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Alpha Vins Bond’s Hated Mate

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ALPHA VINS BOND’S HATED MATE (Beauty and the Beast) Vincent Bond-Smith, a vampwolf. Half-Vampire...Half-Lycan; a deadly cross breed. He possess the powers of both species, making him twice as powerful. He is the Alpha King of all the notable supernatural societies. Out of cruelty, he created a tradition, humans are made s*x pets and slaves in his imperial. Vins Bond had longed to have a mate again. Table turned, his second chance mate turned out to be the object he detested more than anything. A human. Kiara had worked up the courage to leave an abusive marriage but she still cries herself to sleep every night. She is a cosmetologist who runs a beauty salon with little to no excitement in her life. She is bruised, broken and scarred. Not long though, she found herself in an entirely different world and mated to the rarest and deadliest hybrid. Being Vins Bond’s mate, hating him and the whole imperialism system disgusted her so much but it changed after inching a little to closer to his heart, what’s left of it at least. Will the broken, scarred human take up the courage to show Vins Bond what it feels like to be in love? Or will his dark world snuff out what’s left of her light and shatter her completely?

Chapter 1 Call the cops

Chapter 1 Call the cops


The door bell jangled repeatedly. Kiara stepped out of the bathroom and she frowned at the small alarm clock sitting on the bedside drawer. The red light on the clock beeped 10:30 p.m which was already passed her usual bed time. She came home too late because more people had showed up at the salon today. Two of her workers didn’t show up at the salon because they had family functions to attend respectively. She had almost regretted giving them two days off from work because their absence was so obvious and there wasn’t enough hands to tends to the customers.

Kiara was getting ready to sleep after a long day at the salon and now someone was at the door.

“Who the heck has a plan to destroy my poor doorbell!” Kiara grumbled as she wore her night wear and pulled on the robe and secured it in place with a tight knot. She rushed to attend to whoever was at the door

She swore that the person would hear few harsh words from her before uttering a polite greeting and it didn’t matter even if it was her only friend, Lila. She motioned out of the room and made her ways towards the door.

“Who the hell wants to break down my door?!” She screamed out when a loud bang hit the door. No response came from whoever was out there.

Kiara peered through the small gap on the wooden door. Immediately, she recognized the figure standing on the porch. It was her greatest nightmare, Carlos Osvaldo.

“ at this time...of the night?”Kiara stuttered. He is the last person she wanted to see at that moment.

“Kiara, I know you can see me through this goddamn holes! So open up this door while I am still calm!” Carlos gritted.

No, he wasn’t calm. Kiara knew it. His voice was clear of annoyance and his words were spiteful. No way, she was going to let him into this house.

Slowly, she started backwards as Carlos banged on the door again. Fear gripped her. “I won’ won’ it...” She began to tremble.

“Go away, Carlos!” Kiara screamed as a tear strayed down her right cheek.

“Kiara! Open up this d*mn door! Or I’ll be forced to bring it down!” Carlos barked out.

His voice sent terror down her spine. She could imagine how angry he would look just standing out there without getting what he wanted. She knows what he would do to her once she opens up that door.

No doubt, it would end up with her taking several of his punches and slaps just like always. Kiara glanced down at the purple bruises on her wrist and the scar on her palm. He had inflicted most of the injuries on her body and all she ever did was take it all because it was hopeless trying to fight against him or even defend herself. Carlos was strong and she wouldn’t dare to say a word or even scream out during the abuse.

All of a sudden, Kiara turned away and ran into the bedroom. She locked the door and went in search of her cellphone. Her only escape route was calling her best friend, Lila. She found the phone on the bed under the pillow and in a hurry she dialed Lila’s number.

“Pick up...pick up...please Lila.” Kiara begged after the second ring.

She was left with two possible options if Lila doesn’t pick up the call. It’s either she escape through the window or wait for Carlos to break down all the doors until he gets a hold of her. Thinking about it deeply, Kiara knew the second option meant that it would be the end of her life.

A repeated sound jolted Lila up from the deep sleep. She grumbled and stretch her hand to reach for her cellphone under the second pillow.

‘Hello...Kiara.’ She picked up after like the fourth ring on Kiara’s side.

‘Lila...Lila! He is here again. What should...I do?’ Kiara said in a tight whisper.

‘Who?’ Lila sounded like she was sleep-talking.

‘Carlos! My husband is here!’ Kiara cried out.

‘What?!’ Lila sat up on the other end abruptly. ‘Carlos is back home?! Did he hit you again?!’ She questioned frantically.

‘ didn’t hit me. But he is still out on the porch...’ Her voice trailed off to listen to the bang but everywhere was silent. Did he leave already? She mused.

‘That son of a bi**ch!’ Lila cursed out loud.

‘Save me...Lila. I am so scared of what he would do to me this time.’ Kiara’s voice pleaded with her best friend.

‘Call the cops! Kiara, call the cops! I already made it clear that you should make a report to the police!’ Lila rushed out her words as she dashed to the closet.

‘I can’t do it. He might go to jail if I report him to the police. Or not! Have you forgotten who the Osvaldos are in this town?! Listen Lila, I think he came back home because of my text to file a divorce if he doesn’t stop the abuse on me.’ She sobbed.

‘You did what? Oh my goodness! When did you send it to him?!’ Lila demanded.

‘Yesterday.’ Kiara muttered.

‘At this point, I can’t fold my hands and do nothing anymore! You have given Carlos enough chances to make things up to you and change for good! I am calling the cops on him! So don’t you dare let him into that house!’ Lila warned and the line went off.

‘’t call the cops. I can talk things out with him.’

Silence. Kiara looked at the phone and realized that Lila already disconnected the call. She dialed Lila’s number back for about four times.

‘The number you dialed is on another call. Please leave a message or call back later.’ The auto response boomed over the phone.

“She shouldn’t call the...cops.” Kiara paced to and fro. Again, she realized that the banging of the door had stopped for quite sometime now.

She walked to the door and unlocked it. Carlos must have left because she didn’t open the door to let him in. She thought. Kiara hoped that he already left so that the cops won’t apprehend him.

Chapter 2 Life of Kiara Jaden

Chapter 2 The life of Kiara Jaden


Kiara would have heaved a sigh of relief but she stopped abruptly as soon as she walked into the sitting room. Carlos was there standing by the window. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw that the door was intact.

Carlos came in through the window. “Lucky you, I didn’t have to break down the door.” He smirked before it was replaced by a devious grin.

Her heart beat accelerated in marathon at the sight of him. “My dear...Kiara.” Carlos started towards her while she took a step at a time backwards.

Carlos raised his hand up in surrender. “Relax, I won’t hurt you. So just be a good girl, who knows? I might give a very big candy.” He shrugged.

Kiara stopped to study his expression. Carlos wasn’t sincere so she knew better than trusting his words. All he ever did was manipulate her into believing his words.

“I know you don’t believe me but—“

“Why are you here?” Kiara mumbl


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