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A Baby For Billionaire Knox

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A BABY FOR BILLIONAIRE KNOX (The Clumsy Mermaid) His hands covered her boobs and she began to tremble. “You are so beautiful." Knox said with his eyes on her just studying her body. "Knox...I think we...shouldn't...” Eretia paused. "Do you want me to stop?" Knox asked. Eretia stared at him. Her n*ppl*s going hard and her belly quivering. "Why do this?" “I want you to have a desire to comeback here when you return to your world." Knox answered with sincerity in his tone. “But—“ He brushed his mouth against hers cutting off her intended words. His hands gently cupping her breasts. “This is your first right? Or am I wrong?" He asked amidst kisses. “ haven't...done it with anyone.” Eretia stuttered. “Same here." Knox coaxed. Meet Knox Martins, a billionaire and who also happens to be a big time celebrity. You see, Knox Martins is stone-headed and cold-hearted. He hates to hear the word “love.” He despises his mother for just one reason - he believes that she killed his father even though he had crashed in a plane that had killed a thousand of people. Eretia, a mermaid, a lady of the ocean who has special singing powers that is enough to hear the words of the sea. She washes up to the shore of a sea, injured and alone - far away from home. She is found by a young surgeon who is kind enough to bring her into his home. And soon enough, Knox Martins meets Eretia who happens to be a hired maid by his mom after she makes a deal to reconcile both mother and son. Will the relationship between the earth and the sea ever get the chance to bloom? Or will it whither away when they are apart in their separate worlds.

Chapter 1 Saved by a good human

Chapter 1 Saved by a good human


Ryan Scott was playing football with some other boys he met on the beach. And when minutes clicked by, they all got tired of playing football. Ryan walked back to his elder brother Oliver Scott.

"Game over?" Oliver asked.

"Yes..let us go home, I am so tired.” Ryan answered.

Oliver stood up and packed their stuffs into a picnic bag and they walked back to the car. But then Ryan felt like he needed to ease himself. "Hey Bro, I want to pee.” Ryan said.

Oliver rolled his eyes. “Can you hold it till we get home?” He teased.

“Come on Olly, you always tell me that it is not good to let pee stay in ones bladder for too long.” Ryan countered .

“But why now?” Oliver smirked.

“Blame it on the junks you bought for me.” Ryan replied.

Oliver eyes searched the area for possible place Ryan could pee. “Then you should have turned everything down when I offered it.” He said.

“How can I?” Ryan stomped his feet.

Oliver chuckled. “Over there.” He pointed towards a place not too far from where they stood. “You can pee over there, behind the rock.” He said.

"Okay.” Ryan raced off.

And while Ryan was doing his thing, he noticed something. He suddenly saw a hand but the rest of the body was covered up in the heap of sand. He looked closely to be sure and it was indeed a hand.

“What?! A ghost -“ His brain processed then Ryan screamed and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He was scared!

"Hey what is wrong?" Oliver asked with a confused look on his face when he saw his brother running towards him.

"I..I..I saw a no a dead body -" Ryan stuttered as he explained to Oliver.

“hey…relax your mind.” Oliver said and Ryan gasped out for breathes.

Oliver didn’t waste much time, he spun on his heel towards the direction. When Oliver got there, he saw a human hand but the body wasn’t in view and he wondered who had buried a human on the beach. His impulse told him to search for his phone and report the incident to the police but another look at the hand it looks so pale but still in a good condition.

“The person is dead, I suggest we call the police.” Ryan said as panic filled him.

“You are right. We should call the cops.” And just when Oliver and Ryan were about stepping backward the fingers twitched. Oliver exchanged glances with his little brother.

"I think the person is alive.” Oliver muttered, and he took a step forward.

“Yes we should save the person!” Ryan added.

And they started putting the sand away until they found the body but they both gasped out in shock on seeing the full view of the body buried in the sea sand. Oliver quickly placed his hands on Ryan's face. “’t… see…this…” Oliver stammered.

“You shouldn’t see a little boy.” Oliver said, Ryan stood up and turned away.

They found the body of a beautiful woman in sand, her upper side was covered with strange clothes while from her belly button to her legs was unclad.

"Get the towel in the car.” Oliver instructed his brother as he also looked away from the nearly naked body.

“Okay.” Ryan rushed back to the car and he came back seconds later with a towel.

Oliver closed his eyes as he wrapped the towel around the woman’s body. He checked her pulse and found out she was breathing fine. And then Oliver lifted her up in bridal style in his arms.

"Who is she?" Ryan asked.

Oliver looked down at his little brother with a raised eyebrows. "How can you ask me such a question when you found her. I don't know her.” Oliver answered with a shrug.

"So why are you carrying her away?” Ryan asked.

Oliver breathed out heavily. “She is breathing.” He answered.

“So what are you going to do with her?" Ryan asked.

"Where else? I am taking her to our home.” Oliver answered.

"What?! Our home? Why do you want to bring a stranger to our home?!" Ryan asked with a wide eye.

"To help her regain consciousness.” Oliver peered down at his brother.

"Why not take her to the hospital?" Ryan asked as he opened the car door and Oliver placed the body gently in the backseat.

Oliver chuckled. "Yeah you are right bro and I was only joking about taking her to our home.” He replied.

Ryan rolled his eyes. “You always tease me at every chance you get.” They entered the car. Oliver started the car and drove down to the hospital where he worked as a surgeon.

Chapter 2 Knowing the Martins

Chapter 2 Knowing the Martins

Mrs Elaina Martins is one of the most influential women in America. She is a widow.  Elaina lost her husband in a plane crash that killed a thousand of people when her son was just ten years old.  Elaina Martins is bossy, dominant and she always wants  to be in control of the lives of the people around her. She took over the family businesses but she hasn't been in good terms with her son ever since her husband's death.

Knox Martins is twenty six years old, he is the next in line to take over “The Martin Empire” a successful multi-billionaire business. He is handsome, cool but so full of himself. Knox also blames his mother for his father's death. Why? How did  Mr Benjamin meet an early death?

Mr  Benjamin Martins had an argument with his wife that morning after she accused him of having an affair with his secretary at work. The argument was a tough one with Mrs Elaina threatening to divorce her husband and to also take


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