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Entangled With The Golden Boy Mason

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"Mason, Mr McGrath is your Father," Dr Ben let out. Stacey's brows creased, she pursed her lips in response to what she had just heard," You mean to say my boyfriend is my brother, how's that even possible?" She asked in stutters. When Stacey and her Sister Chelsey move to a new school, little does she know that there's a lot in store for her, secrets, lies and betrayals that had been kept in the dark are brought to light. Falling in love with the school's Golden boy Mason gets her into a situation she never wanted, makes her enemies with the school's most popular girls Scarlett and Camilla, also worsens the already strained relationship she has with her sister Chelsey.

Rose Hill High; Meeting Him

Stacey was sleeping peacefully when she felt cold drops of liquid on her face. She jumped out of bed in fright.

Wiping her face with her palms, her eyes wrenched open when a pearl of mocking laughter filled the room. She could tell who owned that voice even in her sleep, her troublesome sister Chelsey!

Tilting her head to the side, Stacey could see Chelsey standing there, staring at her with an evil grin plastered on her face.

"Sister, what was that for?" Stacey fumed glaring at her sister who rolled her eyes at her in response.

"Felt like having some morning fun, not a bad idea, is it?" Chelsey muttered and burst out laughing once again.

"Chelsey no sane person wakes her sister like this, I don't like this." She said trying to keep her voice as calm as possible.

Chelsey scoffed folding her arms across her chest.

"Who cares if you like it or not? And did you just call me insane Stacey? Apologise right now or you'll get it from me, you know what I can do, don't you?" Chelsey yelled staring daggers at Stacey.

Stacey knew what her sister wanted, a fight but she was in no mood for that. She knew she had to apologize even though Chelsey was at fault since she didn't want to get involved in any troubles so early in the morning. Stacey feared getting scolded and punished by her mother.

"I'm sorry, " Stacey sighed.

"Good for you, I would forgive you because I had fun watching how you jumped out of bed when I poured water on your face." Chelsey cackled before she continued.

"You know if you hadn't apologized, I would have gone straight to Mom and told her you slapped me and you know what would happened next." She shrugged.

Stacey stared at Chelsey not a bit surprised. She had gotten used to her sister's constant lies against her just to get her punished, but one thing she couldn't understand was why her sister had always been cruel to her.

Chelsey was their mom's favourite, their dad on the other hand loved them both he tried his best to treat them equally and not show differences. Their Dad always came to the rescue whenever Chelsey started her scheme but he went on a business trip so Chelsey seized the opportunity to make Stacey miserable before he returned.

Letting out a breath, Chelsey's lips curved into a sardonic smile.

"Are you going to tell on me to Daddy?" She arched a brow.

"Oops, I forgot. Daddy travelled and Mommy won't even listen to you." Chelsey said tauntingly.

"Anyways, I'll leave you now. I have to get ready for my new school." Chelsey gleamed clasping her hands together before she ambled out of the room.

It was unbelievable that these two girls were twins, they were more fraternal than identical. Stacey was the older one but she was always mistaken for the youngest because she was petite. Chelsey was taller than Stacey was.

Their personalities were very different, Stacey was the quiet, nice, and introverted one and like always said the boring one but Stacey was indeed very beautiful. Chelsey on the other hand was the tall, crazy, fun-filled, mischievous extroverted one, the savage queen and the life of the party.

They were both sixteen both in their final year in high school.

School was resuming today but they had to change their school because of Chelsey who beat up a girl in their former school till she lost consciousness.

It wasn't the first time she was involved in something like that but their mom always found a way to help her out of it.

She has always supported Chelsey regardless of what she does but when it's Stacey she blames her for everything that goes wrong.

But this time she couldn't because it was the principal's daughter she had beaten up so Chelsey was expelled.

Their Mom insisted Stacey had to move to a new school along with Chelsey.

Once Stacey got ready for school she took her backpack and headed downstairs to have breakfast.

"Good morning Jane." Stacey greeted the maid.

Jane was a nice lady who did everything to make sure the twins were fine but Chelsey hated her simply because she made it a thing to hate anyone who liked Stacey.

"How are you, Stacey?" Jane smiled pulling her into a hug.

"I'm fine, how are you?"

"I'm good but you don't look fine, " Jane's eyes crinkled as she studied Stacey's countenance.

"Is it Chelsey again?" Jane's brows furrowed in a frown.

Stacey forced a smile.

"Jane I'm fine, What could my sweet sister Chelsey possibly do?" Her voice was heavy with sarcasm.

Jane knew better than to push the issue any further because Stacey never said anything bad about Chelsey no matter what she had done to her, she was like that.

"I made Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Come have a sit." Jane mumbled stepping aside for Stacey to pass.

"I can't wait to dig in, " Stacey beamed scooting to the dining area.

Jane chuckled trailing behind her.

"What about Mom and Chelsey?" Stacey inquired after drawing out a chair and settling on it.

"They left for school already. Your Mom said Luke would drive you to school." Jane informed.

Sadness etched Stacey's face, just like she expected her mom to leave her behind. Stacey had always done all she could to please her mom but her mom was always neglecting her.

"They left without me, but Mom had told me that she would take me and Chelsey to school today but she left me behind."

"Come on Stacey don't worry about it, eat your breakfast." Jane patted her back comfortingly when she saw the change in Stacey's mood.

Stacey nodded with a small smile.

Worrying about her mom's and sister's behaviour towards her wasn't going to change anything so she decided to just let things be and have her breakfast.

"Thank you," Stacey said standing when she was done having breakfast.

She stepped out of the living room to meet the driver after which they headed to the new school.

After Stacey alighted the car she sauntered to the front of the huge gate inscripted ROSE HILL HIGH.

The school's building was fancy and Magnificent. Now she could see the reason why her sister had chosen this school.

Patting her head after she realised she had been staring at the building admiringly for too long, she walked into the gate.

She roamed the surroundings trying to find the principal's office when she bumped into someone almost falling to the ground but a pair of strong hands helped her back to her feet.

"I'm sorry, did you get hurt?"

She raised her head to see the owner of the voice, her eyes met a pair of hazel eyes. The guy standing in front of her was a great definition of charming, he had dark hair, thick brows, a cute nose, his cheekbones were defined, and a chiselled jawline.

A smile embraced his lips as he peered at her.

She snapped out of her reverie, the last she was supposed to be doing was checking him out, but she couldn't help but notice how tall he was since he hovered over her.

"I'm fine, thank you," she mumbled before taking off.

She stopped running once she was far away from the guy. A smile took over her face when she looked to the left and the principal's office was right there.

Taking steps towards the office, she knocked on the door when she stood in front of it.

"Come in." She heard a voice.

Reaching for the doorknob, she pulled the door open and entered into the office.

"Good morning ma'am," she greeted the middle-aged woman who was seated on the swivel chair and a huge desk in front of her.

"Hello, have a seat." She smiled.

"I'm Stacey.."

"Stacey Mcgrath?"

"Yes, ma'am." Stacey nodded.

"I'm Mrs Olivia. Your Mom and sister were here not too long ago. I've gone through your information and I'm impressed with your records. You're a good student and I hope you keep it up! Come on I'll show you to your class." The principal muttered standing up.

Stacey did the same, she followed the principal until she stopped right in front of a class, "That's your class go in." She gestured.

Stacey took a deep breath bracing herself before she entered the class.

"Good morning sir." She greeted the man she found in the class.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The teacher asked staring at her.

Before Stacey could say anything the principal stepped into the class.

"Mr Jones, she's a new student." The principal intervened.

"I thought she was here to see her older sibling." A girl sitting at the back of the class and the whole class burst out laughing.

"Quiet!" Mr. Jones warned and they went silent, he was a strict teacher, and the students knew better than to disrespect him.

"I'll take my leave now, " Mrs Olivia said before walking away.

The stares Stacey got from the students made her feel uncomfortable, especially the stares from Chelsey and Kayla her best friend. She bent her head, hoping the teacher wouldn't ask her to introduce herself.

"Introduce yourself to the class." The teacher mumbled turning to her.

What Is Chelsey Up To?

The number of stares directed at Stacey and diverse array of expressions playing on the faces of the students made her nervous.

"Hi, I'm Stacey Joanelle McGrath."

 "Who cares?" Kayla interjected and the class erupted in a loud laughter.

"You are welcome Stacey, take the seat beside Mason." The teacher mumbled pointing at an empty seat. When she looked beside the seat, her eyes widened in surprise, the guy who sat there was the same dude she had bumped into earlier.

When they locked eyes and he winked at her, she averted her gaze from him and walked to her seat.

"So let's continue," The teacher started but the bell rang so the teacher had to leave the class.

Sighs of relief and muttering filled the classroom enough to show how happy the students were when the teacher left the class.

Stacey lowered her head on her desk when lots of stares from all angles were directed at her and the class s


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