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The Billionaires In Her Love Life

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Mature Content! **************** “How could you…?” asked Emiliana puffing. She felt misery unexpectedly and held her breasts. “Are you out of your sanity, Emy? How dare you penetrate my door without knocking?” growled Jefferson, peeking at her in stupefaction. He shoved Rose away from him. They stood stripped and in bed enjoying themselves. “How could you fool me with my best friend!” wailed Emiliana. They were in bed enjoying themselves. “How could you cheat me with my best friend!” howled Emiliana. “Let me explain this…” Jefferson protested, covering himself with the bedsheets. Rose didn't appear bothered by her nakedness, perhaps because her body appeared flawless. So attractive with every feature that a beautiful woman deserves. Emiliana popped her eyes out of their orbit, tears thundering down her puffy cheeks. “You will explain what? Everything is clear that you were having s*x! What else do you want to explain?” she inquired, stepping backwards. Jefferson strolled forward, his hands pleading for forgiveness. Unable to look at him, he diverted to Rose and frowned. “And you! Prostitute! Why do you take advantage of other ladies' boyfriends? You can't keep something for your own? Sl*t!” she snapped, implying her finger on her. Rose from the bed and wrapped herself nearly with the bedsheets, making sure that she appeared romantic and chuckled softly. “You want to know why? Because I'm more gorgeous than you. Look at you! Very cheap, simple that you can't satisfy your boyfriend! How do you expect your boyfriend to stick to you when you are dressed like an old vogue? Stupid!” she snapped back, swaying her butt sideways as she approached her. Emiliana added another step backwards, her ears unable to balance between facts and false. “I see…” she nodded her head in consensus and wiped away tears popping out of her eyes. Now she had believed that she wasn't dreaming. “I would rather not see you again, Jeff!” “Go! You are not even close to his level. You are a smear on his good name!” those were the faint words she heard while stepping downstairs. Suddenly, she heard the door bang. Perhaps, locked to finish whatever they had started. Instantly, Emiliana thought of liquor. Liquor which she had never tasted. Instead of going back home, she pierced into the nearby bar and placed her heavy order, to freeze her burning sense. **************

Chapter 1. The Billionaire's Regrets!

Anderson Musyoki

Chapter 1. The Billionaire's Regrets!


Chicago 4:00 pm...

Morgan Corporation...

“Is this Ms. Emiliana I'm speaking to?” In Emiliana's phone conversation, someone announced, "This is Officer Travis speaking from South East police station!” When Emiliana realized it was a police officer talking, she immediately felt weak and immediately sensed danger. She was fully aware that she was handling a police matter. Her boyfriend, Jefferson was the first person to pop into her mind. She struggled with her throat for a while before finding her voice.

Emiliana introduced herself, "Yes, how may I serve you?" She reflected on her words and felt humiliated for talking about "helping him" when she didn't even know why he had phoned.

While leaving her office, she continued to speak with him. Her ears perked up so she wouldn't miss any word that he said. After spending a lot of time at work, she was exhausted.

"I believe that this time, I am the one who is assisting you. Do you know somebody named Jefferson? He was detained alongside us in the police station and is accused of r*p*! Together with the victim he humiliated, Madam Rose, a friend of yours, is present. If you know about them, I hope you'll be able to attend and write a statement for the case!” the officer remarked before ending the conversation. Emiliana was unable to walk or stand. She remained standing for a long, using a nearby post to support her frail, tight body.

She took two or three long breaths, then quickly made her way to the police station since she was eager to find out what had happened.

She stepped inside a passing cab and asked the driver to drive her to the police station. She was at the station's door in a short period. She stood there for a while, thinking back to all the times she had visited the same spot to see the same person. Talking to the police officers regarding his release from prison had been her job ever since they started dating. Because of him, she had knelt in front of police officers numerous times pleading for mercy because of the person she adored. She felt sorry for herself for the fault of having him.

She went insane when she thought about the uncountable times she had bought the police's freedom. She entered the police station after wiping away the tears that were streaming down her face.

Her first sight went to Jefferson, and her second glance went to the woman who had been sexually degraded. When Emiliana recognized her friend, Rose, she was taken aback. They had been close friends for a very long time. Emiliana was unable to directly face Jefferson. She was astonished and felt bad for him. They were each in their prison waiting for their saviour to humiliate them for their sake of them.

"My sweetheart, I was fully aware that you would seek me out. Inform them that I am completely innocent! Tell them I didn't r*p* anyone!” Jefferson roared. Still intoxicated, he had a strong alcohol odour. He staggered in his cell. He got a warning look from Emiliana as though he wanted him to shut his mouth. His ignorance of love made her feel as though he was a fool. She gazed at them bravely while trying to find her inner strength.

Rose remarked, "I'm sorry Ms. Emiliana, I never meant to...” Angrily, Emiliana raised her voice. Rose gave her an innocent, repentant expression in her eyes.

"Stop talking lady! When will you cease to pretend to be r*p*d? You are a prostitute; something that I am extremely familiar with! How many times do you have to hear my warnings before you do?” asked an irate Emiliana. She clenched her fist and prepared to smash her jaws, but the police officers held her back.

Jefferson howled, "Trust me Emiliana, I love you and I can't...” but Rose cut him off.

"You ought to reimburse me for my pestering! Jefferson, you can't get away with it!” Rose gripped the bars firmly and yelled,” I will undoubtedly disgrace you as well!” She twisted them furiously and took a step back.

She ignored Jefferson as he extended his hand in greeting. After glancing at him, she left for the police officers. They were all released from the police station after she carried out her routine daily activities. “Paying for their release.” Although they appeared to be conversing and laughing, Emiliana continued to look downcast at them. She questioned how a r*p* case developed when they were getting along with one another.

"Emiliana, I'm sorry for my errors,” Jefferson said, "I didn't mean to...”

"You didn't intend to defraud me, did you? Why do you treat me that way? Why are you acting so carelessly now?” Emiliana questioned, wiping her palms over her eyes, "What have I done to you to deserve this?” As she cried, bubbles started to form in her nose. While turning to the opposite side, she clutched her handbag in her right hand. Together, the trio of them three left.

"My darling, we will resolve the issue. I still adore you more than everything in the world, trust me!" Jefferson assured her as he drew nearer to her. She avoided his company."My darling, we will resolve the matter. I still adore you more than everything in the world, trust me," Jefferson assured her as he drew nearer to her. She avoided his empathetic words.

“Why do you need to support your position with lies when you've been acting like a prostitute? Emiliana questioned, "Why do you need to organize things when you'll just carry on doing what you always do?” Of her remarks, Jefferson felt ashamed and extended a hand to embrace her. He was thrown aside by her like some foul-smelling rubbish. Once more, Jefferson was enraged with her doings. ‘What he always do!’ Of her remarks, Jefferson felt ashamed and extended a hand to embrace her. He was thrown aside by her like some foul-smelling rubbish. Once more, Jefferson was enraged with her.

Rose held her hand and murmured, "You have to comprehend him, Emmili..." She yelled at her while throwing her away as well.

“Comprehend him? Comprehend him my foot! Emiliana massaged her eyes as she questioned, "What should I understand? "

“If I had known that you had been detained for r*p*, I wouldn't have come for you this time,” Emiliana lamented. Rose forced her to face her and hugged her while doing so because she felt at ease. She was very lovely.

Even though you may have heard that she was r*p*d, believe me when I say that she was a stunning woman with a terrific body—and not just any great body—one with gorgeous curves and shapes.

“When your boyfriend is around Emiliana, why do you have to talk nonsense about him?” Rose questioned. After turning to face her, Jefferson grinned at her. He gave her a forehead kiss and embraced her, but she was unable to find comfort. He felt humiliated as she again threw him away.

"Yes, you desire to learn the reality?” Jefferson questioned, "So what if I had multiple affairs with her?” Emiliana stood up and grabbed her handkerchief to wipe away the perspiration that had formed after hearing those remarks.

She offered herself false optimism to comfort her broken heart, but instead, she let two lines of sour water run down her gentle cheeks.

Rose cynically remarked, "I don't think there is anything to worry about Emiliana; you know very well that you two are meant to be together and there is no way that I will ever intervene in your affairs.” She was content in her heart that she was in upheaval.

"I love you, and we are soul mates, as you are well aware,” said Jefferson and sighed.

Even though he was depressed and had a dull face, he added, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


Chapter 2. I Cheat, But You Are Mine Girl!

Chapter 2. I Cheat, But You are Mine!


The sorrow of being in love with someone who couldn't value her was evident in Emiliana's silence as they crossed the street. For the moment, her eyes were still red and puffy, but she was accustomed to it. She never cried for her boyfriend Jefferson not even once or twice. She thought back to how her earlier experience had been and admired the current one that she was going through. She figured out how her boyfriend Jefferson impregnated and then rejected a high school girl. Since the start of their relationship, it was the most difficult case she had ever encountered. The silence was finally broken by Rose.

"Emilianaa... I hope you're not mad at me! Our enduring relationship must have saved me today,” Rose thought, feeling resentful that Jefferson had professed his love for her and his willingness to lay down his life for her. Jefferson smirked as he glanced


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