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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: LADY E
  • Chapters: 24
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 82
  • 9.0
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Valentina Hudson is the lone survivor of the Silver Moon Pack, after her entire pack was annihilated by one of the dreadest of packs. She was then taken by them as spoils of war to a distant land, a place that was like hell for her. She was treated harshly, starved and humiliated for eight years and to top it all, she was mated to the son of the same people responsible for the death of her family and pack. She cursed her fate, but then she was rejected which she openly accepted by calling out her full name telling him who she really was in the process, she was an Alpha. When her rejected mate found out she wasn't just a nobody, he wanted her back. But it was too late for him, because she already had another mate. How did this all happen? What will she do as an Alpha to a pack that no longer exists? Will she ever find the strength to stand up and fight? Let's find out in this amazing story!

Chapter 1

"Nolan I think we are having the baby." Avery a beautiful woman who is in her early twenties said to her husband as she pants in pain, sweat dripping from her forehead. Nolan immediately called in the midwives to help in delivering the baby...In a moment a midwife in her late forties came running into the room and said."Alpha, if you would please give us the room." Nolan left the room at the request of the midwife, he stood outside the door, pacing and pacing hoping nothing bad happens to his wife and baby."Luna Avery, I need you to be strong for the baby okay?" Jennifer said"Okay" Avery said and nodded "Push..." At Jennifer's command, Avery began to push hard to best of her abilities. Jennifer kept reassuring her that everything would be fine and with her encouragement Avery finally gave birth."It's a girl..." Jennifer announced After bathing the little child, Jennifer went outside to call on Nolan who was waiting patiently by the door. When he heard the news, his heart was calm at the revelation, he immediately rushed in to see his wife and daughter."Congratulations Alpha." Jennifer said "How is she?" Nolan asked Jennifer referring to his wife."She's safe, Alpha Nolan. She's just a bit tired she would be up on her feet soon enough." Jennifer said and handed the little girl over to Nolan.Nolan carried her in his arms looking lovingly at the little creature..."She's beautiful." He exclaimed "You're right Alpha, she is a beauty... well I'll leave the cleaning to the maids." Jennifer said and left Nolan kept looking at his wife and daughter who were sleeping soundly...The next morning Avery woke up only to find Nolan watching over her "Good morning my love." Nolan greeted"Morning, have you been up all night?" Avery asked partially weak."Well of course, I couldn't get my eyes off my beautiful wife and daughter." Nolan said smiling widely"It's a girl, I guess I was too weak to stay awake to know it's gender. Where did you lay her?" Avery asked although tired, you could still sense the excitement in her voice."Her crib is just right here beside you." Nolan said, he then carefully picked the little girl and handed her to her mother."She's so beautiful." Avery exclaimed happily"I know right? She is a beauty goddess." Nolan said "What shall we name her?" Avery asked "Hm I was thinking the exact same thing all through the night, what about we name her Valentina, is that okay?" Nolan said unsure"Valentina it is, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Avery said"But of course we need to announce to our pack members and also invite some of our friends like the Walker's." Nolan said happily"Yeah right, I can't wait to see dear Madison again." Avery said"I'll make preparations, you just rest." Nolan said"Well I need to take a shower and also eat breakfast, I am starving." Avery said"I already made preparations for breakfast after you take a shower, I'll ask the servants to serve breakfast." Nolan saidAfter breakfast, Nolan began making preparations to announce to the pack the gender of his child and to invite his friends to come celebrate with him.★★★THE CRESCENT WOLF PACKA few miles away from Silver Moon Pack lies the Crescent Wolf Pack..."Honey, I still can't believe Avery already gave birth... and she invited us to the naming." Madison said as she reads a text on her phone."Oh Nolan called last night and told me already about that." Miles said indifferent"What!!! So he already told you about it and you didn't bother to tell me." Madison said pulling her husband's ear "Ouch! That hurts..." Miles said as he held his ear when it was finally released from a tight grip."That's for lying to me and not telling me about it." Madison said"I am so sorry my dear, I just forgot to, that's all." Miles said apologetically"Apology accepted, so is Ryan coming with us?" Madison asked, although she already has her own plans in motion and her original plan was for Ryan to go with them... she has always prayed that her son would form a marriage alliance with the Hudson's and since they gave birth to a daughter, it further made her want her wishes to come true."Oh he can if he wishes to." Miles said causally "He is surely coming whether he likes it or not." Madison said as she makes way to the kitchen"Do you want to stay at home and take care of the kids?" Miles asked"Hell No, I am coming with you... I'll just ask the Nanny to take care of our baby girl. Can't have another baby girl crying so loudly while we visit." Madison said"Okay." Miles said and shrugged"Oh it's almost time for dinner, I'll join the maids in the kitchen." Madison said"Okay love." Miles repliedMadison left to the kitchen to help Lisa after setting the table everyone came downstairs to eat "Ryan dear, you'll be accompanying me and your father to the Silver Moon Pack." Madison said to her son"Why should I mom?" Ryan asked"Do you dare question my authority? Look son you are coming with us end of discussion." Madison said "Sorry Mom..." Ryan said apologetically"Good, eat, go on..." Madison said when she saw that Ryan wasn't eating. After dinner, Miles and Madison retired to their rooms after tucking five year old Ryan and his 4 months old little sister to sleep."Sweetheart, you shouldn't have yelled at the poor boy back at dinner he felt so scared." Miles said to his wife as they got to their room to spend the night"Well he should be, I am his mom after all. Besides that son of yours, is becoming slightly stubborn, look at the way he turned me down when I said he was coming with us. I had to say that to bring him on the right track besides we were fine this evening." Madison said as she laid on her bed"Fine sweetie, let's go to bed... I am really tired." Miles saidMadison only rolled her eyes and said"Fine then, since you are tired... let's go to bed." Miles smiled at her and kissed her and they both cuddled in each other's arms.★★★THE BLACK WOLF PACK There Nathan Hunter, the Alpha of the pack was talking to his elders "We need to form an alliance with the Crescent Wolf Pack." He said"And for what reason?" One of the elders questioned "Because you see, they can be a valuable asset to us and to our cause. I mean imagine what we could actually gain from them with their influence we would be one of the most feared pack." Alpha Nathan said "That would be good but only if we can get them on our side and if they agree to our peace treaty." another elder said Nathan continued"The peace treaty would be between me and the current Alpha Miles and it would be renewed when my son and his, take over the packs..." "Wonderful idea Nathan, that's a brilliant idea. So when are you going to send the invitation to them about what we just discussed?" The lead elder asked"Soon I can assure you." Nathan promised and the elders left his house and soon after they left, his wife came in swaying her hips..."Dear how was the meeting?" Stella asked"It went well my dear, I can't believe they agreed to it so easily... now all we have to do is to convince the Walker's of our plans." Nathan said "I am so happy for you, let's head down for dinner." Stella said "It's about time, I am starving." Nathan saidAnd they both headed downstairs "Emily, Alex... time for dinner." Stella called out loudly to her kids, and a five year old girl and her twin brother who was rubbing his stomach mischievously came to the dinning."Good evening mom and dad." Emily greeted Alex on the other hand just sat on his chair without saying a word"Alex aren't you going to greet mom and dad?" Emily his twin sister asked but the latter didn't care"Oh just forget about that Emily dear, let's eat." Stella said covering up her son's unruly behavior"So daddy how was your meeting?" Emily asked"It went well my dear." Nathan answered"Okay Dad." Emily said and everyone ate their dinner in silence. ★★★The next day Miles and Madison Walker as well as their son Ryan, were on their way to the Silver Moon Pack as planned.As the trio arrived at the home of their friend Nolan, they were welcomed warmly."Miles..." Nolan greeted upon setting eyes on his dearest friend."Nolan my buddy, long time no see." Miles saidAnd the duo hugged each other affectionately"It's been a while Nolan." Madison said and she hugged him as well"Where is Avery? I really need to see her right now." Madison said in a hurry with excitement"Calm down Maddy, I am sure you'll both talk soon eno..." Miles said and Madison glared daggers at him Madison mind linked her husband immediately, and began yelling."You've seen your friend why stop me from seeing mine?" She said"I am sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just..." Miles wanted to say but was cut off"Young man you better not say another word to annoy me else you'll be punished severely for it." Madison said"Yes your royal highness." Miles saidTheir thoughts were distracted by their son's voice."Hello uncle." Ryan greeted humbly with his little voice"Oh Ryan, I didn't even notice you were there. Your parents directed my attention somewhere else, wow look at you, you've gotten a bit taller." Nolan said patting his head. Ryan only smiled at him "Uncle, where is aunt and the baby?" Ryan asked "Everyone please this way." Nolan saidAnd they all headed to his bedroom, where Avery was sleeping peacefully. When the door cringed open, everyone got in and found the new mother and daughter sleeping side by side. When Avery heard footsteps she woke up and was surprised to see her best friend in her room so she called out "Madison?" "Oh my dear Avery how are you? It's so good to see you are up... congratulations my dear." Madison said"Thanks Madison." Avery said smiling"Hi aunt." Ryan greeted "Oh my! Ryan you are here. You've grown so tall." Avery said "Congratulations Avery." Miles greeted as well"Thanks Miles." Avery replied"So I already prepared a room close to ours you would be spending the night there." Nolan said"Thanks Nolan, that's very generous of you." Miles said"Uncle where is the baby?" Ryan asked "Right this way." Nolan said On getting to the crib where little Valentina was laid, Ryan's eyes lit up...She is the most beautiful baby he had ever seen."She is beautiful, uncle, what's her name?" Ryan asked yet again"Everyone meet Valentina our daughter." Nolan said"You do have a good eye Ryan, she is really beautiful." Miles said admiring the little girlAfter a while Miles then said to his son who couldn't take his eyes off the baby, he was playing with the baby's little fingers and just couldn't stopAfter hours he still wouldn't budge from her side, he just held onto little Valentina's hands unmoved that his father had to say,"Ryan you can go to the room to rest now, its already late. Come on son.""No Dad, I want to stay with her a little longer Please?" Ryan said with pleading eyes, he really didn't want to leave her side for any reason."Come on Ryan, it's way past your bedtime, okay? You'll see her tomorrow." Madison said to her sonRyan knows better than to disobey his mother so he obliged"Okay mum." Ryan said feeling sad and went to the room prepared for him. An hour later, Madison went into the room prepared for them and they slept off.

Chapter 2

THE NEXT DAYAvery and Nolan had both woken up for the activities of the day.It is the day for the naming and introduction of their newly born child to the entire pack of the Silver Moon Pack.Ryan woke up earlier than supposed and went to the crib, he heard the baby was crying so he quickly ran towards the crib she was placed in.Ryan came and held its little hand and she calmed down. Due to that little gesture, little Valentina stopped crying.Nolan and Avery were both surprised to see this, they looked at each other with questioning looks plastered on their faces."Good morning Nolan." Miles greeted"Morning Miles, hope you slept well." Nolan said"I did, the bed was soothing, um, have you seen Ryan, he wasn't in bed when I woke up." Miles said"He is with the baby." Nolan said"Huh!! With the baby, so early? That's a surprise." Miles said because he knows his son isn't a mor


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