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Natalia’s High School Manual

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[A STAND-ALONE NOVEL] Welcome to Natalia's high school manual! Yup, she's just your average normie student. And nope, this is definitely not a fairytale. It's not your typical girl meets boy and they fell in love with each other story, then all of the sudden, BOOM! A happy ending that will satisfy the whole humanity. Her story was a bit different, -nope. Scratch that. It was a disaster, to be exact. A roller coaster ride to the top. Witness how Natalia (without H) face her high school journey with the help of her manual, a set of rules that she invented for herself. Rules that will help her survive high school. Along with her family, friends, and even enemies, will she be able to follow all the rules on her manual, or not? Read and find out.

Chapter 1: Season One

NATALIA CARTER –that’s my name.

        First of all, I want to clarify some things. This is not a diary. You can call it a journal or whatever it is that you want, just please... Spare me the word “diary.” That kind of name was for the girly girls, like some of my classmates. They talk and write to their diaries like it’s their secret keeper or like their life depends on it.

       Second, as I’ve told earlier, my name is Natalia, not Nathalia. Remove the H, please. I’m not your typical student, though I can’t also say that I’m unique. I’m just a normie teenager, and believe it or not, my story wasn’t just like the others. I’m not a nerd that falls in love with the bad boys. And here’s the reason why.

          My bestfriend, Nathan, is the nerd. Not me. Our parents are best of friends that’s why they named us very likely to each other. Another reason why, bad boys in our school are definitely not hot. Like, gosh. They often went to school without taking a shower, wearing the same clothes every other day, and ruin our school properties.

        Those bad boys... Their different from Tyler Smith’s group, our classmate since middle school. And yep, believe me, he’s the type of bad boy that you often read on different love stories. But I swear, I’ll never fall in love with that guy. His eyes were like the vampires. It does nothing but glare at people.

        Nathan is the only friend I have. And I’m the only friend that he have, as well. Basically, we’ve known each other ever since we were a kid because of our parents. After a week from now, our summer break will be ended and classes will start to begin again.

         Nathan and I will finally be a high school students! Yay! But please note the sarcasm. Being a high school student wasn’t easy, that’s what they say. But I wanted to correct them. Being a high school student is a disaster, I just didn’t know why everybody is excited... Oh well, except me of course.

“Nat! We need to buy you some new shoes!” I heard my Mom calling from outside of my room.

“I don’t need a new one, Mom!”

“I don’t care. I’m still gonna buy you a pair. Jessica told me that she’s gonna buy Nathan, that’s why I wanted you to have something new too,” she stated, knocking on my door.

        I just sighed before opening my bedroom door. There she is, standing in my way looking at me like I was some kind of a freak.

“What now, Mom?” I asked.

“Come on, Nat. You’re old enough to fix yourself. Look at you! You look like a mess. Would you mind combing your hair?”

“Fine, fine. But, do we really need to buy a new shoes for school? I mean, I thought we are on a tight budget right now.”

“That’s not your concern anymore. Just fix yourself so that we can go now.”

“Alright...” I answered, bored.

        She motioned me to get inside of my room and start fixing myself. I just nodded before closing the doors again. The reason why I don’t want to spend some money on a new stuffs because that was against the rule number one of my manual, stating, “Don’t show off. Stay low key.”

       If you’re wondering what is that manual, it’s a compilation of some rules that I’d created myself. Those rules keep me safe all these years. I survived middle school because of that manual and I’m hoping that my high school life would be as peaceful as possible with the help of it, of course.

         Nathan often wondering why do I need to follow all those rules and restrain myself from all the fun. But my answer was very simple. I don’t want to be like him. If his own definition of fun is being dragged on by the bullies at school hallways because he didn’t let them copy his assignments, then I rather enjoy myself at home than join in that kind of fun.

        Through the many years of studying, I already came up of almost a hundred rules on my manual. And now that we are going to be a high school students, I’m planning to create another one. A manual containing new and fresh rules for me. Everyday during after my classes, I’ll try to come up with one rule to be added on my manual. In that way, I can summarized what I’ve learned in school that day.

“Nat! Where are you? We need to go now!” I heard my Mom shouted from downstairs.

       I quickly grabbed my comb before trying to fix my messy hair. It didn’t do. So, to make the long story short, I picked up a scrunchies and tied it in my hair. I looked at the mirror, not bothering to put a powder on my face or anything. I’m fine with my looks. I’m contented and happy for who I am, and I believe that that’s already enough. And that is what makes my manual’s rule number two: “Be yourself. Love your looks.”

         I ran downstairs, surprised to see my bestfriend and Aunt Jessica sitting on the couch in our living room. Nathan waved at me, and of course I did the same.

“Hey, Nat!” I greeted him.

“Hello, Nat.”

“Your nicknames are so cute! I’m glad we named you two after each other.”

        My Mom laugh at Aunts Jessica’s remark. Now I know why she’s rushing me earlier. That it’s because Nathan and his Mom were already waiting for us here.

“Come on, kids. Hop in,” Aunt Jessica told us as soon as we got outside of the house.

        She opened the door before Nathan and I got inside. Mom sat in the passenger seat, next to Aunt Jessica. They are blabbering about some random stuffs the whole trip while Nathan and I are just sitting quietly besides each other on the backseat.

“Hey...” Thankfully, he finally opened his mouth.


“I think Mom and Dad are going to have a divorce soon,” he whispered melancholically.

“What?!” I nearly gasped in disbelief.

“Shhh. Please lower your voice. I can feel it. Even if they didn’t told me about it, I know that it will happen someday.”

       I just stare at him, scrutinizing his emotions through his eyes.

“Are you okay?” I worriedly asked.

“Yeah. Don’t mind me. Though I’m a bit sad, but I know you wouldn’t leave me like what my Dad’s going to do soon.”

“Of course I won’t,” I promised, before I offer my pinky finger. He accepted it, and we sealed our promises.

         My third rule was, “Never state a promise to anyone.” I neglected it, for I knew in my heart that I’m going to rephrase it later as soon as I got home. Rule number three is gonna be, “Learn to keep your promises.”


Chapter 2: Her Manual

        SUMMER is ending, and that’s a fact. The moment that our new school year begins, it will be the end of our happy days and the start of our doom days. No more lazy stuffs, no more late night sleeps, and no more fun. That’s the meaning of summer’s ending for me.

        But the fact that we’re going to be a high school students hyped up everyone. They’re hoping that maybe it could be a new and fresh  start for everybody. But their wrong. It could be the best, yeah. But it could also be our worst nightmare.

“What are you thinking about?” Nathan asked me all of the sudden.

       We are currently walking in the park, him holding the leash of his dog while me licking a stick of popsicle.

“Nothing... Just, you know. Thinking about the upcoming school year.”

“Why? Are you excited?”

“Nope. You wish. Who would be excited?”


“Maybe. But not me.”

“Are you w


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