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The Billionaire's Toy
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  • 9.9

"I am bound to punish you for breaking the rules," he said as he started undoing his tie. I swallowed, the thought of being punished by him terrified and excited me at the same time. I needed this. The heat pooled between my legs as I watched him undo his tie with one hand and his belt in the other. It was hot. He grabbed me by the neck, bending me over the table with my face down on the surface and my ass high up in the air. He caressed my soft flesh with his palm. "Count," he ordered, My brows furrowed in confusion, the haze of lust so heavy in my head that my brain failed to grasp his words. The first slap landed on my ass cheeks and I cried out. "Count," he barked. I whimpered but I nodded my head to his request. "One," I counted as the first slap came on my behind. I kept counting as he delivered blows to my now red ass. "Good girl," he murmured as he rubbed them gently, to take away the ache. I was moist and he could sense it. Dipping his finger into my pussy, he confirmed how wet I was for him. "Hmm," he hummed, embarrassment slammed into me with enough force. I barely knew this man and here I was letting him possess me. I liked it. I licked my lips in anticipation of what he wished to do, his lips touched the nape of my neck and I jumped. He licked the juncture of my neck, and the pulsating nerves there responded to his touch. "You taste so sweet," he murmured as he kissed his way down my neck. "T...thank you," I managed to get out. "Let me make you mine," he says,

  • Author: Whendhie
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 652
  • 9.9

"This is Asher Adams" her father said. "He's going to be your bodyguard from now on. Kimberly's eyes widened in disbelief. The water she had just swallowed went down the wrong pipe and she began to choke. She started to cough and it took some seconds to finally calm her down. Great. Just great. She thought. Just when she thought she had the annoying man out of her life for good. She turned her attention to her father. "I'm sorry dad, what did you just say?" ------------------ Kimberly Blake, daughter and only child of billionaire, Hillary Blake, loves her freedom and independence. She hates being told what to do more than anything. But all that freedom becomes a thing of the past when she gets kidnapped and her father hires private investigator and bodyguard, Asher Adams to rescue her. Now, not only is she stuck with a big hunk of a man following her around and watching her every move... But one she finds so damn attractive.... --------------------

Cerberus (Women of mafia book 1)
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  • 9.9

His life is full of violence, blood and death. His name is Cerberus, that's what they call him because he's vicious, cruel, and ruthless. To be The Mafia leader you have to be, fearless, heartless and shameless, to have what you want, to get what you want and to own what you want. Gabriel 30 years, the leader of the black cross mafia or family as he calls it. He's well known everywhere due to his cruel and vicious acts no one dares to disobey him, and no one dares to challenge him. Ariel a sweet 18 years, high school girl innocent, shy, kind and pure. The girl who always sees the good in people even though they can't see it themselves. She's a believer that everyone matters and everyone must have a chance. These two people will meet, their worlds will collide, their life won't be the same. Is the gangster going to be changed by the angel or the pure soul of the angel going to be tainted.

Bad Boy Billionaires
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  • 9.9

Sexy as hell or not, these pompous, arrogant, and deliciously captivating bad-boy billionaire CEOs of New York City will not only make you fall in love, they'll take you on a thrilling, heart-breaking, and sensual journey you won't soon forget. Book 1 - Mr. Untouchable Book 2 - Mr Beautiful Book 3 - Mr. Wrong Disclaimer: This title contains three NSWF contemporary romances. A forbidden romance with a mind-blowing twist, a luscious but sweet second chance romance, and a torn-between-two-lovers romance.

The Bad Boy's Princess
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  • 9.8

"You are mine, Princess. For the next two months, I own this body and you will not give it out to any other man. I own every fucking inch of this body." * Mireille had been a good girl all her life, sheltered by her protective brother until he goes on a three months travel. Mireille has to stay with his best friend whom she last saw in highschool. Mireille thinks she would finally be free from her brother's protectiveness but she turns out to be wrong as her brother's best friend is a worse version of her brother... Protective and possessive. Mireille wants to hate him but it seems to be impossible to hate a man as hot as Dante Romano. Hot, sexy and a billionaire mafia boss, Dante wants to make Mireille nothing more than his best friend's sister but it seems impossible with the heat that runs through their bodies with their every contact. She is his innocent princess and she is supposed to remain so but when lust pulls her close, she becomes his woman, his possession, the Bad Boy's Princess. But there are many more secrets lurking around, secrets insistent on pulling Mireille out of her innocent lifestyle.

His Mafia Bride
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  • 9.8

His iron grip was fastened around my waist and he pinned me on to the wall. "Let go of me!" I gritted. "If I want to right now" he leaned in close, his lips grazing my earlobe. "I can forcefully have my way with you and watch you scream your beautiful melodious tone underneath me" he whispered gravelly. I gasped and tried getting his hands of my waist. "You are my wife after all aren't you?" He teased, his teeth gently nibbling on my skin. I felt a strange heat brewing up inside me and I fought to control it. "Dante let go of me!" I seethed. Slowly, his head ascended from my neck and faced me. He ran a finger along my lips and a devilish smile curled up on his face. * * * * * * Love. Crime. Passion. Strong female lead Alina Fedorov, the vibrant and daring daughter to the Don of the Russian mafia is forcefully put into marriage against her wishes by her father. And her groom is no other than the feared Dante Morelli, the ruthless capo dei capi of the most powerful and dangerous Italian-American mafia. He has his base running all through Europe and America with myriads of capos and underbossess at his beck and call. Running his underworld without a heart, he is quick to do away with any one who goes against his orders and his years of training has him equipped for a dangerous life of crime. But none of that will matter when he meets the impulsive and independent Alina Federov. Can love ever blossom between the two especially as Dante craves revenge on Alina for the sins of her father? Or will Alina be able to break down his walls of coldness and have him on his knees for her?

Uh-oh! I Became Pregnant After Divorce
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  • 9.8

What hurts more than falling in love with a person who could never love you back? Eloise Rivers, being in dire need of money for her brother’s hospital fees, agrees to marry multi-millionaire Vaughn Ryder and become his surrogate. The catch? Vaughn gets to stay with his long-term girlfriend and divorce Eloise after she gives them the baby. However, in the worst circumstances, Eloise falls in love with Vaughn when Vaughn could never love her back. And now that she is pregnant, Vaughn suddenly wants to call off their deal? “I’m pregn—” “Let’s get a divorce,” Vaughn coldly said. “What?” Eloise looked at him with wide eyes. “Let’s call off the deal while you’re still not pregnant. Alina already said that she’s willing to start a family with me.” ‘But I already am,’ she wanted to say. But in the end, Vaughn had already made his decision. He didn’t want the baby.

Second Marriage With A Billionaire
  • Author: X.H.Mao
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.2K
  • 9.8

Framed by my husband, I was forced to leave the house clean. My mother was seriously ill, but my father drove her out. The high medical cost makes me despair,so I went to my father's wedding to ask for help, but I only got humiliation. I was devastated, and a powerful man who took me away.After marriage, his eyes and eyes were affectionate, and his words had no feelings: "I can give you everything you want, except love." I smiled, "OK, I understand."

The Professor Who Loves Me (Sebastian Brothers)
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  • 9.7

I'm always determined to follow my dreams. My life is going better than expected and I'm even on the verge of success. Until it's not. Professor Sebastian radiates an irresistible heat of refined sophistication. With just one look into his ocean-blue eyes, everything I believe in comes crashing down. I try to keep my distance because we can't be more, but whenever I'm with him, gravity pulls me in deeper. I know it's a wrong and dangerous ride, but it feels so right that I want him so badly. Just one kiss, one touch, that's all it will take to cross the line.

His Promise: The Mafia Babies (Book 1&2)
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  • 9.7

Getting pregnant by her boss after a one-night stand and suddenly leaving her job as stripper was the last thing Serena had hoped for, and to make matters worse, he is the heir to the mafia. Serena is calm while Christian is fearless and outspoken, but somehow the two must make it work. When Christian forces Serena to go through with a fake engagement, she tries her hardest to fit in the family and the luxurious life the women live while Christian is fighting as hard as he can to keep his family safe, but everything takes a turn when the hidden truth about Serena and her birth parents comes out. Their idea was to play pretend until the baby was born, and the rule was to not fall in love, but plans don't always go as expected. Will Christian be able to protect the mother of his unborn child? And will they end up breaking the rules? But most importantly, will he be able to keep his promise?