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Candy Crush

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CANDY CRUSH "How about we become friends?" His bright face shows suspicions and even though she wants them to be friends, her pride wouldn't let her say it. It wasn't that hard when they became best of friends and Ariana Stephenson got the happiness she has always desired from childhood. Gregory Jude Williams became her solace place. But for how long? Will she still yawn for him after knowing who he was? Gregory's life had a drastic turn when he saw one of his school mate killed by the bullies of the school known as THE GANGS. How is he going to deal with this? What about his relationship with Ariana? Will it last? You might want to check CANDY CRUSH out. Happy Reading!!!

Chapter 1

Ariana POV

"Wake up sleepy head!"Nanny Brenda's voice sunk into my head but I ignored it. I turned to the other side of the bed to get a nice position and sleep some more, but the reflection from the sun outside won't make that possible for me.

"It's past seven Ariana."

My eyes pop open immediately as I found myself sitting up on the bed.

The room seems neat, except for my bed which I'll have to lay myself after she's out.

My room is not your typical girl kind of room and yes, I love pink but my love for it doesn't mean I'll use it to decorate my whole room.

I have a few pink dresses, sandals, and a pink headset but it has nothing to do with my decoration.

On the wall facing my bed is a big picture frame I got from Sheila, the only friend I've got here in NY. That was the only present I got aside from the million wishes from my classmates, well wishers and even my mom forgot it was my birthday.

Speaking of my mother, she's a popular actress known all over the world, the public sees her as a role model, while I wished we had nothing in common.

I've never been close to my mom, the only person that knows me too well is my Nanny Brenda. She was the one that took care of me when I was young while my mother travels around the world to shoot movies.

I don't know anything about the mother-and-daughter bond people tend to talk about. She doesn't come to any of the school's PTA and even when I get into trouble, my Mom will send money for it to be taken care of.

I always wished she was dead cause she deprived me of the right to feel her love.

But I'm all grown now. I don't care about her anymore. I see her as one of the many staff that lives in the same house with me and the only difference is, she has a higher rank.

Back to the present, I sit up on my bed scratching my eyes and at the same time looking around me.

"You need to get yourself together before your Mom comes up to your room."

For a second, I forgot she was coming home again today. I should get ready for an episode of talking, ranting, and disturbance.

I stretched my arms and yawn in the process. I push my hair backward and pin it to my ear.

"Are you even listening to what I'm saying?!"She fired at me after realizing that she has been the one talking.

I nod my head forward to connote that I've been listening to her. I'll get off the bed when I want to.

"I don't want you having another episode with your Mom."She took a few steps closer to me looking solemn. I felt pity cause she has been the one tolerating Mom and she is trying to avoid any drama from her.

"Alright Nanny."

I got out of bed and slide into my flip-flops.

"Thank you, Ariana."She said, smiling and using her hand to rob my hair messing it up again.

She walk towards the door but stopped and turn her face to me.

"Make sure you lay your bed. I don't need your mother reminding me how incompetent I am."

With that, she left the room and I went back to sit on the bed. I took my headphones and wore them. I connect it to my phone and start listening to music.

I'll get ready when I want to get ready.

"What the hell!!!"

My mind skip as I remove the headphone from my ear and gave her a shocked expression.

Nanny Brenda said she was coming to the house today but didn't say she was in the house already. Does this mean I won't even get to enjoy my music anymore?

She stepped into my room tiptoeing as if she was going to step on dirt or worst a cockroach.

I roll my eyes at her and sits up then she did the normal thing she always does when things are not done in her way, SCREAM

She screamed Nanny Brenda's name and she came running.

Nanny Brenda, if I'm not mistaken should be in her late 70's and Mom is just in her late 30s. 37 to be precise.

"What is going on here?! If you cannot do the house chores properly then get one of the junior staff to do it. I don't like what am seeing!"

She didn't utter any of these words without yelling. It is one thing I fail to understand. Why do people yell when they can just speak calmly and the other person will comprehend and we'll all live peacefully?

Mom fancies yelling than talking properly especially when she's angry at a person for not doing what she asks.

Nanny Brenda's eyes met with mine immediately Mom scolded her, I lowered my face feeling guilty because she did warn me to lay my bed before Mom walks in.

I whispered SORRY to her but I doubt she even heard me because she was facing Mom now.

She takes a step closer to her and lowered her head.

"I am sorry Madam. I will fix it right away."She said, calmly and all the raging veins on Mom's face disappeared that instant.

"Whatever."She turned her neck to me.

"Get off the bed and follow me downstairs." She walked out of the room and I followed shortly after trying to apologize to Nanny Brenda who ignored me.

I rushed to meet her to ask her why she wants me downstairs but what I saw staring at me made me speechless.

I can see three reporters in our house and two different cameramen with their equipment.

"You brought them into our home?"

It's not like it's the first time she's done it but I thought she would have stopped by now.

"I wouldn't want you ruining this for me so be on your best behavior."She warned me.

I was about to reply to her when I caught a glimpse of a reporter climbing up the stairs. I immediately call her attention to it, she cautioned them and then asked me to wrap my arms around her waist from the back.

That's what we do. She pretends to be that loving and caring mother in front of the media but she's nothing like that in real life.


Coming from the reporters. I rolled my eyes at them. The two cameramen already set their cameras and are ready for shooting if they haven't even begun.

"My baby is just waking up and she wouldn't let me off her sight."

I scoff and almost laugh when she called me her baby.

And why will I even want her near me? Someone that I only get to see five times a year. I know nothing about what she's saying.

She cupped my face with her both hands and kissed my right cheek.

This is the part that gets me exhausted. The pretense.

"Wow."One of them took to the front. I'm already getting frustrated holding her waist. I'm not even standing straight.

"So, Ariana, are you excited about your momma's new project??"

This particular reporter has a fat face and big lips she painted red. She tied a flowery scarf around her neck and she has black bug hair.

New project? What is she talking about? I know nothing about a new project.

"Oh, mine! It was supposed to be a surprise."Mom said, giggling.

"Baby."She released my arms on her waist and faced me while I keep that cute puzzled look.

"Momma is going to be home for a long while." She dropped it smiling.

I looked at the reporters and I can see their bright faces. They're all expecting to see my reaction but I don't know the kind of reaction to give.

This isn't good news for me. It's rather a piece of bad news.

This only means one thing, I am stuck with her for as long as she's staying.

My life is about to turn into something entirely different with this woman around .

Chapter 2

Gregory POV

I am sitting on a one-sitter in the sitting room. I hugged the pillow as I watch the live broadcast of my favorite people, Ariana, and her wonderful mother.

Anytime I watch how Rio Stephenson showers her daughter love, I always have hope of a complete and loving family. I love how she protects her only daughter. The love they both share is nothing to write home about. I've been praying for a happy and complete family like that.

I cannot imagine what I'll do once I meet them. It'll be me solving the problems of my youth.

If you want to know a responsible parent, it is in the media. And I can boldly say anywhere that Rio Stephenson is the best mother and other mothers should go learn parenting skills from her.

Rio Stephenson, returned to NY after two years of being away. She's going to be staying back because of her new movie series which she'll be shooting in NY. I don't know th


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