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Mafia Desire

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🔞This book contains s*x scenes. Rated 18+. Andrew was the most ruthless Mafia boss. He was dark, could kill in cold blood, and only loved his three-year-old sister. He was one of the most deranged people on the planet, and he drove everyone away from him. On the outside, Ava was a strong, independent, and kind girl who didn't bow down to anyone, but on the inside she was broken. She was trying to get away from her past when she ran into him.  Would she give him permission to help her run, or did she fear that he would only further break her? Find out how sh*t goes sideways in this epic story of love, romance and revenge. ************************ NOTE..... This book also contains other Romantic mafia fantasy stories compilations. Rated 18+ Readers discretion is advised.


In the darkest corners of a sleepless city, power was the ultimate currency. Andrew, the ruthless Mafia boss, was its master. His eyes, as cold as his heart, reflected a world where betrayal met swift, merciless punishment. To his enemies, he was a terrifying nightmare, a harbinger of death who spread fear with every step. His life was a lonely journey through violence and solitude, his emotions buried deep beneath a tough exterior.

Ava was a woman defined by her resilience. On the surface, she exuded strength and independence, her kindness a rare flower in a harsh desert. Yet, beneath this facade, her heart bore the scars of a painful past, her soul longing for escape. She was a woman haunted by shadows, each step a desperate bid to outrun her history.

Fate, with its cruel twists, brought their paths together. A chance meeting, a fleeting moment, and two worlds collided. In Andrew, Ava saw a potential savior, someone who could help her escape her past. But she also saw danger, a man whose hands were as stained with blood as her own fears. Could she trust this enigmatic figure to help her find freedom, or would he only break her further?

In a world where love and revenge are tightly intertwined, and trust is a rare commodity, Ava and Andrew’s story begins. Their journey is a dangerous dance through deceit and desire, where every choice has consequences and every secret a price. As their lives entwine, the line between friend and foe blurs, and the stakes rise higher than ever.

Will they find solace in each other’s arms, or will the dark forces around them tear them apart? Can love truly bloom in the shadows, or will vengeance consume them both?

Chapter 1

Ava's POV"Please don't, I didn't do it, I apologize for everything." I screamed, tears streaming down my cheeks."I don't care; I'm going to sell you and finally get rid of you." The woman I addressed as my mother spat back.I looked into my mother's eyes, searching for a glimmer of regret, a glimmer of sorrow, anything other than anger and disgust.But there was nothing there, no sadness or regret, just pure delusional joy as she watched me beg for help.My own mother was selling me to a cruel and disgusting man.I screamed, kicked, and punched in an attempt to break free from the grasp of two men, but it was futile. When my mother came home, I had withdrawn myself into a corner, knowing that my alcoholic father was not far behind her.We were the perfect family a few years ago; I was still young and innocent.My father had a steady job, and my mother stayed at home to care for me, despite the fact t

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