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Wolf Moon

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In a world of werewolf packs and ancient traditions, Mara has known only pain and despair as an omega in her step werewolf family. Her step father tries to marry her to Andrew, the son of the current Alpha but her step mother and Andrew’s girlfriend make a move to stop it which cause her step father’s life. Mara’s life become more miserable, however, when three powerful alphas, Jake, Dwayne, and Shane, declare that she is their destined mate, Mara's life takes a thrilling turn. Caught between the allure of three different paths, Mara must navigate the treacherous world of werewolf politics, face her own inner demons, and discover her true worth. Will she choose the alpha who offers protection, the one who ignites her passion, or the one who promises harmony?

Chapter 1 – The helpless omega

Mara sat alone in her cramped bedroom, her body still aching from the recent outburst of violence inflicted upon her by her step werewolf family, the Wilsons. The deep wounds on her soul cut far deeper than any physical pain. She had spent years enduring their torment, her spirit worn thin by their relentless cruelty.

It had been a stormy night, years ago, when Mara's life took a tragic turn. She was just a helpless baby, left abandoned on the doorstep of the Wilson family, members of the Blue Moon pack. The thunder roared and lightning crackled in the dark sky, mirroring the turmoil that would soon consume Mara's existence.

From that moment, her destiny was irrevocably intertwined with theirs, though she was forever treated as an outcast.


The door swung open with a creek, revealing Elizabeth Wilson, a woman whose hardened expression belied the flicker of sympathy in her eyes. She stared down at the bundle on the doorstep, her gaze filled with a mix of curiosity and trepidation. Beside her stood Luis, her husband, a man known for his compassionate nature.

"What is it, Elizabeth?" Luis asked, peering over her shoulder. "What do we have here?"

Elizabeth's voice was laced with bitterness as she replied, "It's another burden, Luis. Another mouth to feed. Who would abandon a child like this?"

Luis knelt down, his heart aching at the sight of the innocent baby wrapped in a tattered blanket. "We can't turn our backs on her, Elizabeth. Regardless of how she came to be here, this child deserves love and care."

Elizabeth scoffed, her anger flaring. "Love and care? We barely have enough for our own children, Luis! What good will this bring? She'll only be a reminder of our struggles."

Luis's eyes softened with compassion. "She is just a baby, Elizabeth. She didn't choose this life. We have a duty to protect her, to give her a chance at a better future."

Elizabeth sighed, her resolve waning. "Fine, we'll take her in. But don't expect me to treat her like one of our own. She'll always be a burden!"

Since then, Elizabeth and her daughters, Jasmine and Elvie, treat Mara as their servant.

Elizabeth's voice dripped with icy indifference as she addressed the newborn in her arms. "Your worthless birth parents left you here, Mara. They didn't want you. And frankly, I don't blame them."

Mara, unaware of the implications of Elizabeth's words, reached out her tiny hand, craving love and acceptance. "M-Mama," she gurgled softly.

Elizabeth's face twisted into a sneer as she recoiled, refusing to acknowledge the bond Mara sought. "I am not your mother, and I never will be. You are a stain on this family!"

Elvie and Jasmine, eager to please their mother and emulate her cruelty, chimed in. "She's right, Mara. You're nothing but a burden. Just a filthy little omega!"

Tears welled up in Mara's innocent eyes, but she had no words to defend herself. The feeling of rejection and humiliation etched itself into her very being, leaving an indelible mark on her fragile spirit.

[End of Flashback]

In the present, Mara clutched her stuffed rabbit tightly, tears streaming down her face as she relived the bitterness of those memories. The hostility she faced from her step-family, led by Elizabeth's resentment and reinforced by the disdain of her step-siblings Elvie and Jasmine, had made her life a living hell. She had become their scapegoat, a constant reminder of the strain they believed she brought upon them.

Mara's heart ached. The mistreatment she endured from her step-family had only worsened over the years. And when Luis was absent from the house, Elvie and Jasmine seized the opportunity to subject Mara to further humiliation, treating her as their personal maid and inflicting their wrath upon her.

Mara's eyes stung with tears as she longed for a family that would embrace her, a place where she could feel loved and valued. But hope flickered within her wounded heart, a spark of resilience that refused to be extinguished.

"Mom," Mara whispered softly, though the word was laced with sorrow and longing. Deep down, she still yearned for the affection she never received, even from someone as cold as Elizabeth. She clung to the idea that maybe, just maybe, one day her stepmother would soften her heart and see her as more than a burden.

The sound of a door creaking open broke the silence, and Mara's heart sank as Elizabeth entered the room. Her eyes held a mix of anger and cold detachment.

"Mara, you worthless little creature," Elizabeth spat, her voice dripping with disdain. "What have you done to anger your siblings this time? You're always causing trouble."

Mara trembled under the weight of Elizabeth's harsh words. "I-I didn't do anything, they just don't like me. I don't understand why."

Elizabeth scoffed, crossing her arms with an air of superiority. "You think you deserve their affection? You think you're worth anything? You're nothing but a burden, a stain on our family."

Tears welled up in Mara's eyes, but she fought to hold them back, refusing to show weakness. "I never asked to be a burden, mom. I didn't choose this life."

Elizabeth's face twisted into a sneer. "Oh, how convenient, playing the victim. You think your sob story will make me pity you? Well, it won't. You're lucky we even took you in, you ungrateful brat."

Mara's voice quivered with a mixture of sadness and defiance. "I don't want your pity, I just want to find my own place, to escape this life of constant torment. I won't let your hatred define me."

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed, her voice dropping to a dangerous whisper. "You listen to me, girl. You will never find a place in this world. You are worthless, and no one will ever want you!"

The words cut deep into Mara's fragile heart, but a flicker of determination sparked within her. She wouldn't allow herself to believe Elizabeth's cruel lies any longer. She would find her own worth, her own purpose, no matter the challenges she faced.



Chapter 2 - Meant to be

As Elizabeth stormed out of the room, leaving Mara with a heavy heart, the young woman made a silent vow to herself. She would defy the odds stacked against her, unravel the secrets of her forgotten origins, and forge her own destiny. The journey ahead would be arduous, but Mara was determined to prove that she was more than the scapegoat of a fractured family. She would rise above their cruelty and find her true place in a world that had forsaken her.

Elizabeth stormed out of Mara's attic room, her anger raging within her. She descended the creaking stairs, her steps filled with purpose, until she reached the living room where Elvie and Jasmine lounged lazily, their indifference evident. The room crackled with tension, the air heavy with unspoken animosity towards Mara.

Elvie glanced up from her phone, a mixture of annoyance and curiosity crossing her face as she noticed the fury etched on her mother's features. "What's gotten into you, Mom? What did Mara do this time t


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