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Poisoned Love (Mine To Be)

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Blurb Meet Malia Stewart, a beautiful rare gem, everyone dream girl, she attends one of the most popular school in Boston She has this trait of been friends with everyone but never knew she was in the dungeon of fake friends because of her wealth She develop feelings for one of the most popular boy in school named David Anderson who just relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, USA with his family She seek advice from her wrong friends but because they don't want her to have a relationship with him they bad mouth her to David twin sister and it worked cause she now hates her when she heard rumours about her mostly her past that was supposed to be a secret Now will David accept her despite the rumors or hang out with one of Malia wrong friends his twin sister spoke good of You will never want to miss out in this enchanting high school adventure story about this two teens and other classmates

Chapter 1- Leaving again

Chapter 1Writer's Point of ViewMalia woke up breathing heavily, another nightmare again, this time around, she saw some group of friends betraying her and ended up doomed in both friendship and relationship"It's just a dream and not real; I will get over it by going to school as usual." She said to herselfShe called the maids to prepare her water to bathe, and in no less than two minutes, a maid was at her service, this is how wealthy and successful her parents are, but she lacked one thing, love, and attentionAfter she finished having her bath, she wore her uniform, sprayed her hair, and took her bag, stepping out of her room to have breakfast with her parents."Good morning Miss Malia; breakfast is served." One of the maids said"Thank you, where are my parents?" She asked, smiling, but her mood changed when she finds out they missed breakfast with her again."I am sorry, your dad and mom had to travel very early for some business meeting; Mom promised to treat you to dinner on her return, she recorded as usual." The maid was about to pass the record to her when Malia hit her hands and yelled, "To hell with this; I am off to school now; I lost my appetite." She ran off to the car, controlling herself not to cry.She immediately entered the car and told Gerald, the driver to drive straight to school"Drive," she told Gerald what to do"Miss, mmm.... what about Isabel" Gerald replied to her through the rear mirror in the car" Ohh... it's ok" Malia muttered still sobbing resting her head against the headrest and looking outside the windowAfter it's seems like 30 minutes, her younger sister, Isabel came and entered the car"Good morning, Gerald" Isabel greeted with a radiant smile as always.. so jovial"Good morning, Miss Isabel" Gerald answered her with a little smile..."I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting," Isabel said, "you can start going now"Then, she turned to her sister who doesn't seem to notice the presence of her sister in the car"Hi sis" Isabel greeted and tapped her on her shoulder"Hey Isabel" Malia jolted out, "I'm sorry, I Don't know you were already in the car and is already moving," she said with a sad chuckle." What's wrong," Isabel said while staring at her sister's face..she continued"Don't tell me you were crying""No, I'm not," Malia said wiping her face." Yep, something is wrong"" With you""No, with you," Isabel said and continued"You only bite your lips when you're upset""Wait for a second, did I hurt your feeling" she gasped" or oh, I think it's miss moris"" I heard you arguing with Mary this morning and I'm sure it's the food Miss Moris made, " Isabel said dramatically and Malia laughed" You know she is growing old despite she's 40 years" Isabel grinned and turned to Gerald," I didn't say you should tell her when you get home 'cause that's just a fact" Gerald smiled and nodded" But I love her and I know you also do," she said turning to face Malia" No, that's not it"" Then, what is it?"" You know, there's this... mmmm...."Malia paused," I just don't wanna mess things up again and I miss Mom and dad need their attention you know what I mean""hmmm... yea... I do, Well, it's not only you that needs their attention, I'm their last child who is still in junior school but despite that,t I don't care"" You know just like Ed Sheeran's song""cause I don't care when I'm with my baby yeah"all the bad things disappear"cause you to make me feel maybe I'm somebody..."she was singing holding her Id card like a mic and her voice is like a half crocodile voice half angelic voice if you know you know...Malia was just laughing at her sister's drama... whenever she is around she just knows the way to cheer one up, talking like an experienced motivational speaker"Should I tell you something, huh" Malia nodded"You are doing great, sis..." She continued, "You've been doing fine after what happened to you those dreadful years without them though it wasn't easy you can continue to behave like they don't exist just like I do"" I have learned to live without them and I will continue to till they come to their senses, sis, you have been strong since then continue to be"" Oh... Sis, when are you going to see yourself the way I do "she palmed her face" I see the potential in you, picture them out in your life for now till you fully recover because if it were to be me, I'm sure I would have committed suicide and be long gone beneath the ground," she said mimicking the British accent" Really"" You gat me always, your friends even miss moris grandma too, enjoy this moment, sis, life goes on"" What would I do without you?"You will always have me""Thank you," Malia said sighing softly"I know what you need "she gestured"Come here"" What"" Follow my lead, cuddle close, scooch in..." Malia moved closer to Isabel resting her head on her chest and closing her eyes" Mmmmm "Malia breath deeply" In granny's words, when we get to school I will wake you up, so rest a little"" In granny words "she repeated, "and song, "where's the northwind, meets the sea "There's a river, full of memory" I know what you are doing, "Malia said chuckling" I know you do" Isabel chuckled" Sleep, my darling safe and sound"For this,s all is found"She sang caressing her sister's face and yawned when she found out she has fallen asleep...**They got to their school, it's so large and beautiful."We are here" Gerald announced"Should I walk you to your class?f Isabel asked grinning" No, thank you" Malia answered when they got down from the car and waved Gerald as he drove off"Yeah, I know... I was just pulling your legs" Isabel said smiling as they walked"Hey Malia" A voice shouted from the front of the building and they stopped"It seems your friends are here, I will be going love you, sis," Isabel said waving at her as she walked to her classMalia walked to meet her friends, Ivy Winslet, Grace Bennett, Alexis Wilhelm, and the youngest of their crew, Mabel WilfredApart from her sister, these are the people Malia talks to because they have been there for her since the incident years back, and being with them has been great"Hey Malia" Ivy called her with a cute smile"Hey girls," Malia said with a gummy smile"Hey, what's wrong," Grace said"Your face is saying otherwise" Mabel added"Nothing, I'm ok," Malia said"I know... Your parents left again.... huh" Ivy said putting her hands on Malia's shoulder. Malia sighed softly"Yup... Bae, you don't need it, we are ok for you and your sister" Mabel said" Hmmm... Ok..even my sister has talked to me about it. so am letting them go and enjoy this moment"Malia said smiling" That's the spirit, bae, "Ivy said" I trust your sister, "Grace said laughing," the only witted motivational speaker"... they all laughed" So let's go to the class," Alexis saidAs they were going one of their classmates, Andie called Malia"Hey Malia" she greeted"Hey Andie" Malia replied"I just wanna thank you for the other day and offer this token bracelet to you as a sign of appreciation," she said smiling and stretching out the bracelet to her" Ohh.. my... God. This is more than a token Andie, you shouldn't have done this"Malia said wanting to take it from her but Ivy stopped her" No, you can't collect it, Malia how many times have I warned you, fine she is coming to East High School doesn't mean we are in the same category.. "" She's on scholarship you are rich have class darling" Ivy concluded" But she just wanted...... "Malia was interrupted by Alexis "Ivy is right girlfriend, we are two different people so don't collect it, am I not right? They all nodded... The girl, Andie redraws her hand dejected"They will take you for granted because of your kindness towards them just like this"Mabel said staring at Andie" But she..."As Malia wanted to talk, Ivy dragged her inside alongside the others not wanting her to say another word again because she is already getting angry... Malia turned back and give Andie an apology smile.

Chapter 2- Moving in

Chapter 2Writer's Point of View"They will take you for granted because of your kindness towards them just like this" Mabel stared at Andie and they went to class.**The Same DayA car drove down into the compound of a new mansion in Malcolm's street alongside two vans following behind the Jeep.The house is so huge and round was painted in a silver-white color and the water spring was right at the center of the mansion. The floor was German floored and there were about two garages in the compound...There were just the little parts of the building one could see if one enters the compound, how rich these families are... The car halted and the occupants came out.The family came down from the car majestically one after the other.Mr. Wilbur Anderson and his wife, Mrs. Yvonne Anderson alongside their children, David Anderson looking cute as always with his twin sister, Davina An


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