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Crime Hunting Notes

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Uncle d
  • Chapters: 88
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 17
  • 7.5
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In order to occupy the "Sea of Flowers" land, the criminal gang headed by Jiang Xun used despicable means to obtain the equity of "Kyle Company" and created a scandal to frame Yang Kaier, causing him to die of a sudden illness and killing the scandal's daughter. The protagonist Xia Xin. Four years later, "Thousand Paper Cranes" killed Jiang Xun's associates, revealing the tip of the iceberg, and reopened the investigation of the Chen case. The criminals set many traps to cover up their crimes. The criminal police officers represented by Lin Feng struggled to find clues and set up traps to lure the criminals into revealing their true colors. A battle between justice and evil began.

Chapter 1

[April 29, 2020, 20:00]

The restroom mirror reflected a face, to be exact, a face with a rubber model glued on it, a face that had completely reversed its original appearance and turned into a different person.

The face was a bit thin, the nose was high and a bit curved, the eyebrows were parallel, the mouth was thin and moist, the eyes were long and thin and had a smile on them, a head of short black hair, the bangs were brushed over the eyes. The overall image was wild and beautiful, definitely a fashionable girl with short hair.

She smiled and blew on her bangs over her eyes in the mirror, saying to herself, "You'll be called Thousand Paper Cranes.

The short-haired girl used her lipstick to write a line on the mirror: Thousand Paper Cranes, paper character, praying for the patient's speedy recovery, when giving me to you, it will bring you good wishes, I wish you all the best.

Thousand Paper Cranes sat back in her chair, poured a glass of red wine and shook the glass a little, the crimson liquid in the goblet swirled softly and hung on the walls of the glass showing a faint layer of color. She held the glass under her nose and sniffed it, overflowing with sweet and sour flavors, before finally pouring it into her mouth.

She put down the glass in her hand and put on a mask and quietly went out of the house, to avoid the surveillance in the elevator took the stairs to the downstairs, she had already observed that there were no cameras in the area, she dodged the pedestrians and jumped out from the back of the building at a low wall. The street has no streetlights, pedestrians are also very few, she will follow the road has been walking west, to a bus stop, opened a shared bicycle, or has been westbound, through the intersection with his head down, and finally came to Chaoyang Avenue.

Chaoyang Road intersection 100 meters further west is the Luan River, around the river trail

There are a lot of exercise people, jogging, playing tai chi, no one noticed someone walking by.

Thousands of paper cranes will pull the brim of the hat is very low, from the people next to walk past, she is sure that people can not see her face. Walking to the middle lot of the two bridges, she found the culvert opening, and after looking around for a moment, she took out her flashlight and bent down to get in.

She took a shoe cover from her handbag and put it on her shoe, held the flashlight up to the road ahead of her and kept going. Culvert is very dark and very wet, although the road is very narrow, through or very smooth, about less than half an hour to turn to another direction, this direction there is an exit, the location is in the old abandoned steel mill plant. The steel mill has been abandoned for many years, and now it has been converted into a nostalgic park, where there is not even a single person at night.

Thousands of paper cranes along the ladder built on the cave wall climbed up to the cave entrance, outside the cave entrance is a row of iron railing, iron railing outside the steel plant blast furnace platform, the platform has not been removed, the railing is only one foot high exposed on the platform, people stand inside the railing basically level with the platform.

She stood inside the iron railing looking out, waiting for about ten minutes, the right pocket of the cell phone rang, this is a non-real-name card phone, can not find out the owner's name.

Answering the phone, a rather deep voice came from the other end.

I have arrived, where are you?

Thousand Paper Crane could hear that it was the voice of Jia Jian, who was the director of the Western Suburbs Criminal Police Station, and his voice was very special, dull and urgent.

Thousands of paper cranes will be the mouth on the microphone of the phone: you have been forward,, I waited for you here in the original steel factory abandoned blast furnace, I give you ten minutes, you do not come to me on the go!


Jia Jian: What kind of shitty place is this, how did you find such a place.

Thousand Paper Crane hung up the phone of Jia Construction immediately dialed another person's cell phone.

The handset came a duck voice voice: is the director of Jia? I still have two minutes, is in the third blast furnace round platform, right? Good, I brought you the money.

Thousand Paper Crane muted the cell phone, into the jacket pocket, the next began to prepare tools, first from the satchel out of a plastic locket, with tweezers from the inside out of a needle inserted in a thin steel wire, followed by quietly waiting for the arrival of Jia construction and the other one.

At this time her heartbeat intensified, secretly admonished herself to be calm and collected, only one chance, failure will lead to the abortion of the whole plan.

She held her breath, staring at the outside of the iron railing, due to the perspective of the reason can not see the direction of the import, can only listen to the sound of footsteps to determine the arrival of one person or two people, if the noise indicates that more than one, then can only give up this action, quickly leave this place.

A few minutes after the footsteps came, Thousand Paper Crane listened carefully, the footsteps are very clear, his heart has a bottom.

There is a person's figure appeared outside the iron railing, this person looks very solid, a thousand paper crane recognized at once, the visitor is precisely Jia Jian. Thousand Paper Crane at this time both excited and chilled, holding his breath and not dare to make the slightest sound.

Jia Jian looked around, and when his face looked toward the iron railing, it happened to form a confrontation with the crane, and he hurriedly covered his face with his hands. Jia Jian did not find any abnormality behind the iron railing, and turned his face away again, then he dialed his cell phone to Thousand Paper Cranes, his coat pocket vibrated, Thousand Paper Cranes waited

for more than ten seconds before picking up the phone.

Where are you? Why can't I see you? Are you playing with me? Jia Jian is very impatient.

Thousand Paper Crane lowered his voice: I don't want to see you, I put what you want under the No. 3 abandoned blast furnace introduction sign.

Jia Jian: So you are also a coward, afraid of me arresting you? I believe you once more.

Hang up the phone Jia construction towards the side of the iron railing, a pair of large leather shoes standing less than a meter away from the iron railing, there is the sound of moving things, and then came the sound of shouting and cursing: fuck, even dare to lie to the old man, I'm telling you, I am not sincere to catch you, when I catch you non-get you into prison, play dead you.

Thousands of paper cranes thought can not wait, then quickly picked up the wire with the needle in a swift momentum stabbed out, just stabbed in the right wrist of Jia construction, and then quickly draw back.

Jia construction chopped a foot, cursed: how there are mosquitoes, really fucking bad luck.

Thousands of paper cranes still hold their breath do not dare to make a sound, she stared at him, silently counting: 1,2,-9 and so on count to 9 when I heard a plop, probe towards the railing outside to see, and found that Jia construction sat on the ground. Two people's eyes met again, Jia Jian seems to see the iron railing inside a pair of eyes, then hands on the ground to get up.

Suddenly, there was another burst of footsteps, a duck voice voice: someone? Old Jia! Old Jia!

Sitting on the ground, Jia Construction was alerted, he moved slowly and pulled out a pistol from his waist, his voice was a little shaky: You, you fucking want to hurt me?

Thousand Paper Crane breathed a sigh of relief, secretly glad that it was going in the self

direction of his own design.

The visitor followed the sound and came over, carrying a large suitcase in his hand, but the visitor never expected Jia Jian to raise his pistol towards him. The man threw the suitcase on the ground and was terrified: Old Jia, what are you doing? I brought you the money, a whole million dollars.

Jia construction language is a little unclear, intermittent: you dare to pit me, you assault, assault police, you wait, I'll get you dead.

However, his body lost its support, he leaned limply against the iron railing, his back and the thousand paper cranes only five centimeters away, because his body blocked the line of sight, the thousand paper cranes had to tilt his head from his armpits towards the outside of the iron railing to look.

After a moment of panic, the man stabilized his emotions and walked straight to Jia Jian, he squatted down and stared at Jia Jian: Old Jia, Director Jia, haha, you're guilty of hemiplegia? I've been drinking, haven't I? Look at your demeanor, you really disgrace the criminal police.

Jia Jian moved his right hand that was holding the gun and wanted to pick up the gun, but the numb nerves could no longer command the limbs.

I, I have to kill you no.... Can't.

The visitor patted his face: why are you always messing with me these years? You killed my brother and you want to extort a million dollars from me? You think I really want to give it to you? I was trying to pay for peace of mind, now it seems that no matter how much money I give you you won't let me go, and I'm wondering what would happen if I got you killed right now. Is it true that no one will know? I'm sure you won't tell anyone about your blackmail, right? Director Jia, you're too arrogant and insatiable, hahaha, you won't see the sun tomorrow.

The visitor suddenly snatched the pistol from Jia Construction's hand.

He smashed his head hard with the handle of the gun, then took a few steps backward and pulled the trigger on Jia Jian's head, who screamed "mama" and fell to the ground headfirst.

Thousands of paper cranes squatting behind the iron railing scared the whole body is trembling, suddenly there is something thrown into the iron railing, she did not need to see can guess, that is a pistol, is just against the head of Jia construction of that pistol.

Two minutes later came the sound of footsteps that gradually went away, and after another two minutes Thousand Paper Cranes tried to stand up, guessing in her heart that the man had gone far away. She didn't dare to look at Jia Jian again, but picked up the pistol on the ground and wiped it with the alcohol she had prepared and put it in her book bag, then spilled the alcohol on her clothes and shoe covers.

After doing this and feeling that it was time to escape the place, she once again got into the culvert and walked back down the same path, recalling the whole process as she went. Although the beginning had unfolded as the designed session, it had turned out to be unexpected and even more off the mark.

Her plan was to let Jia Construction in a state of delirium to shoot and kill the person who came later, so that Jia Construction is in a difficult situation of extortion and murder, did not expect him to be killed by the person who came later, so that she designed the second half of the part will be completely meaningless, the police will investigate the reason why Jia Construction was killed, and he himself is likely to reveal the cracks.

Thousand Paper Crane then sighed again, at this moment to consider this is very unrealistic, as soon as possible to escape from here is the urgent thing, absolutely must avoid leaving any clues.

She took out a paper-folded crane from her pocket and threw it over the bars, smiling at it.

Fifteen minutes later the crane returned to the Jianhua Bridge culvert

After fifteen minutes the crane returned to the Jianhua Bridge culvert, she peeked her head out and looked around, then quietly got out and pulled off her shoe covers and jogged as if nothing had happened.

Not far from the Jianhua Bridge is a night market, full of food stalls, the flow of people is not only large but also very complex. Thousand Paper Crane walked into a small restaurant and sat down, asked for a bowl of haggis soup and a small bottle of wine, sitting in the corner quietly drink up. 

Chapter 2

April 29th 22:15]

Lubei Criminal Police Bureau Xiaoshan received a report of a phone call, said in the waste steel factory outside the fence found a person motionless, lying on the wall openings for half an hour, face full of blood, may be dead.

Xiao Shan immediately notified the criminal investigation team leader Lin Feng, and then notified the forensic doctor Zhang Min.

Rithere, that, the individual right there.

The old man spoke some stuttering, Xiaoshan and Zhang Min opened the flashlight to the east wall corner, really saw the wall openings lying on a person, do not look carefully thought it was lying on a dog.

Zhang Min saw the scene in front of him thought it was someone drunk, slowly squatted down and reached out to touch the person's meridian suddenly alert, shook his head: dead.

Xiao Shan put on gloves and turned the person over, through the flashlight to see the shock almost jumped up.

My God, isn t this Director Jia.



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