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Drift into the Past

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Diike
  • Chapters: 121
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 29.6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 63


Have you heard of the multiverse? When a British brought up, Harry, returns to his father's land in Africa after so many years, his curiosity over sacred laws and customs causes him to fall through time during an expedition. He finds himself in the precolonial era of Africa with no knowledge of how he got there and the fluency of a language, he never knew before. Read on and discover so many adventures with Harry while he tries to figure out a way to return back to his own time. The diversity of his brought up culture and theirs also spices the story up.

Chapter 1

April 1st 2022]

It's 6:30 am. Harry's alarm clock rings out aloud. The disturbing noise wakes him up from his sleep. He turns around and hits the manual snooze switch and then turns back to continue his sleep. A few minutes later, the alarm starts ringing again but this time around, louder than before. He turns around again and hits the snooze switch, then lays back on his bed, trying to catch a quick nap. Just then, the alarm starts ringing again but louder than the previous two times. He becomes very angry, grabs the "crazy clock" as he called it and then smashed it on the wall. Alas he could now enjoy his lovely sleep.

His door opens slowly as someone creps into his room gently and carefully on the tip of her toes. She walks quietly as she approaches his bed. Within a short period of time, she was close enough to his bed. She drags out the pillow which he had laid his head on quietly and when it was completely out, she raises it up hit it on him three times. "Wake up! Wake up day dreamer!", she echoed jovially. He didn't feel the first hit. The second hit made him mutter, "leave me alone!!!" in a sleepy voice but when the third but heavy hit landed on the back of his head, he felt it very well. This one made him jump up from bed. He screamed out her name as loud as he could, "Jules!!!!!". He grabbed the other pillow by his side and threw it at her. Of course, she dodged it and tried to run outside but he stands up quickly and grabs the first pillow. Then he chases her out of his room. They both run all the way downstairs untill they finally reach the sitting room.

"Mum, the boy is up," Jules exclaims loudly. His mother, 'Bexley' turns around and looks at her son smiling. She becomes amazed at the look on his face. That was his first smile in a while. Both Jules and her mom bursts into laughter. He has been so quiet and moody ever since the incident from Nigeria. That was one of the reasons why Jules tried to cheer him up that morning.

Within some minutes, everyone's laughter quenches when tears starts welling up his eyes again. He's been like that ever since he returned from the world of the dead. He'd smile whenever Jules does one funny thing or another and within a second, he'd also start shedding unnecessary tears. No one knew the cause of his crying and he also refused to share his pain with anyone. Within a glimpse of an eye, those tears gradually rolls down his eyeballs. This trigger's his mom's own tears. She has always been emotional and couldn't bear seeing her son in this condition anymore, although it wasn't the first. He used to be a happy kid from birth although he's now an adult.

'The boredom killer of the family', that was the name she called him. He was well known for troubling Jules at home ever since childhood and the above incident was just a tip of the iceberg to what he has been doing to her. He loved his sister as much as he loved himself but preferred troubling her. A tragic turn of event indeed, all he does now is shed tears while drowning in silence. Even the well known psychologist, Dr Ben had been clueless on his case but everyone knew that Harry was going through a lot.

Soon, Bexley's phone starts ringing. She moves closer to check who the caller was and discovers that it was Dr Ben. Dr. Ben was Harry's doctor and psychologist. She glances at her phone to see who the caller was and then picks the call and quietly leaves the scene.

"Hello Bex", said the caller.

"Good morning Ben", Bexley replies.

"How are you doing today?".

"Cool", she replies

"How's he doing today?",

"Same as before, but he smiled again few minutes ago",

"Really? that's great news, i'd like to meet him today",

"Today? I'm quite busy today but i'll try my best to bring him", whispers Bexley as she ends the call.

She goes back to the sitting room but Harry had already gone back to his room.

"Mum, i gotta to go" said Jules.

"Okay, my sweet angel", as she hugs her daughter and whispers,

"Take care darling".

Jules replies her quickly, "And you to ma", then she straps her bag and leaves through the door. Bexley breathes heavily then walks up the stairs to invite Harry for breakfast. She arrives at his door and knocks but he doesn't reply so she knocks again. After the third knocking, she grabs the door's handle, opens it and then makes her way in. She finds him lying on his bed again. He's been like that for the past two weeks. He rarely ate anything and all he consumed was water. This was one of the reasons why Dr. Ben was paid to get him back to his senses.

After some minutes of staring, she walks straight to his bed and sits close to him. She stretches out her hands and pats his long curly rough looking hairs.

"Honey, breakfast is ready", she whispers but he shakes his head sideways and then digs his face into his pillow again. Just then, he starts muttering, "mom i'm the cause, i killed them all, i killed all of them." This has been the only words he's been speaking ever since he came back from the world of the dead. His mom had tried her best to discover what the problem was but he had refused to let the cat outta the bag. She becomes confused as usual but still tries to console her only son.

"Stop saying that, you killed no one", but suddenly, Harry cuts in.

"But they wouldn't have died like that, they shouldn't have...", she becomes more confused but decides to grab this opportunity to figure out the course of his toture.

"What exactly happened to you? I'm your mother and you are my son. If you can't trust your mother, who else would?".

He stammers in a low tone, "the multiverse....".

"The what?", his mother asks anxiously.

He pauses and then askes her a question,

"Mum, have you heard about the multiverse?".

She becomes confused than ever, "M-U-L-T-I-V-E-R-S-E?"

Chapter 2

(Here's the beginning of the whole story. Everything that Harry witnessed started from the date below)

[ March 18, 2021~ Time: 6:45pm]

*Harry is sitting on a sofa chair in the sitting room, chatting online with his friends on the Telegram while his sister and mum are watching Tv comfortably. Suddenly, someone knocks two times on their door.

"J-u-l-e-s, check who's knocking", said Harry hilariously. She persists but when the mother of the house insisted that she did so, she had no other option than to check it out. She went straight to the door and opened it.

"Dad!, good evening", she exclaimed as she welcomes her dad inside. He was a dark, plump, tall and handsome looking young man in his early 40. He was looking so pale and sad that day. His attitude made them realize that everything was not okay. Indeed, everything wasn't okay.

" Dad, is everything okay", echoed Harry and sister. He nods his head sideways a


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