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You Promised Me, Alpha!

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Never make a promise you can't keep. Everyone should know that, including Alpha Romero, Eclipse Howl's most beloved future leader. We were just cubs when I saved his life. He promised me then that he would one day make me his Luna and love me unconditionally. And I have waited all these years, even though he has become a magnificent Alpha. Countless horny she-wolves swarm around him, dreaming of being chosen by him next year. Alpha Romero seems to have forgotten me and his promise. But I wait patiently and silently for his twenty-first birthday when he should find his destiny mate. Meanwhile, I'll get rid of all my rivals, so it won't matter if he starts to doubt himself when all his lovers suddenly disappear from the face of the earth. And on the eve of his departure for Alpha training, he makes sweet love to me, the only woman who has any right to be in his arms. And I keep waiting for his return, the quiet girl in the pack that everyone overlooks, the promised Luna of the Eclipse Howl Pack with the Alpha triplets..

He Is Mine!

"Make your move, skank".

With my bow and arrow at the ready, I wait for Louise to go on the attack. I'll kill her with every move she makes, that's a promise. How dare she snack on something that belongs to me? Today she will learn the consequences of her insolence!

"Is it you, Lori? I recognize your voice. Why are you doing this? I never meant you any harm."

I grin, she was able to recognize my voice, but I have no intention of removing the scarf and revealing myself.

"The Alpha is mine! And you had the audacity to touch him with your filthy paws. I was too late to stop you from having s*x with him this time, you were clever enough to avoid my attention," I growl icily. "But this is your first and last time. You can choose. I kill you right now or you banish the pack and run out of the borders. Your choice!" Her eyes go wide, as I expected. She never thought I could be so violent. The quiet girl on campus, few have ever heard me speak.

"Kill me? Why would you do that? And if I go rogue, I'll be hopelessly alone in the forest with no chance of survival." Her teeth are chattering with fear and I can also see drops of sweat on her forehead. Look at her now, like a fool she stands begging in front of me. But half an hour ago she was riding the Alpha, screaming herself to orgasm, as if she was entitled to all that, as if she were his Luna. The only she-wolf in the pack, she managed to end up in future Alpha Romero's bed. A good fortune that many of my other rivals did not get. Thanks to me, I managed to cut off their amorous intentions in time. I know exactly what they want, they hanker after what is mine.

But Louise here was smart. And that is now costing her dearly.

"I don't have all the time in the world, sl*t. Make your choice quickly before I make it for you," I bite her. She is hopeless and she knows it. Whatever she chooses, she will end up outside the borders where ruthless rogues await her, yearning for new blood. They really won't let a beautiful woman like Louise stand.

And then she starts crying. How I hate that. Louise knew the Alpha son was out of reach but took her chances anyway. Many she-wolves disappear after a rendezvous with Romero, so everyone else avoids him. But Louise, the b*tch, wanted to prove she was unique.

"Stop crying. You didn't do that an hour ago when you took off your clothes and swallowed his balls. You knew the rules, you accepted the challenge. Now face the consequences," I growl impatiently. It's past midnight now and I want it dealt with quickly.

"Please, spare me. Romero is still unmated. Any wolf can try to capture him. And I was the lucky one. We agreed that I would meet him again tomorrow night and we would have dinner together. With this statement, she signed her own death warrant. What an idiot!

In a reflex, I let go of the gauge, which shoots into her thigh in a flash of light. She screams in misery, I run to her and cover her mouth with her blouse. Her eyes go big when she sees the blood squirting from the wound. But I know it's only a flesh wound, the arrow missed an important vein by a hair.

Tears are streaming down her cheeks now as she shakes her head incredulously. It is too late for her now, she should have made up her mind sooner. Then she would have been spared this suffering. I c*ck my bow again and this time the arrow hits her in the shoulder. Her eyes roll back and she sinks unconscious.

With a sigh, I stare down at her.

I pick her up bridal style and place her in the back of my car. Louise is so thin, it takes very little effort for me to lift her. Just to be on the safe side, I look around to make sure there aren't any silent witnesses left behind to prove she was last here.

Then I walk to a nearby public tap to wash my hands. Back at my car, I get in and drive to the pack border. There is a shift change so the warriors are now at the main gate exchanging the day's special.

I have to work fast.

When I reach the familiar passageway under the high stone wall, I park my vehicle and lift out the unconscious woman. I slide away the logs covering the entrance and roll Louise's unconscious body through the passage to the other side of the wall, out of the pack.

I know the rogues will have smelled her before she regains consciousness. It has been a long time since they last found any prey. Aaahh, Louise brought this on herself, if she had taken the warning signals seriously and avoided Romero she would have lived for a long time. Her toughness killed her.

Back behind the wheel again, I drive slowly back to the pack's residential area. As I pass the packhouse, I see the light in Romero's apartment just going out.

'Sleep well, my Alpha. You'll forget her soon, she's not worth mourning,' I whisper. I open the pack link with him and can already hear him snoring. The s*x with Louise has exhausted him, I think furious with jealousy. Maybe I should punish him too for his infidelity.

I stare at the window for a few more seconds before driving back to the campus where I have a rented dormitory. Slowly I drive into my parking spot. It is pitch dark as I step inside the front door to my room. Fortunately, I don't run into anyone, so I don't have to account for my midnight adventure.

In my room, I take a quick bath and lie on the bed. What had Louise been thinking?

Hopefully my other rivals will learn from this. …

Pack Meeting

The next day, I maneuver my luxurious Mercedes-Benz into the parking lot.

As usual, it is the center of attention on the campus, with heads turning to admire my baby for the umpteenth time. Alongside Alpha Romero and Beta Jace's Cadillac Escalade and Maserati Levante Trofeo, my ride is the most expensive in the car park, but actually in the pack as well.

As the most talented marksman of all the packs in this region, I have already made a small fortune at the early age of 15. Online, I offer my services as a private detective and sniper for the Alphas of the various pack and mates who suspect their better half of infidelity. Without revealing my identity, I take orders and execute them with perfection. So far, I have only satisfied clients and they were generous in paying my hefty fee.

My parents almost freaked out when they saw the pricey car I bought for myself a few months ago. My father immediately wanted


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