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World Of Our Own

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“Wake up, your mates are out there making money and you're still in bed. Wake up lazy brat” Growing up in the most unbearable situation Arielle is set on gaining freedom and acknowledgement from her family and love ones but as easy as it may sound its the most difficult and complicated to archive for her life is made up of shackles Her parents nor her siblings love and appreciate her for the things she is doing for them and she finds herself doing everything possible to make them happy for you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family with the struggle to gain financial she meets her best friend Solange who is from a rich family and fiance Gabriel Adsence but due to the struggle between career and marriage Solange is cut up in the middle and has to make a drastic decision which will change her life Solange ends up leaving her groom on the day of their wedding in pursuit of her dreams but Gabriel doesn't want to be the talk of the country for the second time so he proposes to marry the next available option which turns to be Arielle Cowel but she rejects his offer not wanting to go in for a loveless marriage but her


Arielle Cowell Pov

“Wake up, your mates are out there making money and you're still in bed. Wake up lazy brat” I could hear my mom cursing and shouting at the top of her voice as she climbed the stairs leading to my bedroom

“I'm a wake mom”


How many times have I told you to stop calling me mother? I curse the day you were born, it was a terrible mistake giving birth to an ungrateful child like you. My mates are driving around town with cars bought by their children, but mine is here doing nothing.

All you know how to do best is sleep, chase potential men away... men willing and ready to change our family status and not to mention those miserable jobs of yours, you're only good at sleeping your life away. Didn't I tell you to wake up and make breakfast for everyone?”

“No Mom, I came back late from work..”.

“ Spare me all those silly excuses. Did I send you anywhere? No right… So why are you complaining when you searched for your problems … if only you had listened to me and married Jack we wouldn't have been suffering like this. We could hire maids to do the chores and cooking while you relax and I could go on vacation to places like Paris, and Dubai, But…..

NO!!! you ungrateful sl*t deprived me of all the good things God has sent to me why?”

Well, I am not hurt by any of the words coming out of my mother's mouth, I mean I am used to this behavior of hers. It's nothing new….

I am called Ariel Cowell, the first child out of a family of three children who dropped out of the university in my 4th year. I hoped to acquire a P.H.D. but I ran out of income as my family solely depended on me.

As far as I can remember my father worked with the government, but later on, turned to drinking and gambling when I clocked 15. Mom was not of any help as she did nothing to support the family, so at the tender age of 15 I started earning by doing part-time jobs to cater to my needs and that of my siblings Divina and Divine.

Things gradually turn from bad to worst… my parents have never treated me with love but, they shower my siblings with so much love and care. I have never been one to question their behavior, all I ask for is they notice the things, the sacrifices I make for them, and for them to know they can count on me for I will never let them down.

But this dream of mine seems to be an endless nightmare. Mom took money from me and dad was no exception, with all their reckless spending I had to quit school. finding a decent job

with my qualifications is not possible, as I studied mathematics.

I still have hopes, I do 3 part-time jobs which sustain myself and the family. According to my parents, I was the jinx of the family, but all this does not stop me from playing my part as the eldest in the house. I know it's my responsibility to cater to my younger ones, so I am willing and ready to do so, no matter the treatment I receive.


The harder I try, the further they push me away from them, Divina and Divine are no exception for they do not see me as their big sister, they treat me more like their maid. I have never taken their attitude to heart for a family is family I believe they will come around someday.

(Even if they don't) I will always care for them, but at some point, I feel like I will soon give up.

Mom has been looking for men for me lately, she wants me to get married to a breadwinner so he can save them from poverty, I work in three different coffee shops and my salary is not the best but quite encourageable.

“If only they would not take it for partying, and come back the next day with very little or nothing left” Jackson came last two months ago and disclosed his intentions of marrying me, and mom immediately said yes….

Yes!!! she said yes because he brought her goods, and also gave her some cash. But who cares I won't marry a man who feels money can buy happiness, no one asked for my opinion.

my marriage was an open topic at home but open to all but not me, mom turned into the monster she is, it was from one treat to another. She made me do things I was not comfortable doing especially, the aspect of wearing revealing clothes so I had to come up with an idea.

I wore the clothes she bought but I will change in the backyard immediately after I leave the house, my plan did not last long as mom discovered what I was doing and she made me promise to give her all of my salary, which I could only agree for she wanted Divina to go after men for money. So I promised I love my siblings and won't let anything happen to them.

mom, later on, brought up the issue of Jackson, and if I refused the advances of that Jerk, I had to get married to that pervert who thinks money can buy everything. the last thing I wanted at that moment in time was to get into a loveless marriage. Mom was making things difficult for me.

If I can't get a loving family, at least I should be patient enough to look for a loving husband for myself.

I will accept anything they say but not when it concerns my marriage. I won't let them destroy the future of my kids with their greedy nature, not now, not tomorrow, and not in the future.

For the first time in my life, I stood up for myself. I rejected Jack openly in front of everyone and since then mom and dad have not had it likely with me. They find more fault in everything I do and do not forget to remind me of the good life they would have been living if I had just accepted to be the sacrificial lamb for their wealth.

With all the happenings in my life, I let out a sigh, as I climbed down from my bed and headed toward the bathroom. No medicine or witchcraft in the world can save me today from my boss, as I am bound to be very late today.

All the jobs I have gotten fired from are not due to negligence, misconduct, incompetence, or any other bad habit. The only reason is continued lateness.

Since my family is not satisfied with my job, they take out their discontent by making me work even when it's extremely late before I am allowed to go to work.

As I headed downstairs I could hear my mother praising my younger sister.

I wonder what she has done this time around to warrant so much praise. that’s something my mother has never done to me…

“Divina I know you love Stefan very much but baby girl you need to make him give you more money okay, you're doing great mamma is so proud of you”

my blood boiled like a rage of blazing fire, as I listen to my mother's unGodly advice to her 17 years old daughter, who does this?

What kind of a mother sends her child to go after men for money?

Is my mom sick? because this is the height of it, DIVNA is still so small to be thinking about men, she is still a college student she has to be facing her studies not looking out for rich men.

With so much anger in me, I storm into the kitchen with the speed of light, my anger could burn down an entire country.


How can you send off your daughter, your teenage daughter, to go after men for money? How could you? Don't tell me you're not aware of the things she does before that money is given to her. well if you must know let me brief you about what she does.

she sleeps with him she sells herself…

she sells her body in exchange for cash” but to my greatest surprise mom and Divna both burst into laughter, laughing like total lunatics, I mean I said nothing wrong she ought to be remorseful not laughing

“ Why are you two laughing?” I had to ask because I could not place my fingers on why they were laughing.

“How naive are you, big sister? do you think I intend to spend my entire life in this abject poverty you have decided to subject us to? Oh no baby I can't, I mean why should I be the one to suffer with you?”

She asked with a scoff leaving me dumbfounded, but still, it did not make any sense to me for I provide for her needs. I take care of her schooling so why does she need extra cash?

“Do you think that stupid jobs of yours can be of any help to me? if you must know I only collect your money because mom wants me to do so, you know why?

NA... I don't think you know so let me brief you on it. Mom wants to render you useless hmmmmm you're already useless”

She laughs mockingly as she stares back at me. I could not believe my ears. My own family has never even once believed in me. I thought I could change their way of thinking towards me but it looks like I am all wrong from top to bottom… “So it's about the money right?” I asked Divna

“Yes, it's about the money, how much are you worth? not even a cent and you think so highly of yourself !!!

Oh please come off it, you're not worth a thing okay? I can guarantee you that nothing I mean nothing meaningful will come out of those jobless jobs you keep doing. Arielle wakes up and stops daydreaming. I know you feel bad but I feel more horrible about you. Do you know why? It's because you're my sister, Yes my f*ck*ng sister.” She laughs as she heads toward her bedroom.

“If I were you, I would hurry up, in preparing breakfast so you don't go to work late. I don't think you want to be fired again, right? Ummm loser” I could not believe my ears, I could feel my tears staining my cheeks

" Stop shedding crocodile tears and get to work. your sister has to be in school early so breakfast should be ready when she comes downstairs and before I forget do not wake up Divine he slept late." But mom, he was playing video games

" Yes I know, that's why he should sleep more. I need him to be in good health. I can't afford it if anything bad happens to them. Now get to work and when breakfast is ready, call me from my room and I will be there."

I just nodded my head as my tears won't let me utter a single word. I set to work immediately, breakfast was served, and I hurriedly left for work, and my heartbeat increased at an alarming rate as I approached the coffee shop. Only God alone knows what will happen to me today.

Mr. Godfrey pov

“Where is Arielle? I can't believe this girl is still late despite the warnings I gave her the last time, this is too much I think I have taken more than enough Grace remember to tell her not to come to my office when she arrives, she can just pick up her things and leave oh and do not forget to come to get her to pay for this month so you can hand it over to her”

Arielle is one of my most hardworking girls but I believe she has issues with coming early to work. Who knows she might be married. Young girls nowadays can't be trusted. She is a hardworking girl but she needs to take her job more seriously if she intends to keep it.

“ Arielle is here ''

“ok then let her meet me in my office.”

Arielle pov

My heart almost left my mouth when Grace told me Mr. Godffrey wanted to see me in his office. I know what it's all about. I'm just scared because I'm not ready to lose another job now. Where will I start? How will I go about the bills this month? I have so much to do so I can't afford to lose any of my jobs. I walk into his office with a thousand thoughts going on in my head

“Sir may I come in,” I asked as I got to his office

“ Yes you may, Arielle”

``Sir, I am sorry, honestly, it was not my intention to be late. I am sorry. I will try my best to see how I can manage my time properly please ..”

safe it Arielle, I have already taken a decision. Your services are no longer needed here, here is your pay for this month I hope you can keep your next job and avoid being late all the time. Arielle, you are a good girl, and firing you does not make me happy but I have to for am after the growth of this entity, on an important note you have to work on your time, if not you will end up moving from one job to another. Do have a blessed day miss Cowell.”

'' Thanks so much, sir. I will forever remember your kindness toward me. I will take my leave now goodbye. I laugh at my face as I leave the coffee shop. What a fun way to live. I am too exhausted to start job hunting right now. I will just head home, take a nap, and wait for my afternoon shift.

As I arrive home I head straight up to my room but to my greatest surprise Divna is still at home NO everyone is at home I wonder what's the occasion

“ looks like my ungrateful daughter is back. Can't you greet?”

“Hello everyone”

“ Mom I want Ariel to sleep outside”

“But Divna, it will soon rain and why should I sleep outside?”

“My boyfriend had to go through the stress of paying the house rent this month, so you will sleep outside okay and if you continue bickering with me I will extend it for the whole week,”

“Mom say something!! I have been paying for the bills all this while and not for once have I ever asked for something in return, and my sister pays for the first time and I am been asked to sleep outside, it's not fair, I won't accept it, mom, you very well know I'm allergic to cold mom please don't do this to me I won't survive the morning it will soon rain. Mom, mom!!!!

“ Arielle sleeps outside as your sister has said you have to follow her orders you should be grateful she is not throwing you and your things out on the street you know so behave”

I could not breathe I clenched my chest as my voice gets stuck in my throat I could barely hear anything from then onwards and as broadcasted the rain poured heavily and I passed the night in the rain,

I don't know how I manage to survive through all that cold but I did not forget the fact am suffering from a high fever now, all I want now is to cover myself in my warm duvet I can't go to work today, so as soon as the door opens I rush in not paying attention with what mom and Divna were saying all I want at this moment is to sleep.

Pretence is the order of the day

Gabriel Adsence pov

“Sir you have a meeting with the Shagangs corporation later today at 2:30 pm, and a board meeting with the shareholders by 11:00 am. Mrs. Sharon has booked you the whole evening starting from 6:00 pm,” I listen attentively as my secretary briefs me about my schedule as we both head towards my office.

“ Gladys, are there any important documents that need urgent signing?” I asked as I take my seat.

“Yes sir, the contract termination letter from R&C has not been signed yet, and also your father sent over your wedding guest list and asked for you to review it and add some if need be also not forget your signature”

What's this all man up to? Is getting married for solely business not enough now he wants my damn signature on any document? he is the tyrant in the business world but I am very impressed he lives up to his title, well am Gabriel Adsence the only heir to the Adsence group and a bachelor

(Soon to be married) not forget


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