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You're My Alpha

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"Dad, you can't be serious!" I could feel the heaviness rise in my chest, as my father explains he has arranged for my hand in marriage. "You know why this is a good idea. If the truth comes out, the pack would question your ability to lead; it is for the best." Dad explains as if it is the most natural and simplest solution. When I woke up today, this was never a possibility of events that I would be going through. However, here I stand in my father's office while he and my stepmother proceed to explain to me that they have planned my life out for me. I have already been trained to take over as alpha since I could walk, but now, I don't even get a chance at love. Kira Daniels is a 17 year-old alpha to be. Having been the only child of her father, Alpha Robert Daniels and his true mate, all she knows is the life that has been planned for her. Hoping to find her mate and secure a chance at love, she has been looking forward to turning 18 and finding her mate. However, when her father arranges for her hand in marriage, will she uphold her father's wishes, or will she meet her true mate and uncover a truth she never imagined?

Chapter 1 The Next Alpha

Kira POV

"I don't understand why we have to continue to have this conversation, Kira." Giselle, my stepmother, says that we have the same argument that we have had for the past three months.

"I don't understand why you think you have a say in this! I will be Alpha, and if I want to continue my education beyond a high school diploma, that is my right and business!" I reply. We stand glaring at one another, neither willing to back down.

In Giselle's mind, my focus as Alpha should be on how to keep us ranked as the 5th most powerful pack in the country.

"Kira, you would be doing a disservice to all of your father's hard work, if you pursue this silly dream!" Giselle says, as she throws her hands up with irritation at my unwillingness to bend.

I take a deep breath before responding, "Giselle, we own multiple businesses. Though Dad has prospered without a degree, I feel we could benefit from new business techniques and models. I don't understand how you can't see that a business degree is good for the pack. I am trying to ensure continued income through updated data that Dad doesn't have access to."

Again, Giselle fails to see my point. "Look Kira, your Dad is ready to retire. He has been training you to take over when you turn 18. How can he turn the pack over to you, and you are running around on campus!" I stomp my foot in frustration at my stepmother's failure to see my point!

"Giselle, I don't have to go on campus to pursue my degree. I could take classes online and slowly transition into my role. I feel like after my first year of balancing school and running the pack, Dad could retire!" I respond with so much passion that she has to understand.

However, Giselle stares blankly at me, while my plea falls to the ground. "The answer is no Kira. I will not allow you to selfishly ask your Dad to extend his time as Alpha, so that you can spend your time trying to earn a simple piece of paper." Giselle finishes. I opened my mouth to respond, before deciding that it was pointless.

"Good, then we will see you at dinner, and please remember to come down with a pleasant attitude this time!" Giselle says, as she leaves my room. As soon as I hear the door close behind her, I flop onto my bed and my pillow absorbs my head. I scream into my pillow, letting out all the frustrations of my previous conversation.

I don't understand what Dad sees in her. Giselle is nice enough as a stepmother, but I am tired of her pushing her agenda onto me. Yes, I want to continue my father's legacy, but it is important to me that I stand independently and create my legacy. My pack, the Moonstone pack, is one of the best packs in the country, and I will take over within the next few months.

I look at the time and realize I have two hours left before Sunday dinner. Sunday pack dinners have been a tradition for as long as Dad can recall. It's a great way for everyone to check in with one another and enjoy pack bonding. Every other day of the week, dinner is staggered to accommodate our Omegas in the kitchen, as well as everyone's busy schedule. Not wanting to leave my room and worsen my mood, I decided to hang in my room until dinner.

Sunday dinner is important and not wanting to ruin the vibe with my attitude, I walk over to my nightstand and reach for the secret compartment. I pull out my pink rose, and lay on my bed with thoughts of masturbation on my mind.

It is the fastest way to improve my mood. I am still a virgin, as I want to wait and have my first time with my mate. I know it sounds corny and like a cartoon fantasy, but I always imagined my first time with my mate. I am not a prude, or completely inexperienced. I have masturbated more times than I can count, and I have fooled around with this hot ass guy at Alpha training.

I slip my pants, underwear, and bra off and jump under the covers. I keep my t-shirt on, to build friction on my nipples as I rub them. I place the rose next to me on the bed, and I start to clear my mind. The only thing I focus on is the fine ass warrior that I would never try anything with, but boy is he eye-candy. He is 6'6" with bronzed skin, hazel eyes, taut muscles, and a lopsided grin that makes my panties soaked.

I have made it a personal rule to never mess with anyone in the pack unless they turn out to be my fated mate. I don't want my mate to have to deal with "previous endeavors" constantly running into us.

I begin to flick my nipples and pretend that my fingers are his. I begin to pinch my nipples and rub my thighs together, to build a delicious friction between my legs. My core begins to ache, and I can feel myself getting wet.

Loving the feeling of my core aching and my nipples being pinched, I slowly reach in between my folds to gauge how wet I am, and shit, I am drenched. I rub my finger up and down my pussy, and it nearly begs me for release. Not wanting to waste any more time, I reach for my rose, which has 10 different speeds and an attached tongue. I place the toy directly on my clit and let it send me over. As the tongue runs up and down on my clit, sending pulsating vibrations throughout my body, I realize that it won't be long.

As I hold the toy in one hand, I keep flicking my nipple with the other one. I begin to move my hips to the rhythm of the rose to build more momentum. Within moments, I can feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach. I begin to move my hips faster, and I pinch my nipples as hard as I can stand while my orgasm shoots throughout my body.

I ride the rest of my orgasm out, while trying to catch my breath. My body feels relaxed, and I can't stop the smile that spreads across my face.

Feeling completely sated and relaxed, I decided to head into my bathroom and freshen up for Sunday dinner.

It's spring in Delaware; so, we eat outside in temperature controlled party tents for Sunday dinners.

I know I won't need a jacket, and I opt for a pair of matching Converse to complete my look. I decide to apply light makeup, freshen up my curls, and give myself a final glance in the mirror. Feeling good with what I see in the mirror, I grab my cell and head out the door.

As I walk out of my room, I immediately bump into my best friend, Bella.

"What are you doing up here?" I ask her.

"Coming to get you duh! I saw the stepmonster come in with your dad and siblings, but not you. So, I left to come make sure you were good." Bella explains.

Bella and I have been best friends since we were in diapers. Her father is Dad's delta, and she is the mate to my future Beta, Elijah.

"She was up here earlier telling me about how selfish I am for seeking a college degree," I respond with mock indignation. Bella laughs at me and rolls her eyes.

"I swear that woman only thinks about herself." She isn't wrong.

"You know that. I know that, but for some reason, Dad doesn't know that. He thinks Giselle is the picture perfect Luna." I explain to Bella, even though this is not new information to her.

We continue making our way through the pack house, until we reach the catering tents set up in the backyard. As soon as we walk into the tent, I spot Dad and Giselle at the head table. Bella and I head over in their direction. My Dad gets up to greet me with a kiss and nods his head toward Bella, as she walks away.

"Dad, I was thinking that I could sit with Bella and Justice tonight, so that the pack can see me interacting rather than unreachable, or unattainable," I say.

"Of course! That is a brilliant idea, Kira. However, your father and I had something we wanted to discuss with you; isn't that right dear?" Giselle answers.

My Dad never wants to get in the middle of Giselle and me, "Yes, dear that is true. However, Kira makes a strong point. It would be good for pack members to see her socializing. Kira will need all the support she can get, you know that."

"Of course, dear," Giselle responds, with a tight smile.

"We can talk first thing in the morning," Dad says. I nod my head and walk away, not wanting to spoil the mood that I worked hard to get myself in. I make my way through multiple rows of tables before spotting my friends. They all look up at me and smile. I guess it is surprising to see me walk over, since the Alpha family traditionally sit together for meals.

"I managed to escape, but Dad says he needs to speak with me in the morning," I tell them. Elijah and Bella shrug it off. "Maybe it's just some Alpha info you need to start taking over," Elijah says. He and Bella are sitting so close to each other that they would be able to tell me what the other ate for lunch.

"I guess it could be that, but his voice sounded tight, like it won't be a pleasant conversation," I respond.

Bella shoots me a stern, but loving face, "Don't do that KiKi! You start letting your mind get the best of you, and then you spiral into a toxic place. Let's enjoy dinner tonight, and tomorrow, whatever it is, we will deal with it."

Chapter 2 Arranged Marriage

Kira POV

After dinner, I head upstairs early to get ready for the next day. When I get into my room, deciding to focus on the task of getting ready for the day, I push all my anxious thoughts to the side. Before I can step a foot into my walk-in closet, my cell chimes with a text. It's a notification in the group chat I share with my 3 best friends: Justice, Elijah, and Bella. We have been best friends since we were pups.

Bella: hey!! E has some meeting… can I catch a ride with u?

I wonder if Elijah's meeting has anything to do with what Dad wants to talk to me about. I shoot her a text back to let her know that I have to talk to Dad and maybe be late myself.

Me: I think I may be running late… the Alpha wants to see me.

Bella: You are such a dork! Stop calling him The Alpha lol. He's your dad!

Me: Well he sent Uncle Mason to tell me, like it was an official order… what else could it be?

Bella: You are going to be the next Alpha! Go in there

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