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“I got it! “Elijah said, snapping his fingers. “I already know what your challenge is going to be. Jayden, do you see that girl over there? The one with the ugly glasses, the only one who passed the exam today.” I looked at the direction Elijah was saying. “What about Savannah? “I bet you $500 that you don't take her to bed.” My eyes widened due to surprise. That girl was my stepsister. “Are you crazy, Elijah? She is my stepsister!” Elijah just shrugged. “If you don't do it, you declare yourself a loser at all.” I had to do it if I wanted everyone at school to continue respecting me. “Good! But I don't want $500, let's make a deal.” “What do you want to bet?” "I bet you don't take her friend to bed before me." “That?! The brunette?... Well, well, let's bet on them, the school virgins! It's a deal!” The typical story between the nerd and the bad boy where nothing ends the way you expect, where no one is who they say they are and where not all loves have a happy ending. Two love stories in one, what are you waiting for?



I never imagined that the happiest moment of my life ended up being the most miserable, the same one that forced me to keep silent about my only truth. How long had it been since I last felt like I could run the world as I pleased if I had the man I loved most by my side?

Savannah and Jayden. How beautiful those names sounded together, so much so that I didn't mind making so many mistakes for him, mistakes that weren't mistakes if we were together!

When we first met we were just a couple of kids.

When we met again we were nothing more than two young people sharing the same roof over our heads.

And now, I don't know what happened to us that the world seems to be against us.

We had already spent more than fifteen days in this hospital. There seemed to be no hope for Jayden's father, the last thing he had left and my mother's eternal love.

Leaving the bathroom while I was cleaning my mouth due to the morning sickness that I had not stopped having in these three months that I had not been able to tell my only big secret, I headed to the waiting room where my mother must be.

She had been immersed in the same pain for fifteen days.

Suddenly, there was no one in the waiting room. Then I walked to the hospital room where Jayden's father was. I knocked on the door, no one answered and still, I opened it.

"Mother," I called when I saw her sitting in front of the man who was still in a coma after being shot in the head.

My mother just looked at me. In these days that had passed and luck no longer seemed to smile on us, my mother behaved strangely to me. There were times when she blamed me for what had happened to her partner.

"What are you doing here, Savannah?"

“Just… I came to accompany you. Jayce still hasn't arrived.

“Well, I don't need your company.

I said nothing. I already knew what my mother was going through. Inevitably I couldn't help but think about the relationship between my father and her before the divorce. I never saw her suffer like this for my father when they divorced.

I smiled.

"What do you think is so funny, Savannah?"

“No, nothing. It's just that before, I never saw you suffer this way for my father. Suddenly I realize that you never loved him."

“Don't even think about naming that b*st*rd now."

I wasn't going to allow him to talk about my father like that. Even if she hated him, he was still my father.

“Enough, mother! What do you have against him? In the end he is my father."

My mother looked at me with so much fury in her eyes. She really she seemed to hate me.

“And you don't know how I regret such a thing."

“What did you say?"

“Do you want to know the reason why I can never, ever forgive him? Do you want to know the reason why I left him? Your whole d*mn life you've been complaining to me why I divorced him! Well, I'm going to tell you, do you know the reason why Jayden's father, the boy you love and who is your stepbrother, is in a coma? It's because of your d*mn father!"

“What? “I asked, feeling my head spin.

“Yes, Savannah, the reason why I left your d*mn father is because he is one of the most important men in the mafia!"

“N-no, t-that can't be true."

“You're the d*mn daughter of a gangster, a gangster who tried to kill Jayden's father!"

“No, that can't be!"

My mother's tears came out quickly and with so much hatred. I was about to go crazy. In my mind the connections between different events were perfectly put together. That could not be true. My own father could not have done such a thing. My chest hurt.

“And for that reason, I wish I had never had you."

"Mother," I said in a pain.

“Your d*mn presence alone is going to hurt Jayden. The man you love the most, right? And who's the father of your baby, right?“ She asked sarcastically as she pointed to my belly in disgust.

My mother already knew it. I was foolish if I thought I could cover my pregnancy.

“It's too late, Savannah. It's too late and I swear that your mere presence in Jayden's life is going to cause the worst damage. You should have known before. Any man you touch is prohibited."

My head was spinning. I wanted to vomit but not because of my pregnancy but because of the pressure of the emotions inside me.

Jayden. Jayden was all I had in my mind.

“Now get out of here."

I was about to fall, I swear I was about to fall. Still, with the little strength I had left, I left the room leaning on the walls.

My father a gangster. Jayden's father between life and death because of him. Jayden, the man of my life suffering for me and I, expecting his child who suddenly was no longer my joy.

At that moment my cell phone rang in my hands. I wasn't aware of anything other than Jayden so, thinking it was him, I answered.

"Jayden?" I spoke, stopping crying with a little hope that it was him.

“Miss Savannah Robles?" Said an unfamiliar voice.

“Yes, it's me. What's going on?"

“We are very sorry, I am Commander Willy. I'm so sorry but we just found your friend's car. Go Jennifer."


“Because she had no family, only you, the closest figure, it is my duty to tell you that... I am very sorry, she was with someone. A young man named Elijah. One of them died instantly and now the other companion is torn between life and death."


Sitting on my wooden bench, the one my father had made for me, I played with the dolls my father had gotten me from Mexico.

I remember how much I begged him to give me a colorful doll like the ones I had in my hands. My father had traveled to Mexico, but he never invited us. He said we couldn't go with him because it was a dangerous country. I think my mother has not forgotten that my father never wants to take us with him anywhere. Literally, nowhere.

He was playing with my dolls when suddenly I felt someone pulling the ponytail that my mother made me every day.

“Ahhh!“ I screamed, grabbing my ponytail with both hands. Tears stung my eyes.

When I got up and turned to see who had done that, I saw Jayden laughing as hard as ever.

“I'm going to tell mom what you did to me!" I said approaching home. “Mommy! Mommy!" I screamed.

“Hey, Eve! Eve!" Jayden called me, but I didn't stop, I continued on my way. “Eve!"

When I got home, I ran to the kitch


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