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Ayumi Clark always dreamed of a happy life filled with love and a supportive family. She achieved her goals of having a home, a career, and true friendships. However, her search for love led her into an abusive relationship, leaving her fighting for survival. As Ayumi endures physical and emotional abuse, she realizes something is wrong. Trapped in a cycle of violence and fear, she begins to doubt herself and her choices. She must heal the pain inflicted by someone she believed loved her. With the support of her friends, particularly her best friend Kaléo Coleman, or Léo, she seeks the abuser and confronts her past traumas. During this journey, Ayumi and Léo discover their feelings extend beyond friendship. Together, they navigate their doubts and strive to find true love. Yet, Ayumi must first learn to love herself and overcome her own traumas. Through this emotional and inspiring story, Ayumi fights to overcome her past, discovering her inner strength. With her friends' help, she learns self-worth and finds genuine love. As Ayumi and Kaléo face their challenges, they realize that love and compassion are key to healing their traumas. They understand that true love accepts and supports them through their darkest moments. Together, they confront their fears and overcome obstacles that attempt to separate them. They discover that unity and love provide true strength. Despite their hardships, they find hope for a happy ending and an exhilarating journey of triumph, love, and friendship.

Foreword - Carl Jenkins

“Like in a fairy tale… the princess locked in the tower!”

Thus, she became incommunicable, and briefly moments of confrontation, I found myself just like my father! Unable to control myself because before I knew it, I was already punishing her. Not that I entirely enjoy punishing my wife, but a part of me feels satisfied, fulfilled, and happy.

On the night I went out to celebrate the signing of a major contract, I ran into Marieta and was enjoying my evening when I was spotted by the pompous idiot. We ended up arguing, and without warning, he punched me. Before I could react, he was on top of me, delivering more punches, and I ended up inventing a little white lie. But with my wife, he wouldn't have that chance, and at that moment, my night was over.

I arrived home filled with anger and found her sitting in the living room, reading a book. When I told her that my friend had returned, I observed her eyes light up, and I felt even more hatred. She has no right to love anyone apart from me. Actually, I had known for some time now, but now she is mine. Only mine!

We had an argument, and just as I was about to confront her, she dropped the bomb. I remembered my mother and didn't want this for either of us. The argument shifted focus, and now it was about her sick desire. Not knowing what to do, I left the house to think and realized I had forgotten my cellphone. I returned and looked for her, but couldn't find her. I went to the bedroom and heard her whispering his name.

I entered the bathroom with a smile on my face, knowing what her reaction would be. The cellphone was in her hands, and she looked at me with tears streaming down her face and red eyes. I walked up to her and, as I brought the device to my ear, I heard that imbecile's voice calling my wife. In that instant, the monster within me surfaced, and I embraced that feeling, tired of not letting it have any fun.

I threw the device against the wall and grabbed her by the hair, saying:

“Now I will take care of you, my dear!”

I took her to the bedroom, and her fighting with all her might was magnificent. Without thinking twice, I slapped her across the face. She stumbled, falling and hitting her head on the corner of the nightstand. As soon as I saw her lying on the floor, disoriented, I climbed on top of her, holding her face.

“It's time for your punishment, my dear. You will learn not to lie to me or betray me.”

I raised my hand…

•••••••• 🌺🦋🌺 ••••••••

I blink my eyes and see my mother begging not to be beaten. However, my father is relentless with each slap and punch. I close my eyes to avoid witnessing my father punishing my mother, but it doesn't help much because once again she screams, and she screams a lot.

“Open your eyes, kid,” he says, but I still keep my eyes closed, and my hands are covering my ears.

In less than a few seconds, my hands are forcefully pulled away from my ears, and he yells again, “Open… Learn to be a man!”

I open my eyes, and he returns to her, climbing on top of her already weakened body, and starts punishing her again. With each blow, I hear my mother's painful moans grow fainter. He stands up and starts kicking her lifeless body, and after the final kick, he turns around and walks towards me…

•••••••• 🌺🦋🌺 ••••••••

I blink my eyes repeatedly, and there she is, my wife, unconscious and bloodied on the floor. I look at my hands, and they're covered in blood. I stand up, turn around, and head towards the bathroom. I wash my hands and look at myself in the mirror, seeing my blood-stained clothes. I take them off and go to the closet, putting on another outfit. I approach her, kneeling to try to feel her pulse, but there's nothing. I'm certain that she's gone.

“Ah! My love, look what you made me do. Now I'll be without you, my sweet girl,” I run my fingers through her blood-soaked hair, and if I didn't know it was my princess there, I wouldn't recognize her.

I take a deep breath, looking at her and etching that image into my memory, immortalizing the smell of blood and the silence it brings.

“I will miss you, my love!”

I looked at her lifeless body, unrecognizable, shaking my head. Even though I know she won't hear me, I say:

“Now you're fine, and as promised, no one else will have what's mine. Would have, since you're gone…”

I grab a sheet from the closet, spread it on the bed, pick up Ayumi, and place her on the sheet, wrapping her in it. I pick her up again and leave the house, heading for the car. I place her in the back seat and go to the garage, where I grab a shovel and toss it in the trunk before getting into the car. I uncover her face and smile. I start the engine and leave the garage, engaging in lively conversation with my deceased wife throughout the journey. I head to a place I loved as a child, and as soon as I arrive at the nature reserve, I park the car and step out. Since it's dark, I leave the headlights on to illuminate the path. I walk a few kilometers with the shovel in hand, whistling. Ayumi's body rests on my shoulders, and I find the perfect spot. I carefully place her on the ground and begin to dig. Once the hole is deep enough, I drag her body into the grave. I look around and see and hear nothing. Everything here falls silent to witness my little work of art. My attention returns to the person I could once say I loved.

“A perfect resting place, the one you sought and found, Ayumi,” I grab the shovel and start covering her with dirt, still whistling. I turn around and begin to walk, but something reminds me.

“I'll let Coleman know you left some memories!” I smile, heading back to the car.

Chapter 1 - Kaléo Coleman.

“The return”

I am very grateful for everything that God has given me. To everyone and everything! My family is everything to me… And when I say family, I include my friends, especially my smile girl. Oh! How I miss you, my smile… If I knew that coming to New York would make me so homesick, that it would distance us… I would never have come. However, my desire to grow professionally and by my own means, without depending on anyone, spoke louder. My life here was not all bad, I grew professionally, I had a lot of fun… However, I would trade all the nights of sex I had to be with the people I love. In fact, that’s what I’ll do! Enough of New York… I have the potential to transfer the headquarters to San Diego. I am more than capable of doing that, of course I am! Or I’m not called Kaléo Coleman, the magnificent lord, for nothing.


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