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Sold To The Tyrant Alpha king

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Hayley
  • Chapters: 148
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.1K
  • 9.2
  • 💬 114


“You're just a worthless Omega with no societal status in this Pack, so I can't accept you as a mate. It's an offense to my person!” **** Imagine getting rejected by your mate because he sees you as a low ranked wolf? Imagine getting sold by your mate to someone as ruthless as Alpha Lucian, who is feared by all Alphas? Arianna thought her life wouldn't get any worse after she gets rejected by her fated mate for being an omega, but FATE had something else in stock for her. Sold to a tyrant and cruel Alpha, who held a massive grudge against Omegas like her, she is left to battle between surviving in his pack, healing him and winning his heart as well. Would she be able to find happiness, especially now that she wielded something her ex mate needed badly? He wants her, but Alpha Luciano isn't ready to let her go. What would be her fate?

Chapter 1

*Arianna's POV*I was walking through the dark streets alone, my whole body was shaking with fear. It was so late, yet my mother didn't think twice about sending me out to get something for her, something she would never do to my younger sister, I was the only one whom everyone hated and always wanted to bully and all because of what? Just because I'm an omega!Omega tends to be treated like rags since we're seen as weak and useless, but someday, I hope that will change and I can finally have a peaceful and normal life.I suddenly saw my worst bullies heading towards my way and fear gripped me, I searched around for somewhere to hide but it was already too late since they saw me already and there was no where I could run to."Look what we have here." Lucas, the gang leader said with a sinister smile on his face."P please don't bother me, I only want to go home, I didn't do anything." I stuttered, the fear was evident in my voice."Oh look at you, we haven't ever started yet and you're already pleading. Save it Ari, you'll be needing it for later." He chuckled darkly. He walked closer to me and caressed my face, his touch made me feel so irritated and when I had wanted to move back, he simply grabbed my hand and pulled me to himself, roughly pressing my body against his."What are you doing!? Let me go!" I half yelled, my eyes were starting to sting as I could feel the tears threatening to fall."Shh...You wouldn't want to loose your life now will you." He whispered into my ears, sending chills down my spine.Meanwhile, his friends simply enjoyed the show and they even went as far as howling in excitement."There's something I've always wanted to do to you Ari and seeing how the prey simply came to me tonight, I must admit that this is a blessing from the goddess." He laughed.I struggled to free myself but it was useless, my strength was nothing compared to his."Leave me! Let me go! Please let me go I'm begging you." I cried out."Don't worry Ari, you'll be sure to enjoy this as well.""Let's go boys." He said in a loud voice and before I had the chance to say anything else, he lifted me up with ease and threw me on his shoulders, then he smacked my *ss so hard.The bag I was holding dropped from my hand with a loud thud."Lucas let me go! Leave me!" I screamed, while banging his back with all my might. "Help! Someone help me, anyone please help me." I screamed in tears.My heart was racing so fast and I could feel myself about to get a panic attack. Lucas was going to do something bad, he wants to take advantage of me and I can't let that happen. For the very first time, I blamed the goddess for making me a weak wolf.I screamed in pain, I begged for him to let go but it all fell on deaf ears. All I could do was call out for help, despite Lucas warning me to shut up."Let her go!" We heard a deep menacing voice and I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that there was hope.I was still on Lucas's shoulder, so I couldn't see who it was, but I wasn't going to miss this chance of getting help."Please help me, please save me, they want to r*p* me!" I cried out."Alpha!" Lucas gasp in shock."Let her go!" He growled dangerously and Lucas instantly put me down, my legs felt so weak that I fell to the floor immediately."Get lost now, I'm not done with you guys yet, I'll come fine you all and you'll each get the punishment you deserve. Now scram!" He yelled, his voice laced with so much authority and power."Forgive us Alpha!" They all begged, their voice quivering with fear and in a flash, they had all gone.I was still feeling so terrified by what had almost happened to me, I couldn't even bear to look at the Alpha, all I did was hug myself as I struggled so hard to control my tears."Get up, they're gone now, you're safe." The Alpha's voice was calm and for some reason, it made me feel so calm and safe.I haven't been privileged to see the Alpha up close before, but I was more than grateful that he had saved me tonight.I slowly stood up and when I looked at him, our gaze locked for a second.His eyes widen with shock and then he said the words I never expected to hear."Mate!!" "What!?" I muttered in shock, how's that even possible? How can I be mated to the Alpha of my pack."This can't be possible." I was still having a battle with myself internally when he suddenly called me an omega."You're an omega!" He spat, I could literally feel the hatred rolling off him in waves and it shattered me completely.“You're just a worthless Omega with no societal status in this Pack, so I can't accept you as a mate. It's an offense to my person!” "But we—""We are nothing!!" He sharply cut me off. "Do you expect me to accept a lowly omega like you as my mate and Luna. You're not fit to rule by my side, you're not worthy of that position and so I'm going to get this over with a reject you immediately!" He said coldly.This wasn't the way I had expect to meet my mate and even when I had dreamed of finding him, I had hoped that my mate will love me since that's what mates are supposed to do, but no, it seemed to me like the goddess never wants me to experience any happiness and my life will be continuously filled with pain, sorrow and sadness.I wanted to beg him, to plead with him not to reject me and give me a chance to prove myself, but when I looked into his eyes I knew that no matter what I say, he won't accept me, this lowly omega.His eyes says it all, the hatred there says it all.He will reject me.

Chapter 2

*Arianna's POV*"Tell me your full name right now." He ordered.I shook my head, tears were streaming down my cheeks, I didn't want to tell him my name."Say it!" He commanded and this time, he used his power as an Alpha and I couldn't resist, I found myself telling him my name against my own will."Arianna Sinclair." I said with a broken heart."I Carter Derulo reject you Arianna Sinclair as my mate and from this day forth, I want nothing to do with you!" Carter spat, the hate and rage visible in his eyes, the look he gave me was that of disgust and it shattered my heart completely.I tried to speak but it felt like I've suddenly lost my voice, the pain of his rejection was just too much. Why!? Why does this keeps happening to me? What have I done wrong!?"Accept the rejection Arianna." He commanded and that was exactly what I did."

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