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I'm just his wife in paper

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"POOR!!!" I jumped up when I heard your dear king shouting again I closed my eyes and went to the door and opened it "How long did it take you to wake up? YOU KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO COOK, RIGHT!??" he yelled when I looked sad, of course I know how long it will take to wake up! "I KNOW OK.!! BESIDES, be patient, I told you to hire a maid, didn't I? What did you say I was here?! Wow, I'm not your maid, I'm your wife." I said "What? We'll answer or you'll COOK!?? And it's another duty of the wife to cook, RIGHT?" DUTY duty what is that pszhhhh "Ahhhh that's why it's also your duty to BULL ME EVERY MORNING RIGHT!!!?" I yelled at him It was wrong that I yelled at him "YOU----"

Chapter 1

Luxury cars, hectares of land, villas and abundant life

That's how I lived five years ago that I can hardly experience now...

Broken broken walls, noisy place messy surroundings, small space helps

This place is not far from the place where the truth can be seen

The poverty...why did I end up in this situation... I don't even know why...what is the end of this...this poverty

Paying electricity, water and rent every month

I will think about what I eat from morning to dinner

When you look at the racket ... the day is over ... there is no food to experience

Now here I am again thinking about where I will get the payment for my rent... because Esther has given me another two month loan that I owe in rent

I was shocked when I heard that this is the day of reckoning...

I heard a loud crash from plywood door almost broke

Aling Esther seems to want me to be her Buena mano in paying off the debt...if she was hit by a good she is...

When I opened it, I had barely washed my face...I think my mouth was still wet with saliva

I'm wiping my eyes a bit

When I look at him, a common cashier of my house appears...

He was dressed thickly...he was also wearing his fake jewelry that was getting a little dark

He thought he would make me jealous of his signed third class bag... I guess I know the truth and it's high class

"Cracille, where is your rent debt, girl, I need it now... I need it or you will leave!!!" He shouted

Oh, if I leave here, no one will take this place...besides the broken's still hot!!!

I smiled at him...the most beautiful smile that I have

"Which...Which Esther, I'm sorry, can I extend the deadline... I didn't have a racket last night," I said

He looked at me...from head to if he was shaking my body? why even my body?

"No Racket...if you don't have a racket...well later you go to the bar next door hire them..." He said

Bar...what am I cheap... Aaah what is this...if I don't agree with which Esther is already torn...I have nowhere to live...where am I?

It's embarrassing to stay with my brother's ex-husband

"What do you agree to!!! or I will kick you out of this house" he shouted

Almost all the neighbors are looking at me...

I sighed "oh...go ahead, please don't let me out of here" I said

He smiled while fanning the fan he was carrying...That old man

Why did I end up in this situation....when before my life was

If only it had continued...if only the marriage had not been prevented then, maybe I would not have ended up like this now

It's been five years since a woman stopped our marriage with Aizel Montes...just a little longer and I would have answered her with I do...I do will raise our business again...the company...but it's not

Because he left and went with that girl...they were happy until now

After that failed marriage...A lot happened

Our company collapsed because some investors heard that my marriage to a Montes didn't work out

Sales went down...everyone applauded

And because Dad borrowed a large amount from a large syndicate, Mr. Frank Montes no longer helped him when Aizel's Daddy left...

I just found out that he ordered Kay Rein Riven Montes to bring down our company

Dad sent me to America to run away from his creditors and I can't help but feel...

And I didn't expect it when I went home...almost five of us were left

Dad got sick because of extreme depression

Mom...she ran away from us and never showed up again

After that, Dad couldn't handle his pain anymore...he passed away

Everyone is chasing me... And Kuya planned to sell me

But that didn't work out because I ran away

Nina Aizel and that girl had a happy ending

While I...I'm just ...I'm just a Nobody

I am the girl left in front of the crowd

I was the extra who wasn't even given a scene

I'm the type of additional character to turn their story around...

The character that was supposed to be written but they ran out of ink

I am Cracille Sebastian...I became part of a story that no one even knew

It's because it hurts

I feel worthless...

I was once mentioned but never told....That's me...that's my part

The person who is included in a story...but never given a name...

Jannie's POV

A big celebration has opened up for me here at the company because apart from running the coffee shop which is my hobby, I manage our other business...

I'm here now on the balcony looking around...observing the beauty of life...I'm very lucky...even though I'm not really Daddy's daughter and even though I'm Mama's daughter to someone else they gave me a good life.. .The one with direction

I can do what I want...I can take anything...

But something seems to be missing...I wonder what it is...sometimes because I like to interfere in my brother's life, I will give them be with them when they are in trouble

The stupid things they did to me will be fixed because I'm older than them so they follow me...but it seems like I'm going to forget my life that only revolves around my brothers

Now...they have families...they are happy while I...Half of my life is focused on work

"Oh...Jannie how's life, aren't you getting married, what are you doing? You're slow because I'm going to get a divorce. You're all still single, I'm really your friend," said Therise, standing next to me as she turned the glass of champagne he was drinking

He is my best friend in a few days he will be divorced...and his son and his wife will take him to America

He said he regretted it because he said he wished he had married me, maybe we would have a happy family, but we don't like each other, so there's no such thing, no sparks... nothing.

"Therise, will you fight for your child? Do you have rights when it comes to the child" I said

But first he smiled

"Yah yah yah...I do have the rights but I don't have the courage Jannie life isn't kind of getting what you wish for...even if I wish I can't...she is more used to being with the child maybe because of being a workaholic, my married life wasn't good, I neglected them" he said while looking at me and fixing my suit

"That's why you, Jannie my dear, don't ever gamble if you don't have a plan... because you might be like me, you made love exist so it hurts... too much" after that he left

I don't know but why are they gambling...for me I have a plan for my life...the perfect plan so that I don't get into trouble

I'm back inside...

"Guys I'm sorry but can I go first I'm tired I just got back from a trip...I hope you understand" I said

They smiled and understood my explanation

When I got off, the car with Manong Rick as my driver was waiting for me...

I leaned my back against the car seat

While Manong was driving, someone suddenly met him on the road...that girl...I know that her? I know she is studying in America... But why did she seem to be passing by?

Is that really Crucille? It's strange that she's not like that...

I saw the girl we passed

She was wearing faded denim shorts and a white T-shirt with only a ponytail

But I know his face's him

The girl I can't forget... The one left by Aizel at the altar after that I never saw her again

I just heard that he is a dietician in America...

That's all I know

I was surprised when my phone suddenly rang

"From Rein

Big brother, thank you for helping me and Keldrick... I'm married to Rhee Anh... I know she can't escape from me... big brother, thank you so much"

Haaay that's spoiled, Keldrick and I can't handle that Gleiz, luckily I was there and I fixed it...that's why I'm still single until now...I'm too problematic for them

But I can't help but think of the girl I saw earlier, Cracille, what is she doing now...she must be happy

I don't even know him very well, I hope he's okay...

If that's him... why is he so different from the Cracille I first saw...

Chapter 2

Cracille POV

Aling Esther dressed me in a miniskirt and fitted shirt

I'm a bit unaccustomed to what I'm wearing I am again, how many times have I made a fool of myself. and I was out immediately

I'm stupid because ...I'm done but I'm going to go to the pipitsuging club

I avoid it because Kuya might find me and sell me again

Especially if I apply to big companies

I am disgusted with him...he is the reason why the company collapsed because of him so I was forced to reconcile with Aizel and when it didn't work out we ended up in poverty

I think now...he's happy with gambling and whatever he's doing

"Miss, turn around," said the owner of the club

Spin and why would I spin I didn't want to spin but Aling Esther pushed me and she widened her eyes at me so I was forced

"Oh she's beautiful ...quite fresh...Are you still Ms Virgin?" asked the woman


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