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I actually have eight husbands

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Traveling back in time, I have seven handsome husbands, the youngest of whom is only six years old. Who is so inhumane? ! Wait... These seven men are still untouchable, so why are they here? Divorce them all, divorce them all! What? Still want to marry? After finally getting rid of the few freeloading rice bugs in the house, another one is coming? Wouldn’t that be exactly two tables of mahjong? No, no! Hehe, when a shady man and a woman meet a super rogue shady woman, they all end up depressed! Send all of you out so that you won’t be heartbroken by looking at them. When everything was done, I looked back and realized that there was no one left...

Chapter 1: Dying for Someone Else

What does it feel like to fall from the sky?

Now, I can tell you, it's a very nauseating sensation. It feels like your internal organs are about to spill out of your stomach.

I was just floating in the air, surprised at my own calmness and composure. As I fell, I thought of many things, past events that unfolded before my eyes like a movie, so mundane that it made me feel inconsequential to the world, as if my existence had no impact on the Earth's rotation or revolution, or the global warming, the financial crisis, the oil issue... uh... I'm getting off track, I am.

Anyway, I'm just an extremely ordinary person, flying back and forth every day, repeating the same work, so much so that I almost forgot about time, space, and my own worth, even doubting whether I was a part of this world.

Thinking about it, the most natural thing that happened this year was my boyfriend running off with my best friend.

But please don't misunderstand, this is not the reason for my fall. Although I'm quite useless, I'm even more afraid of death. I'm considering whether to celebrate the cause of my fall, because I crashed with a high-ranking official from Country X.

However, the official was directly blown to bits, and I was absurdly blown out, unharmed. Who else could have such luck these days? Like casually hailing a taxi in the air?

Look! The plane!

Unfortunately, it's far away.

Directly below me is a vast expanse of azure sea. I've imagined many times how I might crash, fearing and worrying about it, but when it actually happened, I was strangely at ease, perhaps I wouldn't die if I fell?

Ha... it's almost zero probability.

But, unexpectedly, there was a miracle. I think I must be favored by the goddess of luck. When I fell into the water, I heard the crisp "plop" of the splash, but I didn't feel any pain. Instead, a warm current filled my body. I opened my eyes in surprise, but all I saw was murky water.

Strange, it was clearly seawater just now, how did it become a hot spring?

The warm temperature and the milky water quality were unmistakably that of a hot spring.

And, I was alive!


Splash! Splash! That's the sound of my heartbeat.


A mouthful of water, warm, with a hint of sweetness.

Dreaming! This must be a dream! It's been a dream since the explosion! I must have fallen asleep in the cabin, hehe, it must be!

D*mn, does anyone know what the hell is going on?

Suddenly, a dark shadow glided past me, it was a person! Definitely a person! Hope surged in my heart, I didn't want to admit what that thing was wearing, really, this couldn't possibly be happening to me, maybe I didn't die after falling?

That person swam towards me, the sunlight shone through the water, revealing his hazy black silhouette. He must be a lifeguard, definitely! Look, he's reaching out his hand, lifeguard! I love you!

The lifeguard swam over, his hand missed mine, he grabbed my neck and squeezed, what's going on?!!

Is he afraid I'll drag him down? When saving someone, drowning people often struggle, so the lifeguard would give them a hard punch to knock them out.

But I won't struggle, lifeguard, don't squeeze my neck, I can't hold my breath anymore, no, I don't have enough oxygen...

Suddenly, the lifeguard's hand reached into my chest, oh my God! What's happening?!!!!

Someone can't tell me what's happening? (Chinglish, a term used to describe English spoken by non-native speakers that foreigners can't understand.)

There's an extra hand wreaking havoc in my body, I struggle, what the hell kind of lifeguard are you?! Even if you're a robber, you wouldn't rob in the water, do you have enough oxygen?!

Something brushed past my face, tickling, it's hair! The man in front of me has long hair! Oh my God, is he a water ghost?! It must be a dream, it has to be.

Guan Zi Zai Pu Sa, practicing deep Prajñāpāramitā, sees that all five aggregates are empty... quickly disappear, quickly disappear, haven't you heard my Heart Sutra?

Huh? Something else is scratching my hand? I instinctively grabbed it, it's a tassel, I pulled it out immediately, it seems to be a jade pendant. The man was busy molesting me, obviously not noticing. I'll remember you even if I die!

At that moment, the man's hand stopped, it worked! It really worked! Uh... he seems to be looking for something? He took something from my chest, maybe because of the surprise, he released my neck, holding the object in his hands and touching it over and over again. I didn't have time to see what it was, I don't want to be with this pervert.

So I escaped, using all my strength to flee!

It's already a miracle to be unharmed after the plane explosion, and it's another miracle to be unharmed after falling into the water. I, Shu Qingya, will not let this miracle die in the hands of this rogue pervert!

Thank you to my swimming coach, oh, he seems to be a pretty handsome young man. Too bad I was only eight years old then, otherwise, I would have definitely pursued him!

I swim! I swim, swim, swim!

Suddenly, something hit my back, the huge force pushed me out of the hot spring.

"Pfft!" I spat out a mouthful of water, my back was burning!

It hurts. It feels like flames are scorching my whole body.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Every cough made me dizzy with pain. Strange, why is the water in front of me red? Wait, this seems to be... I spat it out!

D*mn it! I'm actually spitting blood!

"Shameless scoundrel! Hand over the Linglong Treasure!"

"Hand it over quickly!"

What? I looked dazedly at the source of the voice, within my line of sight, there was a field of snow-white, all in white clothes, with black hair fluttering, who? Immortals?

"Hand it over! We've been waiting for you for a long time!"

Waiting for who? Me?

I barely made out the white-clothed figures in front of me, and couldn't help but exclaim, so beautiful!

Are they women?

Or men?

Or hermaphrodites?

No matter what, they were all so beautiful they didn't look human!

"Hand over the Linglong Treasure!"

I heard it, it was a woman.

"Hand it over and we'll let you live!"

This was a man's voice.

I didn't know why I couldn't tell if they were men or women at first, perhaps because they were all too beautiful, dazzling my eyes.

Am I still dreaming? Why are these white-clothed people wearing ancient costumes? It seems like Taoist robes. Is the Linglong Treasure they're talking about the thing that man just took from me?

A pain in my back made my vision blur again, I struggled to climb onto the shore, my chest felt suffocated, and I spat out another mouthful of blood: "I, I, I... that, that, that thing was taken by someone, taken away." I saw my own hand propping me up, my heart raced immediately!

This isn't my hand!

Short fingers, plump palms, I used to have slender fingers, not short ones, oh my God! I seem to have shrunk! My stewardess figure! My stewardess height! How did I... huh? How come I'm wearing night clothes?

"Hand over the Linglong Treasure!" A sword suddenly appeared across my chest, I was stunned, could it be? Really?


My scream echoed in the valley, did I really time travel? Oh my God! I don't want to die as soon as I time travel—what kind of body is this? Why are there so many people chasing her, plus she's not fully developed, God, are you playing a trick on me? I've given you plenty of incense money this year, why didn't you let me die outright and instead bring me here to die again?

I want to cry, but I can't. The people around me are also strange, those who were surrounding me have all retreated a meter away, sitting cross-legged on the ground, closing their eyes in meditation.

What are they doing? Whatever it is, now is the time to escape!


"D*mn it! It's not the Lion's Roar technique!" Someone's angry voice came from behind, I haven't gotten far yet.

"Unbelievable!" Another one.

It's over, my chest feels stuffy, my legs are weak, and I'm sweating all over, this is... no, no, how did I think of the advertising slogan for XX nutritional products?

"Drink the toast or face the punishment!" A voice was close at hand, I turned around and saw a palm coming towards me.



Oh no, something seems to have broken.

I stood there, stunned, as blood gushed from my mouth. What was happening? It seemed like another thing I had to deal with this year: dying for someone else.

"Hand it over!" The man who hit me grabbed my collar, and I struggled to stay conscious to recognize his face. D*mn it, they all looked so similar!

"Search her!" The man pushed me, and I stumbled to the ground. A woman, presumably, came up and searched me from top to bottom, then back up again: "Strange? It can't be!"

"Impossible, my *ss!" I shouted with the last of my strength, "I told you it was taken!"


"Take her back for interrogation!"


It was chaotic, and I felt someone lifting me up.

"Who threw the hidden weapon?" Suddenly, someone exclaimed.


"Come out!"

"Ah!" It was the scream of a woman next to me. She fell, and I was still standing, but she fell forward.

"Qiu Yue, take the lady away first!" Someone whispered in my ear.

"Alright! Chu Yi, Hou Xian, be careful." Another man spoke in a low voice, his words muffled, and my vision began to darken. I felt someone lifting me, who was it?

It hurt... my shoulder... it really hurt...

Chapter 2: Three Husbands, Four Servants, and One Female Favorite (Part One)

Wave after wave of pain enveloped me like flames, and after struggling between reality and hallucination, I gradually woke up from unconsciousness. My left shoulder was burning with pain, and in my blurred vision, a man appeared. Then, I heard a crisp sound of "rip!" He was tearing my clothes, and I immediately woke up, raising my hand to swing at the man, but my hand was so weak.

The man easily caught my hand, speaking gently and softly, "Madam, you can hit me, but if your wound isn't treated soon, it will be a matter of life and death!" His tone was authoritative, and I could barely make out the man in front of me. His expression was serious and determined, and I guessed he would proceed even if I disagreed.

In my mind, a strange thought emerged: Finally, I see a normal person. The man in front of me was so ordinary that one could forget his face after a glance.

I weakly turned my face away, letting him be.

I thought, I must have ti


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