling said, handing her a small box. Lena temporarily forgot about how much pain she was in, and her smile widened.

"Master Sterling," she began, touched by the gesture. Sterling smiled at the girl.

Chapter 2

"You know I would never forget what day it is today. Go ahead, open it up!" he encouraged. Lena opened the box, delighting in what was inside. It was a lovely, pale blue hair ribbon.

"Thank you so much sir!" Lena exclaimed, bowing slightly.

"I hoped that would put a smile on your face, I know how much you adore those. I need to hurry on to the party dear, but run upstairs and turn down the noble suites?" he asked. Lena nodded.

"Of course, sir. Thank you very much!" Lena said again. Sterling nodded, and left for the grand hall.

Once she was alone, Lena began feeling hurt again. She tried to shake away the feeling and focus on her duties, so she took the long walk to the western wing of the manor, which contained the noble suites.

Lena entered the Crown suite, trying her hardest to keep from crying. She realized she was still holding the gift from Master Sterling, and she walked in

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