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Never knew love had a pact, Never knew fun was trolling behind it, Never knew love really exist, Thought it was just an imagination of a wretched writer. My name is Joseph Collins, and this is my story. Living a baseless life and spending like there was no tomorrow was my thing.... But things changed, I changed.... when I met her... Being friends with her wasn't what I wanted but any time I wanted more— she blackout! PEACHES NOT PEACH is an intriguing novel that evolves round a teen till his adulthood. A brutal story about life, love, friendship, betrayal.... At the brink of adulthood.


Later that day, the devil came visiting, Melissa. I already knew what she came for, I knew she was here for battle but I don't care anymore. I wanted her to see the picture clearly on the wall, I wasn't the cruel guy to girls but I have tried my best with her. In our course of dating, I gave her virtually everything she wanted. Take her shopping anytime she beckoned, take her to the cinema, give her money. At least I did my part. I hadn't let her suffer, so leaving shouldn't be a problem cause she has nothing against me. Now I'm about to take a decision I don't even care what the outcome will be for her. I must eradicate the unfavorable ones from my memory.

I could see her countenance as she entered my apartment but I was fully ready to go hard on her.

"Joe!" She screamed and I was ready to fight back "you haven't been picking up my calls"

"I have been so busy lately," I said simply

"Really?" She said giving me a hard look "even busy to return my calls"

"I've been busy that I forgot to take care of myself"

My reply outburst her rage and she grew so impatient.

"You have even changed your lock?" She asked this time with a serious rage in her eyes. So I have to choose my next word carefully.

"I had to change it," I said softly like a coward "I needed privacy"

"Even from me?"

I looked at her and thought of what to say. My kind of reply will justify my next line of action. Whether I will keep playing in charade or will make her realize I now have zero feelings for her. I wasn't ready to please her, at least not anymore. This is my life and I won't do anything to hurt it at the expense of pleasing someone else, at least not someone who won't value it.

"Yes, even from you," I said. It took a lot of guts from me to utter it and I knew it would shock her.

"You don't mean that..... Do you?"

Suddenly, my courage starts appearing. It seems to me that I'm now winning this battle. I've never won her in arguments but seems this is going the way I want it.

"I mean every word I tell you today," I said looking straight into her eyes. That same eye I had said so many sweet words to, that same eye that had swept me off my feet anytime she winks. Now I am looking straight into that same eye, about to rant some gibberish. "I have been trying to push you away but you just don't want to go. You made me result to this, I hadn't wanted a confrontation but it seems this is what you wanted and you have got it....." I paused a little, thinking of it again, whether there was going to be a regret for me but I don't care. I won't regret my action this day.

".....Melissa, it is over"

Suddenly I began to feel the breeze of relief cooling my mind. I had lifted a heavy burden, a burden that is weighing me down. I could feel peace in my heart.

Melissa screamed and shouted but I avoided her contact, right now I don't need any eye contact with her. I don't want to look into her pitiful eye, at least not right now. She yelled at me at first but I yelled back and when her rage calmed, she started pleading. But I wasn't ready to listen to any plea. The truth was that she didn't offend me but I was just no longer into her. I knew she hadn't loved me, she was just after my fantasy, and the money I spent on her. I thought I had loved her but I was wrong, what I had for her was not love but mere lust. She had the figure every man would dream of in a girl, she had the looks of an angel, a look that will make a guy go nuts.

Guess I was only after those physical qualities, I was only attracted to her beauty. We were the biology parasitism, I was the host and she was the parasite embedded in my system. She was the only one gaining from the relationship, she kept helping me spend my money as my purse become thin, no savings.

I played the role of a good guy once again, I consoled and assured her that she will find her own 'Mr. Right'. I seriously didn't know what I meant by 'Mr. Right'. Maybe a guy with a loose pocket like me, a guy she would turn into her host once again. A guy she would drain his pocket.

Chapter 1





It was a clear and bright morning, mere looking at the sky one wouldn't think it had rained heavily last night. The rain which came with a thunderous wind had opened so many roofs and uprooted some trees, even some electric poles had fallen. Most streets had become flooded.

The rain had stopped with a rainbow, one wouldn't even know it rained except for the flooded area and water on the road.

There lies a young man sleeping on his full king bed with all his hands wide-flung. His room was littered with dirty clothes. He had gone clubbing last night and had managed to find his way to his room after so many falling and staggering. He had downed four bottles of whisky.

A pounding at his door alerted him, but he merely turned and grumbled to himself.

"Who is that?&qu


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