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I'm just in love with you

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They say the most fun and important thing in college is to have a great love affair. For Lin Lixia, a 17-year-old fledgling student from the countryside, that theory was quickly put to the test. On her first day at the prestigious medical university in Shanghai, she meets the arrogant yet charming Han Yu. Despite their rocky start and Lin Lixia's insecurities about her humble background, an undeniable chemistry sparks between them. As Han Yu and Lin Lixia navigate the highs and lows of university life together - from disastrous military training, to lending a helping hand for writing contests, to heart-to-heart talks in the broadcasting room late at night - their bond strengthens. Yet Lin Lixia can't shake the feeling that this worldly, sophisticated Beijinger is too good for a small-town girl like her. With disapproving parents, academic pressures, lingering feelings for childhood friends, and the reappearance of Han Yu's ex in the picture, their relationship is put through the wringer time and again. Will the innocent love they found at 17 be able to survive the harsh realities of growing up? Or will the vagaries of youth tragically tear them apart forever? This captivating coming-of-age tale is an insightful glimpse into the dazzling dreams and devastating dramatics of young love.

Chapter 1

They say that the most fun and important thing to do on a college campus is to have a great love affair. And this theory was so envisioned for me as a fledgling.

        The year I entered university, coinciding with the Asian Games, which the whole of China had welcomed with great joy, I had just turned seventeen.

        I stood at the door of my dormitory with my luggage in hand, depressed and wanting to hit my head against the wall. I had traveled dozens of hours by train to Shanghai, and I was so stupid that I blended into the door of a certain medical university, but when I stood in front of the communication room of the women's dormitory building, I searched through thes list of new students on the wall, and I couldn't find my own name. I returned to the department office with my luggage and reported to the teacher, "Teacher, I can't find my room number."

        The young teacher was surprised for a moment and said flatly, "No way. Let me see the list I have here, go ahead, what's your name?"

        "Lin Lixia."

        "Lin Lixia? Why that name?"

        In response to this retarded question, I timidly pretended to be very shy, "Reporting to the teacher, I was born on the day of the summer."

        The teacher looked up at me very warily, "Lin Lixia? I only remember a bad guy named Lin Liguo?" After saying that, he quickly lowered his head again to look on the list.

        Bored, I ran my gaze around the room and noticed another guy sitting in the corner, surveying me with a critical eye, and after a split second of unintentional eye contact, he quickly averted his gaze and returned his attention to a piece of paper in his hand. I noticed that he was wearing a designer T-shirt and jeans, and a head of lush, slightly curly hair.

        The teacher finally snapped, "Huh? It's no. What's going on? Are you from our department?"

        I wanted to cry, there was no mistake! At this time a voice suddenly appeared, "Teacher, it seems like a mistake, she's on the list of boys in our class, take a look." The guy who was sitting just now stood up and handed over the list in his hand.

        I was frustrated to the core, out of my depth. The teacher muttered under his breath, "How could this be a mistake, the logistics are so poorly done!" Finally finished whining, took a sip of water and mulled over the list, "How about this, Han Yu, you take her to the girls' dormitory and place her in room 523, they've only checked in three people so far."

        Hanwoo and I walked out of the office one after the other, the so-called before and after, of course he was in the front, practically ignoring me, striding along. I dragged my baggage to follow three steps behind. While climbing the stairs, he finally waited for me, holding both hands and asking, "Can I help you?"

        I looked at his face with its arrogant expression and shook my head. My dearest old dad once said, "No one owes you anything, you should rely on yourself in everything." Han Yu, however, as if he hadn't seen my polite refusal, picked up his heaviest luggage and headed upstairs.

        By the time I dragged the rest of my luggage up to the fifth floor and stood in the center of 523's dormitory, my sweaty appearance was a stark contrast to someone's relaxed ease. Han Yu briefly relayed the teacher's intentions to the three girls busy in the room before leaving. The remaining three girls, however, surrounded him and chirped with questions. Until one of the girls, who appeared to be an old-fashioned girl, frowned and spoke, "You just came down from the train, right? Look at the spots on your clothes, well, it seems to have a smell. Go wash it." The other two girls, one taller and one shorter with round faces, smiled slightly at me and said in unison, "Go ahead and go to the bathhouse, it closes in an hour."

        Later I realized that in this room, in addition to me being a student from abroad, the three of them were all born in Shanghai. However, one is in the suburbs of Shanghai, and the other two round faces are the revolutionary descendants of the intellectuals.

        They were very friendly, and in the blink of an eye, they had already changed their names to "Lixia". The seemingly sophisticated guy, Jiang Mi, was nicknamed "Jiang Rice Sticks", which spoiled her original name, which was very poetic. The other two youth offspring, the boys have long given them nicknames, one for "big fat", one for "small fat". Listen to their names, we know that they are quite a study of food culture, and I have a common language, in the shortest possible time, I mixed with them into a country, three locusts so together. The three locusts hang out together like this. And Jiangmizhi's whereabouts are erratic and unfathomable, sometimes close to, sometimes outside of our food group.

        Originally on the university life has unlimited longing and curiosity, but only after jumping into the fire pit to realize that the reality and ideal always have so big gap. Medical school is originally small, but in Shanghai this inch of land, the medical school's territory is simply too small to be described, if compared with the national demonstration of the key high school I studied before, even if it is located in the middle of nowhere, it is also bigger than it a size.

        Sadness is always inevitable, in every waking dream. It is only at this time that I will miss the group of friends with whom I passed my middle school days. And the one I miss the most is my childhood friend, Mi.

        Mi and I have been hanging out together since we were kids, in elementary school she was the senior captain and I was the team leader. We were in different situations, but we also lived under the power of a bunch of older kids. In junior high school, we were actually in the same class, attacking each other, reading each other's diaries, buying starlet stickers together, and reading Joan of Arc novels together. In high school, they still hang out together, even if they are divided into different classes in their first year of high school, they still go to see those movies about love together. I've been sitting next to her all day, whispering to her. She is more than I like to daze, often lost in thought staring ahead, was I slap wake up, ask her, she is always blank a trance. But this is such a trance teenager, is the best girl in our class. Sometimes I thought, she just raised her eyebrows at me, I knew the subtext under her eyebrows.

        The old bull is another good friend of mine, in his seemingly rough exterior, it is said that some delicate feelings. Just for me and millet this two small piece of crawling and fighting together grew up in the same class, the attitude is very rough, especially in front of some beautiful women, always use to belittle us to set off the image of the beauty of the whole, let me and millet is very dissatisfied. However, dissatisfaction to dissatisfaction, favor or always help.

        But these two guys, but have been admitted to the heart belongs to the prestigious engineering colleges, although the school is different but are located in Beijing, a hundred thousand miles away from me.

        And the naughty Zhang Rate,......, thinking of Zhang Rate, I sighed in my heart.

     Octopus Contest

  In the first half of the freshman year, we have been on the big class, hundreds of people crowded in a large classroom, in addition to the dormitory guys, I really do not know anyone. Han Yu, whom I met on the first day, seems to be lost in the sea of people. Listening to the old professor in the half-salty Shanghai official language reading from the book. Pity my ears, I tried so hard not to understand what the teacher is talking about, and even his broken sentence broken in which position is open to question.

  It's depressing! Since the weather was not favorable, I had to plunge into a sensational letter-returning frenzy, with postmen's uncles all over China presumably carrying my letter on their backs in search of its owner. I poured out all my complaints and grievances about school on the letterhead, as well as my thoughts about my classmate Mi. Mi's time at school didn't seem to be getting much better than mine, at least in her reply she cried, "I'd rather stay in the bathroom at our house than come to this shitty place." It gave me a little bit of comfort. Of course, like the old cow such a heartless classmates is another matter, since he stepped into the door of the school called "jellyfish", like a fish meets the water, full of letters seem to be turned into his smiling face. What a vanity.

  In my most empty time, I formed an alliance with the big fat little fat, the dissatisfaction of the reality into a full of eating power, in addition to every meal, and snacks, snacks, snacks, snacks, in such an unrestrained and reckless life, I entered the school by the dry and skinny cucumber strips of sharp into the end of the semester and fat and white big apples, but I do not think so.

  Like me, such an uneducated woman, not concentrate in class, but after class is alive and kicking. In fact, the courage is still very small, his character is still very introverted, but it does not prevent in the dormitory and classmates gathered to play 80 points. At the end of the semester, the class actually held a sensational 80 points competition. It was at this time that Han Yu re-entered my sight.

  When we drew straws, Han Yu and I were put in a group.

  As if he no longer remembered dealing with me, he gave me a sidelong glance, "Are you any good?

  I did not raise my head to take my seat, calmly answered, "Depends on who we compare with, it should be okay." Fatty, who was lying on the side ready to watch the battle, was happy, "Lixia is not an ordinary person, in the girls' dormitory that counts all the fights in the world, she likes to count the cards, we are always prone to fall into the traps set by her."

  Han Yu was noncommittal. "Hmph."

  The war finally started, we started from Sunday morning and continued until the evening, killing each other. In addition to the beginning of the time and Han Yu with not too good understanding, received him several blank stares, in one of my miscalculations, after he drummed a face without saying a word, this scene in my eyes is so familiar, the heart can not help but mutter, "do a pig look to whom to see?"

  Although I stumbled a bit at the beginning, it was a pain in the *ss to get through the five hurdles. We camped out all the way until the championship was in hand, and Han Yu finally gave me a smile but asked me an unimagined question, "What have you been eating, why have you gained so much weight?" Being a freshman bumpkin, I hadn't realized the importance of the fact that I should have bought a dressing mirror, and had allowed my weight to flourish in the midst of ho-hum eating without knowing it.

  I have only one reaction in my mind to such an uneducated guy, "He's a pig in a poke, where the pot calls the kettle black."

  Hanwoo's second question, however, took me exceptionally by surprise, "Were you really born in Lixia?"

  I nodded, "Yes, as in fake."

  I was expecting him to say something more, but instead I found his lips tightly closed and silent, sending a wave of apprehension through me.

  The prize was two tapes, one of Alan Tam and one of Leslie Cheung. I was influenced by some people and loved Tan's songs, so I held up Tan's tape and asked him, "I'll pick this one, okay?" He gave a sidelong glance, took Leslie Cheung's tape into his arms, and squeezed out a sentence from his mouth, "How can anyone listen to Alan Tam's tapes nowadays?" Even a fool could tell that this sentence was a mockery if not a sneer.

  But since then, his behavior has occasionally caught my eye. Han Yu, half a year older than me, always wore his signature arrogant expression and walked through the crowd without looking down. He also never participated in any group activities, even when we went horseback riding in the Gongqing Forest Park, he left the general public to find his own program. I also learned from my classmates' conversations, Han Yu is a Beijinger, no wonder all the righteousness, the original people with the dust at the foot of the Son of Heaven, naturally different.

  However, because of this eighty percent contest, Han Yu and I became a lot more familiar with each other. Sometimes we would pass each other in the corridor of the school's staircase classroom, or meet occasionally in the library reading room, and we would pretend to nod politely to each other, and when we nodded more often, we would chat a few sentences.

  Winter vacation is coming, I finally returned to the daydreaming parents, of course, and I made friends with a group of like-minded diehard. Witty millet, cunning old cow, and scholarly calm Lin Xiaojun, lively and active Chen Wen, beautiful wind, every day together in a piece of wandering. Lin Xiaojun and Chen Wen have a quiet character, but Jiao is inseparable from Meng, Meng is inseparable from Jiao, and they play soccer together every day. Xiaojun's character is introverted, but his chest is full of gaps; while Chen Wen is handsome and cheerful, quite attracting the love of young girls in the lower grades.

  Time long, other classmates also to our circle, which includes the beauty of the good, talented Dong Xiaowan, and I do not play not deal with the rate of Zhang. Dong Xiaowan is a nickname, he is actually my elementary school classmates, junior high school classmates, high school and the good and the liberal arts class comrades, the talent of our grade, but it happens to be not acid that kind, or quite popular with the girls. Since he was a child, he had a lot of heart, but in front of the teacher, he always put on a mature and stable appearance. When the college entrance examination, he went to Fudan University with the school's first liberal arts score, and thus became a buddy of mine who often hangs out when I'm studying in Shanghai. As for the beautiful girl, I suspect that she has some ideas about Xiaowan, but there is no strong evidence, and I can only speculate. We are crazy all day together, mixed together, a group of people riding bicycles around, or while my parents went to relatives home to stay, friends in my house day and night to hang out and make a fuss.

  As winter turned to spring, when I returned to school from my hometown, with the fond memories of my siblings during the winter vacation and the admiration of my former classmates and friends for my plummeting weight, I went back to that boring and tedious school in Shanghai. There were so many classes, and they were all unappealing courses, such as human anatomy. Every time I pinched my nose and walked into the building of human anatomy, the smell of formalin was always so disgusting. The boys were even worse off than us, and were tasked with the warm-up exercise of fishing human specimens out of the pool before class. Even so, my boredom with the human anatomy class did not prevent me from loving the cafeteria, and rushing from the human anatomy classroom to the cafeteria to buy the usual big rows and small rows was commonplace for us medical students. Perhaps only reading and eating and writing letters can relieve the despondency in my heart.

Go to Jinshan to see the sea

  That spring, Shanghai seemed like a huge construction site, with construction and demolition going on everywhere, the most famous project being the construction of the viaduct. The most famous project was the construction of the viaduct. Our poor school was next to countless construction sites that were clamoring non-stop, and the closest to the construction sites were the school's playground and library. In the midst of the rolling yellow dust, Han Yu and I met more and more frequently in the library, and the topics of conversation also increased day by day. I was surprised to find that Han Yu literary skills are quite deep, especially in classical literature, and I was talking about "Jane Eyre", "Wuthering Heights", "see the scenery of the room" ...... and so on is like a literary girl. I guess it is such a false appearance, blinded the two young and ignorant pseudo-literature lovers, gave each other a good score.

  In fact, Han Yu does not meet my aesthetic. I dress plainly, grades are average, the posture of the usual, and inactive, into the pile of people immediately disappeared without a trace, and I made good friends with the boys in high school and are the results of the red and special plain teenagers. But Han Yu is different from them, his body fashionable T-shirt jeans left one to right one, all from the so-called brand-name. Maybe because he has seen the world since childhood, in front of the teacher is not humble, soon for the teacher's favor, also among the school radio station as a member of the editor, and even to the rapid speed of the rise to the deputy director, surrounded by the radio station of those chirping chicks.

  I thought we were from different worlds and could not possibly cross paths. Unexpectedly, due to our frequent contact in the library falling into the eyes of certain classmates, rumors that we were dating swirled in the air at school. Who made Hanwoo a celebrity? When the gossip reached my ears, I couldn't help but burst into a rage. "This is purely a rumor!" So I subconsciously stopped going to the library and went to the classroom instead.

  However, there was no peace and quiet in the classroom, and within a few days, Han Yu carried me out of the classroom. "Lin Lixia, what the hell are you doing? Why don't you go to the library? Why are you hiding here?"

  I looked aggravated, but I didn't forget to say in a funny way, "My classmates are spreading rumors about how we're doing, and I'm afraid of being hunted down, so isn't it good to hide?"

  Han Yu scrutinized me halfway through the day with his usual stern eyes, and if gazes could kill, I'd probably have died a hundred times over.

  "I'm going to Jinshan to see the sea on Sunday, are you going?" He said slowly, but his eyes were twinkling.

  "I'm not going! I don't want to get killed!"

  "Saturday at three o'clock in the afternoon, Jiang Mi and I will wait for you at the school entrance." After saying that this guy quickly turned around and left.

  Angry and impatient, I yelled at his back, "I'm not going anyway!" , causing the students outside the hallway to look at me.

  Jiang Mi, also known as our dormitory Jiang Rice Sticks, people are also true to the Shanghai Miss. But because of the home in the suburbs of Jinshan, so do not attract the local beauty of the treatment, is still crowned with the title of "country bumpkin". Unlike me and other foreign students, even if I call me a hundred times "outsiders" "countryman", I am also comfortable. Jiangmianzhi always have a hateful heart! So her greatest wish in life is to remove the last two words of "Shanghai suburb".

  I returned to my dormitory, but I couldn't help thinking about it. Seeing the sea has been my longing for many years, who made me born in an inland city! Deep inside, a small voice whispered, "What's the harm in going? Aren't there other girls?" All night long, I tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

  By Saturday noon, I was caught by Hanwoo in front of the cafeteria and asked me very seriously "Are you going or not?!"

  I tilted my head one last time, thought about it, and hesitantly replied, "Then go, if the teacher doesn't drag the class."

  Han Yu's face cleared up immediately, and quickly, in a tiny voice that only I could hear, "Of course I have to skip class to go in the afternoon! Three o'clock, in front of the school, see you there!" After saying that, he quickly left, leaving me in a daze.

  In those days, double days were not yet practiced, and Saturdays were ironclad for classes. Plus, we were a medical school with so many classes that we hated to take up the evenings. Although I had little interest in classes, I still maintained the good manners of high school and never skipped a class. But now, this pig, actually made such an unreasonable request.

  Of course, as you may have guessed, I must have gone to Jinshan with Han Yu. But when I met up with the two of them at the school gate, the rice sticks passed on a meaningful smile to me.

  We were crammed into a long-distance bus to Jinshan. The bus was overcrowded, and Han Yu and I were squeezed in front of the door to practice standing at attention. It was already getting hot in Shanghai in May, so I wore a high ponytail to keep cool, and since the windows were all wide open, a thousand of my worries were blown into the face of the pig standing behind me. Don't think it's such an erotic scene, in fact, Hanwoo was in agony, because with my height matching his, a lot of hair went into his mouth and nose, he was very annoyed and couldn't stop shaking his head. He was just forced to hold his tongue due to his surroundings.

  When we arrived at one of the stops, Jiangmijiao got off the bus before us. It turned out that her home was not on the beach, and she was just traveling with us for a while. At this point I realized with horror that I was going to spend a day and a night with Han Yu. Arrived at the destination, it is already the beginning of the lights, the first thing to do is to find accommodation inn. When we asked from house to house, we were dismayed to find that we could only stay in small inns with the silver we brought with us, and even then, all the inns made it clear to us that they would not accept female guests. The result drove Han Yu and I crazy.

  We had to go to a small restaurant to eat first, and while I ate the small wontons, I listened to Han Yu chirping, the implication being nothing more than that I had dragged him into wandering the streets of Jinshan. I was so tired of hearing this that I rolled my eyes at him. Han Yu glares back at me, "It's not okay to whine?!"

  Finally, we had enough to eat and drink, and we finally had the courage to continue our trek. By ten o'clock at night, there was finally an inn that could take me in and let me stay in the inn's female staff lounge. Han Yu walked me to the door of my room and instructed with an expressionless face, "You're on your own, so be careful."

  I appreciate the brevity of the words, though.

  The sea of Jinshan is not as blue as I imagined, in fact, if you call it river water may be more worthy of the name. That day, the wind and rain, a change from yesterday's sunny. And I only wear a thin wool sweater, freezing cold. I didn't even see a decent piece of beach. I only remember Han Yu looking out over the sea for a while, I squinted at his back, secretly guessing that he must be a literati acid attack, but of course all this has nothing to do with me. Finally we managed to find the train station and boarded the train for the return trip. Without realizing it, I fell asleep. Whether I fell asleep on him or not, I can't remember, but what I haven't forgotten is that he didn't confess anything to me.

  Back at school, things were the same as always. Classes were still piling up in front of me like a mountain. It's just that the gossip about Han-woo and me is getting worse and worse, making me more and more depressed. I simply hid in the dormitory as a snail. In fact, I don't know what I'm hiding from, or why I went to Jinshan anyway, or even if I like it or not.

Chapter 2

Getting close and breaking up

  Finally, a month later, I was caught by the insufferable Han Yu. Although his expression was as inexplicable as ever, the tenderness that flowed from his eyes caught me off guard. That night, we skipped around the playground in a circle, one after another, saying some profound and difficult to understand words. Later, we sat on the bleachers, watching the dormitory lights go out one by one, hearing the train's whistle from not far away, while I was sad, tears really as Star Chow said like a torrent of water continuous. Han Yu panicked, do not know what to do, asked me why? Why?

  I don't know why, it could be homesickness for my friends or disappointment in my now pathetically small school and strange classmates. Just as I was lost in my sadness, Hanwoo's hand came to rest on my shoulder and wrapped around me, while I was powerless to break free except for a war cry.

  Just at such an ambiguous scenario, my stomach indisputably grumb


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