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  • Author: Hayley
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"You're joking right?" Alexander asked, leaning against his high-backed swivel seat, tapping his fingers on the table gently. "No, I'm not." Tessa swallowed hoping for the burning of her throat to stop, she dreaded what his reaction would be, yet he didn't take her seriously. "You want me to believe that a secretary who spread her legs easily for me the night I decided to notice her, is pregnant and it's my baby?" Alexander asked. "I'm not lying sir..I." Tessa stuttered she didn't have words to form, she couldn't believe what he said, he deflowered her that night they slept together, though he didn't know that, she didn't expect him to say what he just did, her throat burned so much, and her heart kept thumping irregularly, she held the chair she stood close to steadying herself. "You're an opportunist," Alexander said with a smile, he didn't like women like this, always finding excuses to trap him into what he didn't want. "Sir, I promise, I'm not lying," Tessa said her lips quivering, her eyes burning and the tears gathering were threatening to slip through. "I used a condom, I always do to avoid women like you." He spat standing up from his chair. "Sir, there must have been a…" Tessa paused when she saw him walk closer to her. "I'm going to give you one minute to leave my office, you're fired, and if I see you near the premises of this office, or close to my building, you'll be sorry for it." Alexander spat on her, pushing her out of his way, he walked to his door opening it wide. "Now leave." He roared. Tessa walked past him slowly, tears running down her eyes, she couldn't believe the one night she had resulted in her pregnancy and joblessness.


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