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Curse Of Nobility

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Rick Collins, a young alpha of 25 is faced with the condemnation of the century. Being born by the beautiful witch princess to the alpha, a seed born out of forbidden love. Witches have sworn enemies with the werewolves for thousands of decades for the werewolf alpha was once loved but yet betrayed by a witch, who killed him and absorbed all of his powers. thus the war between the two kingdoms Hundreds of years have gone by and the forbidden love is set to happen again!!! with the fear of losing another alpha to a witch the werewolves clan takes extreme measures to protect their alpha, little did they know on the night of the full moon with the assassination of the witches the future alpha was born "Blood for blood a life for a life" Richard sacrificed his life to save his son. "Three they shall be, three they shall conquer, three they shall fight hand in hand, unity is a rare of hope, king they shall be crown, glory they shall bring, three is the number, three they shall remain till all eternity."

Chapter 1

“Richard .. run….go, you have to leave, they can't see us together. They will have us killed if they find us together have to leave now” but just as always Richard has been stubborn and won't listen to the cries and pleas of Alice.

“No... I am not leaving you this time around, Alice I believe we've been through this line, and am sorry to say but today, this won't usually end as it always does. I will rather die than have them kill you, so you have to trust me on this one, okay, we will make it out victorious.”

“Will it hurt? I heard from my servants talking one time that it hurts a lot you know”

“I will be gentle and I promise not to hurt you, when you feel it's getting out of hand you can always ask me to stop okay,”

“Okay then, I am ready,” Alice says as she leans forward for a kiss, they kiss passionately, as one thing leads to another and finally they consummate their relationship. Witches are not accepted in the werewolf kingdom and so are the werewolves. Having been enemies for over thousands of years, these two kingdoms are bound to protect their bloodline and keep their enemies out.

Richard Alpha to the werewolf kingdom and only heir falls in love with the beautiful princess of the witches' kingdom Alice. Alice and Richard have maintained a long relationship in secrecy but the sun will soon shine. Existing their power to unite both clans has proven fruitless. Alice wakes up feeling tired and all sore over her body.

Memories of the previous night flash before her as smiles scrip on her lips. It Has been a long time since she felt this happy. The doors burst open and her personal maid walks in carrying her breakfast. Her happiness can't be hidden as she eats humming her favorite melody “Seems my princess is in a good mood today” inquire Audrea, her personal maid.

Alice takes her eyes up as she looks up at Audrea indicating the door should be locked. Audrea confirmed that the doors are properly locked and double-checked if the environment is safe. She walks back to her mistress “Did you two do it yesterday?” she asked with a stern look. But Alice only smiles “How could you be so careless? I thought we talked about him already?”.

“Well keep your voice down Audrea someone might hear you and yes we did it, come on we have known each other for more than 10 thousand years and it's just normal we consummate our love. It's not our fault both kingdoms are not on talking terms” Alice responded nonchalantly

“Even so have you considered the consequences if you should get pregnant.?”

Audrea fires back at her mistress “Audrea, stop with the lectures, if both kingdoms can't accept our love then we will leave together.” Alice continues with her meal unbordered by the situation while Audrea walks two and from trying to find solutions to her mistress unforeseen problems racking her brains out for answers. Audrea has been the lady in waiting for Alice ever since they were kids and as such she sees her more as a sister and friend. It would be a disaster if Richard and Alice were to be discovered.

Back in the werewolf kingdom, Richard is seen sitting quietly in his chamber with his omega and best friend luiton “Sire I think the best solution is taking the princess where she can have a peaceful life, and away from the troubles happening here” luiton suggested but just like every problem, Richard desperately needs a permanent so solution. while deliberating on the issue of love the vampire king, seated on his throne and strategizing plans on how to attack the witch's kingdom by the next full moon.

Days turn into weeks while weeks turn into months, and as time flies by, so as the baby bump of Princess Alice becomes visible. The entire kingdom is in jubilation for the princess has finally agreed to the marriage proposal of her betrothed minister's son Roland Allora.

Climbing down the stairs to the dining area, the princess is called upon by her mother “Alice,”

“Yes Mother” she answers as she walks to the throne area, the queen is seated on her throne with all grace and beauty, she is said to be the fairy in the land after her daughter and it is rumored the royal family is born with extraordinary powers which get to manifest only when the heirs ascend the throne. Alice walks up to her mother supporting her baby bump with her hand by the back and Audrea holding her by the left side.

“My lady watches your steps,” cautioned Audrea as she climbed the stairs to the throne room. As Alice arrives the throne room and the minister's family all arise to pay their respect. Alice takes her seat by her mother's side and everyone seats after her. The Allora family has been summoned by the queen in order of the future heir.

“My queen, I do not understand why my parents and I will have the privileged to be summoned in the ordinance of the future heir considering the fact that I am not husband to the princess” Roland answers with all innocence but the princess could not help but tense up as what was to come next was long expected by her.

“Of course, my dear that's why I summoned your parents and you, since you and Alice decided on consummating your union without being married, it's okay”

“Consummate? Emmm my queen I beg your pardon but I think there is a mixed up somewhere?” interrupted Roland

“Shsssh, you do not speak when the queen is talking” caution his father “am sorry”

“please, go ahead my queen” Mr Allora smiles at the queen as she continues her announcement.

“ Thank you, Mr. Allora, you really need to keep that young man in check. Alice is pregnant and it is well viewed now so, in my opinion, their wedding should be held as soon as possible. What do you call Mr. Allora?”

The queen finally dropped the bomb, but at this time all are not expected to go well, it is said only a mother can tell the father of her child.

“My queen, I think it's a good idea, the kids have been betrothed since birth so conducting their marriage now will bring so much joy to the people..”

“Marriage..father, what are you talking about? I have never seen the nakedness of the princess not to talk about consummating our union so how then am I the father of the baby she is carrying? It is no new news she hates me and treats me like I do not exist so where is all this marriage and baby all from?” Roland interrupts which earn him a scornful look from his father

But other than the minister, the queen had a more furious look, and before Alice could explain she walks up to her and gives her a sounding slap, the sound of the slap made Audrea flinch while cold sweat covered the forehead of Allora's family no one needed to remind the Allora family that whatsoever they heard should not be told even to a fly or the outcome will be drastic. The situation frightens everyone except Alice, she sits on her throne unbothered. While everyone hurries up to leave the throne room including the maids and guard Audrea stood unmoved but Alice smiles at her telling her she will be found before she leaves.


“Don't you dare mother me Alice, how could you? Oh my goodness what a disgrace, how can you not say that the baby you're carrying is not for Roland? Who else is there? We've been preparing for your marriage for ages and this is what I get?, Alice says something doesn't just sit there unmoved like a log of wood because I won't be buying your silence on this one” but Alice Alice seats unmoved and unbothered, there is no way she is going, to tell the truth about the paternity of her baby, even if the kingdom is to smash into pieces she won't say a word.

Looking at her daughter's defeated eyes, the queen strategizes her approach and decides on using the pampering style “Alice honey, if it a lowlife I promise to let you marry him as long as you tell me who he is and everything will be over sweetheart” the queen pleaded but rather than be happy this only infuriated Alice even more

“Oh really, Mother I know you more than anyone else and to say I don't know the witch that you are is more like an irony don't you think? Mother, you want me to tell you who he is, and then what? You have him killed and force me to marry Roland to cover up a disgrace where I do not see any? I have lived with you ever since I was born and to say I don't know who my mother is will be a disgrace on my part.

Mother you killed your own husband just because he was a lowlife and made it look like he was assassinated and when the kingdom was just at the peak of discovering your evil deeds what did you do? You put the blame on another as he was killed. So I will advise you to stop asking about my baby because I will protect him with my life and about his father, all I can tell you is keep dreaming for you will never know”

Alice walks out, while Queen Serafine sits with a defeated look on her face, she has been able to control all but not her own daughter. No doubt everyone says she picks after her courage. Reasoning with Alice at this point will be fruitless as nothing can change her mind once it is made, but just like her daughter the queen is determined to find out who the father of that baby is. Alice and Richard keep their distance from each other as both parties will not want to put the life of their child at risk.

In the dense forest of the death, Audrea runs really hard as a werewolf chase after her at full speed, she has to make sure she delivers the princess's letter to the alpha, dark fur, green eyes luiton chase after Audrea with all his might trying to stop her but she is to frighten to think it could be informative of the alpha. Left with no other option, luiton slips and falls in front of her, blocking her path and leaving her with nowhere to run to.

Despite the situation she is caught in Audrea could still admire the sexiness of Luiton's green eyes and the softness of his fur made her want to touch but reminded herself this wolf wanted her for his meal of the day. He quickly transformed into his human form which states the little witch seeing an unclad man right before her eyes made her blush and involuntarily screamed but luiton was quick to block her mouth

“You will attract evil spirits with your screams,” he cautioned her “ I know you're sent by Princess Alice, and you have a message from her to the alpha.”

“ You don't expect me to believe you right, ?”

“ Well if you do not trust me, there is nothing I can do about your insecurities, and come to think of it, no one is aware of the fact that the alpha is with the princess so it's just us. I have a message for the princess as well”

Audea lets out a breath she had no idea she was holding, after staying all her life in the witch's kingdom, this is the first time she has stepped out of the castle and also the first time she has come across a naked werewolf “can you cover up? It's uncomfortable” she requested with her cheeks all red. Luiton looks up at her wondering if he should shed tears on her behalf or laugh at her naiveness

“Haven't you ever seen a naked man? He asks rather amused

“well, not a handsome one” the words came out before she could hold them back, she could not hide her embarrassment so she thought it wise to deliver her message and leave before the ground opens up and swallows her up,

“The princess is pregnant and the queen is bent on finding out who the father of the baby is” Audrey explains, to luiton the latest update about the witch's kingdom “Well that's some good news, but we have a problem. How will both kingdoms receive the news? I was told by the alpha to inform the princess their departure is set for the coming full moon.”

“ luiton, I believe werewolves are compassionate and won't hurt the princess if they find out she is carrying your alpha’s baby but my greatest fear is Queen Serafine, she will kill even her own daughter if this news should leak out” Audrea explains her fears but just like luiton she was aware the greatest was the queen

“ We are aware of the reasons why the alpha wants the princess to leave for the human world, they will unite the two kingdoms after the birth of the crown prince but till then, the most important issue at hand is to keep guarding the prince till birth.”

Both parties separated and went on their various routes. On Alice's arrival to the kingdom, the queen immediately had someone investigate her for she was certain the mission she just carried out had something to do with the birth father of the baby the princess is carrying.

Chapter 2

After endless torture from the queen Audrea did not dare spit out a word about the identity of the baby of the princess’s baby, for she knew what awaits her mistress if a word of the identity of the alpha was to be revealed.

The full moon was fast approaching while the vampires were getting ready to attack the witches' kingdom, Richard and Alice were making plans on leaving everything the loved ones they cherished and owned behind to start a new life away from all the hatred and troubles and raise their child in a peaceful and calm environment. Plans for the attack on the witches' kingdom were in full swing as the vampire king tried as much as he could to make sure vampires do not sulk witches' blood on the day of the ambush. Rather they are to fight them in human form all naked and as such they will be mistaken for werewolves with their hands and weapons.

The vampire king has been working on this drug which when injected into a vampire smells more like we


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