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Werewolf Hunting Rules

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In Sasha City, war veteran Creighton Belay has suspicions about being a werewolf, a belief no one shares. When his comrade, Joe Manny, brings a clue, Creighton pursues traces of the supernatural, landing in a mysterious strip club named "Broken Wings." Inside, strict rules govern as patrons vie for the shawl of the dancer Rosa, granting the bearer a night with her. Creighton senses a peculiar odor on the shawl, hinting at deeper mysteries. Amidst this bizarre and enigmatic setting, Creighton finds himself entangled in the enigma of this peculiar world.

Chapter 1

"The Tarnished Silver Coin"

The copper-plated sign, hanging on an iron pole outside the shop, swayed in the wind, creaking conspicuously in the evening breeze. Despite its allure, few pedestrians stopped by Creighton Bello's antique shop throughout the day. Located at 47 Lemon Street in Sasha City, the shop's location, neither good nor bad, mirrored its business situation.

Unlike typical stores, Creighton's antique shop thrived on a select group of regular customers. After the death of his family-focused parents, Creighton, having settled in the southern city of Dorne, took over the store using his £600 military discharge pay and a portion of his father's inheritance. The antique business, closely linked to high society, suited Creighton's talents well, distinguishing him from his peers who hawked goods on the dark streets.

At that moment, Creighton was in his second-floor workshop, wearing a mask and apron, carefully extracting slightly tarnished medals from a murky liquid using long tweezers. These were the Loren War Honor Medals, issued in limited numbers by the Dorne royal family, and only awarded to soldiers who had participated in more than five battles. Of the twenty-four medals Creighton had handled, twenty-three were counterfeit, with the sole genuine one belonging to him. In the absence of authentic antiques, creating "antiques" became a part of the trade.

"Mr. Bello, your guest has arrived," announced his assistant, Charlotte, after a knock at the door.

Acknowledging her through the door, Creighton meticulously dried the faux medals and wrapped them in silk before descending to meet his visitor. The ground floor, illuminated by electric lights, showcased dazzling enamel and crystal artifacts. On the walls hung valuable-looking swords, sheathless as if ready for battle.

A young man with brown hair, waiting on the ground floor, seemed uninterested in these displays, instead inspecting the rusted items until Creighton appeared behind him.

"Lieutenant, long time no see," Creighton greeted, embracing the smartly dressed young man. "Joe, I didn't expect you back so soon. It feels like we met just yesterday."

Joe Mani, a fellow soldier from the 163rd Loren War, had inherited the "Tarnished Silver Coin" antique shop from his parents. However, driven by a desire to travel the world, he sold the business to Creighton. The contrast between them was stark: Creighton's unchanging hairstyle and thick beard, along with his intimidating, taller stature and amber eyes, were a sharp contrast to Joe's appearance.

Joe, relieved to see his former superior doing well, announced, "I've come for business this time." He produced a small box from his coat pocket, revealing a tarnished silver ring lying on soft, goose-yellow velvet.

"A bishop's ring from the White Church, top-quality goods," Joe declared.

Creighton, recognizing the ring's value but aware of its difficult market, hesitated to accept it. The White Church was not only a dominant faith in the Dorne Kingdom but also across the northern world. Such symbols of power were not easily traded.

Joe assured him of its legality, explaining that he acquired it from a financially troubled foreign friend. Despite Creighton's reservations about the ring's authenticity and its dubious source, Joe's assurance convinced him to take it for appraisal.

After Joe left, Creighton retreated to his makeshift study, pondering over the ring and its place in the saturated market of religious artifacts. While many collectors didn't care about authenticity, seeking unique pieces, the plain appearance of this ring limited its value.

Creighton's personal history with the White Church also complicated his feelings. His family had a contentious relationship with the church, stemming from his brother eloping with a nun. This background, combined with his own skepticism, made dealing with religious items a delicate matter.

Despite these hesitations, Creighton examined the ring closely, noting the crossed tridents and bishop's crown – symbols of a combatant church official. The design belonged to the Heretic Tribunal, a feared institution from three centuries ago that persecuted heretics and dark beings. Due to numerous false accusations, the White Church eventually disbanded the tribunal, denying any papal involvement.

Creighton found a note under the ring's velvet cushion, claiming the ring's power to reveal shapeshifters. Out of curiosity, he slipped the ring onto his finger, only to feel a searing pain that rapidly transformed him into a werewolf. His muscular body expanded, covered in black fur, his face elongating into a wolf's snout with glowing amber eyes.

Staring at his tattered clothes on the floor, the werewolf Creighton scratched his head with sharp claws, marveling in a deep, surprised voice, "Incredible, it's actually genuine!"

As Creighton adapted to his new form, he discovered enhanced physical and sensory abilities, aiding him in his trade. However, this transformation also brought challenges. His nocturnal activities attracted

Chapter 2

Werewolf legends around the world are quite uniform, a fact largely attributed to the propaganda of the White Church. Werewolves are considered dangerous shapeshifters, originally humans cursed to transform between beast and man. They possess immense strength, rapid healing, and a preference for raw meat. At night, they often transform into wolves, attacking livestock and commanding wolf packs. By day, werewolves blend into human society.

Creighton Bello, now a true werewolf, could attest that most of these tales were accurate. He transformed during a full moon half a month ago, showing unusual signs like voracious appetite, increased height, and sleeplessness without fatigue. However, being a werewolf had no apparent social advantages and risked exposure.

Fortunately, in modern times, dark creatures were considered mere legends. Even when Creighton exhibited odd behaviors, he was diagnosed with pica and delusional disorder, not suspected of being a monster


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