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Underneath The Moonlight

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Her whole family was murdered, and she was the only survivor. "Happy f*ck*ng birthday to me," I tell myself as the sun begins to rise. I'm officially 10 years old. No one can know that I'm a hybrid. Werewolves hate vampires, and vampires hate werewolves. Years go by in my new pack, Kurt the new alpha of Forest Lake Pack, his coronation ceremony is in two weeks. Clare and I are going dress shopping this Saturday, I'm anxiously awaiting the ceremony so I can plot my revenge on Mark Sloan. Clare wants to go to 'The Big Dirty' nightclub. It's on neutral grounds, and I hear it's pretty wild. Hopefully, I won't find a mate at either event. Well, I be able to successfully plot my revenge, or will stupid love get in the way?



“Hurry, we must find a secure place for Rose to escape,” Samantha says, unfortunately, I don’t think we will be able to escape with Rose. There are far too many of them. Richard is trying his best as the Alpha of the Blue Lake Pack. He’s fighting off ten werewolves with his Beta, Clay. I remembered that our castle had a hidden secret passage tunnel that led far out into the woods. There are three tunnels two of which you can get lost in but, only one can take you to the woods. The three tunnels are by the river. We keep four small boats docked to the deck.

Richard and Clay come running in and quickly slamming the door behind them. Richard immediately started to barricade the door; Clay began to follow what Richard was doing.

“What is going on out there Richard?” Samantha asks,

“Our pack members are all gone, every single one of them. There’s no time to lose, we must take the secret passage and make our escape before it’s too late.” Says Richard.

“You go, I’ll stay back and buy you time to escape,” Clay says.

“No, if we all leave right now, we can all escape, please Clay come with us,” Samantha said.

“No, if we all go, they will catch up quickly.” Just then the door started banging.

“YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE. WE’LL FIND YOU.” Yells one of the enemy soldiers.

“Mom, Dad, I’m scared what do we do?” asks Rose.

“My dear sweet Rose, I won’t be able to join you and your mother out to the tunnels. I will stay behind with Clay to help ensure your safety. I’m sorry I won’t be able to celebrate your tenth birthday with you. I love you both, now please hurry.” Says Richard.

“I love you, Dad.” As I give him one final hug goodbye. The door keeps banging louder and louder.

“Please, take down as many as you can. I love you, Richard, until we meet again, my love.” Samantha says.

Mom quickly moves the rug hanging on the wall to the side, opening the door, and closing it behind us. Just as we had finished closing the door, we heard the door in the room crash open. We can hear Clay and Richard fighting. Mom and I run down the hall, rushing to make it to the boats. Just as we arrive at the dock, we hear a scream followed by a metal door bursting open as it echoes down the hall. “Oh no, they made it through. Quickly Rose got on the boat and traveled through the third tunnel. I love you, my dear daughter, be safe. I will stay back and hold them off as much as I can. Now, go!” my mother says to me.

As I depart from the dock, I can see her in a distance burning the other boats, so they can’t follow me. Soon enough I’m in the dark tunnel, it’s dark in here. You can’t see a single thing. But I can see the dock. I’m about to call out to Mom, begging her to swim quickly to join me. But as I look to the right side of her, I see soldiers and Mark. My mom begins fighting the soldiers one by one.

My mother quickly transforms into her wolf, as she’s fighting them, she manages to dodge their blows. As she jumps onto one of them, she uses her canine teeth and bites one of them onto their head. Biting down hard she gives it a quick pull and shake. The body is then thrown across the dock hitting the wall. I see blood dripping down from her mouth. I gasp as I see her spitting out the soldier’s head. Four other soldiers had transformed into their wolves. Two of them attack from behind her, biting onto her back legs and pulling onto them. She falls to the ground as the other in front bites her on her neck. I hear him whimper it echoes down the tunnel.

Until one of them had clawed across her back, and blood was seeping through. Just as when I think it can’t get any worse, I see Alpha Mark, holding up high my father’s served head. gasped in complete shock, knowing my father was dead. Soon after, I heard my mother weeping, and then all of a sudden, a scream.

I looked to see, that Alpha Mark had ripped off my mother’s arms, Kicking her into the river. I watched in horror and began to kick around trying to keep her head above water. Soon I can’t see her anymore as the river bank turns right. I prayed to the moon goddess could make it out of here safe, and to help me seek revenge.

What feels like forever, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As the boat emerged from the tunnel, it was finally dawn. Sadness overcomes me, but today Is officially my birthday. I’m officially ten years old. “Happy f*ck*ng birthday to me.” As I said out loud.

Chapter 1: Seven years later

Chapter 1: Seven Years Later

It’s been seven years since I’ve lost my parents. I still think of the day when everything had changed in a flash. I remember leaving the tunnel river, running through the forest as quickly as possible—not daring to look over my shoulder. I fear that Mark and his pack are right behind me.

I’m not sure where I had planned to go or even if I was going to make it out alive. I’ve run for what felt like days, probably because it took days. Exactly 223 hours of running, walking, hunting, or even sometimes stealing from houses in the country. Fearing falling asleep, I would’ve been caught if I had either slept in a cave or underneath a mountain of leaves.

I’ve traveled from Flathead National Forest to Willamette National Forest. All the big packs have their territory within national parks. I don’t blame them; the scenery is just beyond beautiful. The pack that resides in Willamette National Forest is the Forest Lake Pack. I can see why they ch


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