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Nyara Rodrigues

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About me

Christian, born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, on June 13, 1990. I am 33 years old, married, and have a 14-year-old son. I am a stay-at-home mom and I love to write. Furthermore, I discovered Wattpad in late 2017, after going through a period of depression, and the books helped me get through that challenging phase. I started writing at the beginning of 2018, and my mother-in-law was my biggest supporter. However, she passed away in early 2019, and ever since, I have clung to writing as a way to feel closer to her. My purpose in writing is to help people in some way so that they can emerge from difficult moments by reading a captivating story that brings a smile to their faces. I'm not a writer of erotic books; my writing style leans more towards romance with drama and a touch of comedy. I have a few stories in this niche.


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  • 👁 405
  • 7.5

Ayumi Clark always dreamed of a happy life filled with love and a supportive family. She achieved her goals of having a home, a career, and true friendships. However, her search for love led her into an abusive relationship, leaving her fighting for survival. As Ayumi endures physical and emotional abuse, she realizes something is wrong. Trapped in a cycle of violence and fear, she begins to doubt herself and her choices. She must heal the pain inflicted by someone she believed loved her. With the support of her friends, particularly her best friend Kaléo Coleman, or Léo, she seeks the abuser and confronts her past traumas. During this journey, Ayumi and Léo discover their feelings extend beyond friendship. Together, they navigate their doubts and strive to find true love. Yet, Ayumi must first learn to love herself and overcome her own traumas. Through this emotional and inspiring story, Ayumi fights to overcome her past, discovering her inner strength. With her friends' help, she learns self-worth and finds genuine love. As Ayumi and Kaléo face their challenges, they realize that love and compassion are key to healing their traumas. They understand that true love accepts and supports them through their darkest moments. Together, they confront their fears and overcome obstacles that attempt to separate them. They discover that unity and love provide true strength. Despite their hardships, they find hope for a happy ending and an exhilarating journey of triumph, love, and friendship.


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