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The love god

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Richy is the CEO of The Peak empire, one of the largest and most powerful business chain in town. The property was left for him and his younger brother to manage by their late father. Albert is Richy's younger brother. When you talk about a love making maniac, he is the perfect example of what you mean when you refer to a woman addict.. He's a Playboy, who toy's with the heart of ladies that offer themselves to him and doesn't mind making out with them anywhere, anyhow and anytime. Following a series of daring exploits, a puzzling occurrence took place.. Read more to find out...

Oohh! Sex God (Bitch Moans)

The loud sounds of her shoes can be ear-splitting as she walked stylishly into the first floor of Peak Empire.

She inserted her hair behind her ear as she walked, taking each step like a model. She wore a white figure-hugging gown that stopped at the middle of her thighs. It revealed her curves and at the chest region of the gown, it has two buttons but she left it unbuttoned, making half of her boobs visible, it bounced as she walked.

She stopped in front of the secretary's desk and the terrified secretary stood and bowed. She glared at her the way a lion will look at its prey.

"Why are you wearing a low necked blouse? Your boobs are shooting out, are you trying to seduce my Richard?" She said, rolling eyes at her.

“I'm sorry ma'am, but this blouse is just ok, my boobs aren't popping" she replied frightfully.

The girl smiled and before the twinkle of an eye, she slapped her. The secretary held her face as it stings .

"How dare you talk when I'm talking, She shouted

Her voice attracted Richard in his office.

"Oh Valerie what have you done this time" he gasped before standing up. He strolled out of the office in his normal fashionable steps.

"Val" he called when she's just about to slap the secretary again.

"Don't you talk to your employees? Just take a look at what she's wearing?, It's obvious she's trying to seduce you" Val replied.

"Relax baby, no one can do that, they can only try" Richard responded.

Valerie gave the secretary one more scornful glance before going into his office.

"Next time Cynthia, dress appropriately" he said imposingly before going in.

Cynthia removed her hand from her face, it's all swollen as a outcome of the slap Valerie gave her.

"How can she slap me when what she's putting on makes her look like a wh*r*" she said excruciatingly.


Valerie slung her hands on Richard's neck immediately he entered.

He carried her and kept her on the table and kissed her gently but swiftly broke it.

"Why?" She asked, astonished that it was hasty

"Val" he said, looking at her seriously

"Yes Richie" she replied, outlining his eyebrows with her thumbs

She pecked his lips but he disengaged again

"Val, pay attention" he said,

"Ok fine" she replied

"Why are you dressed like this?" referring to her gown

"Oh Richie I knew it, for crying out loud, what's wrong with my gown? It's the newest style and you know how Crazy I am about fashion" she replied

"Val, ain't you getting it, it's very tight, so skimpy and also your boobs are exposed, I don't like it, don't you feel uncomfortable with it yourself?" he complained bitterly.

Val got down from the table

"For how long will you criticize what I wear Richard? I detest it, I'm at ease with it, that's why I wear it so quit being a nagging baby".

"So now, I'm a bone in your throat Val?" Richard responded.

She strode up to him and kissed him but he didn't react

"I'm sorry, I was just... angry that you constantly nag about what I wear" she frowned.

He sighed

"Richie, are you angry at me?" Val asked

"Yes" he replied absolutely

"I'm sorry" "

"We both know that sorry is not genuine because tomorrow you'll still wear a very short dress" he said

"Babe, I just love skimpy dresses,

"Can we not talk about this any longer?" He said, getting exhausted of the conversation already.

"So, how is my baby doing today?" She questioned smiling as she pecked his cheeks.

He smiled and held her by the waist

"As long as you're here, I'm good" he responded, watching her raptly

"I'm thinking of going into modeling"she said

"Nope" Richie replied.

"Why?" (making faces)

"Just no" he affirmed.

"I really.........

He obstructed that with a kiss

He broke it and saw a smile playing on her lips

"Shut up and just kiss me" he said

"Not, until you permit me to go into modeling first" she insisted.

"No" Richie replied.

"Then no kiss for today" she said and moved to carry her bag

He pulled her back and she staggered on the table

"I love you" he said

She smiled broadly as he bent over and kissed her again...


Loud moans rented the air as Albert moved in and out of a b*tch he's f*ck*ng in his office at a reckless speed.

"Ouch, Albert" the b*tch groaned as he turned her back to himself, changing the position to doggy.

He slapped her *ss before thrusting his c*ck, his balls made banging sounds as it made countless connection with her *ss.

"Oh my God! S*x god I love your c*ck" she muttered again.

"Shout my name b*tch!" Albert ordered

"Albert ....

Their session was interrupted by a knock at the door

"F*ck! And who the hell is the evil spirit" Albert said irritably, discontinuing his thrusts.

"It's Franca sir. I came to inform you that it's time for the exhibition at the conference" his secretary said

"Not now, d*mn!, Time moves fast these days" he raged and drew out of the b*tch

She hurriedly dressed up and he threw a bail of cash at her which she grabbed.

"Expect my call" Albert said and She left the office

"You can come in" Albert said

Franca came in, looking as beautiful as she has always been

" You said it's time for the conference?" He said, eyeing the cigarette on the table.

"Yes sir" she replied calmly

"Ok, lead the way" he said, inserting the cigarette in his pocket

Franca led the way out and he followed behind, looking at her small *ss.

"I'll still get to f*ck that someday" he believed and bit his lip.

They came across Richard who's going into the conference room too with Cynthia his secretary

"Ma bro!"Albert exclaimed

Richard smiled

"You're just an example of a diehard b*st*rd, I saw another b*tch, so you now make out in the office as well" Richard asked.

"I have no choice, f*ck*ng is life" Albert replied

"You mean f*ck*ng takes life" Richard said, rolling eyes at him

"quit complaining Rich; let's hit the conference" Albert said

"Sure" he replied as they walked side by side into the conference room with their secretaries behind them.

How Cute

Ruby walked out of Mac group of companies with a devastated heart

Another interview failed.

She concealed her tears that are trying to fall.

"I really have an unpleasant fate, this is the fourth interview this month" she said sadly as she stared at the company when she got out

She looked at the shoes she's wearing

The only one she has, the base will soon go off and the body is starting to peel

"Kelvin is unemployed too, what am I going to do?" She asked.

She looked at her phone

The screen is an example of crushed.

She could hardly see the screen except for some visible parts, enough to make a call

She rang Kelvin's number and he picked up after the second ring

“Kelvin" she wept

"Hey...why are you crying, don't tell me the interview........" asked.

"Exactly, the interview, they said I'm not competent, why is it that ill luck follows me all over&quo


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