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His Wild Desire

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: J.G.DAWN
  • Chapters: 155
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7.5K
  • 7.9
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WARNING: Mature Content / R-18 Eva Green is an 18 years old college girl who loves to live her life on her terms. She lived with her mom alone while her dad died due to cancer when she was only 16. After her dad was gone, she helped her mother Ella emotionally and mentally. She also told her to start dating. Ella finally understood her daughter's words and started dating. After dating a few men she meets Mark Nelson who is just perfect in every aspect. Mark Nelson was a playboy in his college time but with time and age now he wanted to settle and start his own family. He is nine years younger than Ella but he didn't mind. Mark found Ella and felt she had great potential to become a good wife. Just like he wants but when Ella invites him to her home for lunch. Things suddenly changed. He met Ella's daughter Eva for the first time and got attracted to her sexually. She was a complete beauty with a hot body and a bold attitude. What would happen? When Mark began to attract his girlfriend's daughter Eva and started to have an unavoidable desire. What would happen? When he comes to know, Eva feels the same desire for him but tries to hide it. Will he be able to still restrain himself from the sexual thirst for her? What would happen? When Eva found herself getting sexually attracted to her mom's boyfriend. What does she do? What would the future hold for them? When their attraction turned into lust and they would cross their all boundaries just to be together behind Ella's back even it was just for one month.



Review after half of the novel

It's a beautiful novel. Im liking it things are well explained haofdnlxbxjstsbsuxbdtsbs ysgsvj hsysg ysgsu yshsg yshsg hdgdgbyshs Currently, I'm an aspiring Data Engineer, and in my free time, you'll find me binge-watching, shopping, meeting friends, self time or just taking it easy doing nothing. I value honesty, opinions, equality, respect and in my view, trust is something that is gained through actions and reliability. Conversations with me can range from serious life topics to fun chats, cricket and creative ideas etc.

March 29, 2024

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