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Their Lost Lycan Princess

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"Princess?" "Yes, you're our Princess Lydia, and we've been looking for you. Your father is waiting for you, Princess. It's time for you to come with us." "I think you're mistaken. I-I'm not a princess. I'm just an ordinary omega, or maybe a rogue now," I muttered, feeling ashamed of my identity. Lydia struggles against the tyrannical rule of Alpha Cameron's family and their torture. Alpha Cameron harasses her and tries to force her to become his mistress. Cameron's Luna, Judy locks her and forces Lydia to drink a potion. Cameron's son, Manu Johnson, pretends to let Lydia out, only to humiliate her for his and his friends' amusement. With her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, Lydia finds that she is the lost Lycan princess. How Lydia complete her transition from a notorious slave to a real princess? Faced with the conflict between duty and love intensifies, What choice will they do?

Chapter 1 Lydia's Despair


An angry and urgent voice was calling me repeatedly, "Wake up, wake up."

I woke up covered in sweat, my body trembling from the memory of the nightmare and those red eyes. My breath became shallow again and I tried to catch my breath. I looked around and found myself in a store room or more like another one of the places where I normally sleep with Luna Judy hovering above me.

My body trembled so hard that I thought I would pass out again any moment and her hovering above with an angry scowl on her face didn't help my situation.

"Wake up you lazy pest. We won't let you stay here so that you can waste your time by sleeping all day." She spat at my face.

I tried to get up but my body betrayed me, I felt weak and drained and my throat felt like the Sahara desert.

"Please…may I..may I take leave just for today? I am not feeling well." I said to her and expected that maybe she would let me go today, I didn't even have the strength to open my eyes today.

"Did I just hear that you want to take leave?" She questioned, and I nodded timidly not knowing what she would do next.

But a hard slap on my cheek wasn't something I expected from HER.

I know Luna Judy hates me for some reason but she never raised her hand on me before except for some harsh words, humiliation, pulling my hair etc. I have been facing her wrath for no reason at all since childhood but today the slap sent chills to my bones.

"Pl..please, just for today," I begged.

She pulled me by my hair and dragged me outside the store room. The air in my lungs disappeared for a moment due to weakness and I felt my vision go blur. By the time she pushed me down, I realized I was in the kitchen.

"I know these are all just your silly tantrums to avoid your duties so that you could go and seduce more men just like you always do but not on my watch. You are supposed to prepare today's lunch for all the warriors, head maids, your beta and Gamma and don't forget my afternoon tea. You have exactly 5 hours to prepare everything and after everyone is done you are supposed to clean everything after that. I want my kitchen to be spotless before evening." She ordered and I knew that I was done for.

I nodded timidly, afraid of what she might do next and tried to stand on my wobbly feet. My eyes burned due to fever and I knew that anyone could tell by my face that I needed rest but no one dared to go against Luna Judy.

It was futile to say anything anymore when I knew my pleas would fall on deaf ears. Luna Judy was not always like this, I remember her being kind and empathetic towards all of us but that changed a few years ago when she saw me and Alpha in a compromising situation. She thinks that I am trying to steal her place by seducing Alpha Cameron when all I want is for him to just disappear.

I don't hate Luna Judy, she turned into another person when Alpha Cameron lost his interest in her. She tried to be strict with everyone just to show everyone that no matter what she was the true Luna of this pack. It's not her fault that Alpha Cameron isn't a loyal mate.

On many occasions, he had tried to touch me inappropriately and that's why I tried to avoid him as much as possible but he always finds a way to corner me Luna Judy is wrong about one thing though, I will never be interested in Alpha Cameron and never will be in fact, his mere presence disgust me.

I quickly start my work as I begin pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator. I take everything over to the stove as I begin to make ham and cheeseburger with tomato and spinach along with a few other quick recipes.

My stomach growls and my mouth waters as I watch the food cook on the stovetop. I wish I could have some. Luna only allows me to eat whatever is left on the plates, which isn't usually much because I am eating scrapes from the plates of warriors who are always hungry due to their vigorous training and stuff leaving nothing for me except a few bites if I am lucky.

As I am busy wrapping up and hoping that I can catch a few moments of rest, someone suddenly catches me by my waist and pulls me close, making me cringe at the smell of stale cigarettes and something else I can't place.

Something sickly sweet.

I struggled through the hold but by the tattoos on the arms and the firm hold, I could tell that it was our future Alpha Manu. I don't know what have I ever done to deserve this. My nerves began to get the better of me and I could feel his smirk, seeming to enjoy the fact that he was making me nervous.

Luna Judy already thinks that I seduce men but if she caught me like this with her son only Goddess knows what she'll do next.

I felt one of his hands moving down and I grabbed his wrist to stop its progression.

"Stop," I replied forcefully.

"But you smell delicious," he breathes before yanking his hand out of my grip.

"I am not…interested," I replied while trying my best to create some space between us but he didn't let me.

He suddenly turned me around and pulled me towards him and I instinctively struck at him with my free hand making him freeze in his actions. The loud smack of my palm hitting his cheek resonates through the silent corridors, followed by the tense moments of silence.

By the time I realized what I had done, it was already too late.

Oh, moon Goddess!

I just hit the future Alpha of the pack.

He is not going to spare me for this.

My eyes widen as his face grows serious and he turns to glare at me. "You little bi*ch!" he begins to advance on me and again, and I turn to run.

My head is yanked backwards as he grabs a handful of my hair and I see stars, I let out a wail before he slams me into the wall.

Dark spots dance in my vision as I collapse on my knees.

Blindly, I reached my hands out, struggling to stand up. When my vision finally cleared, I realized he had destroyed hours of my hard work, throwing everything on the floor and wrecking the entire kitchen. I stood there helplessly, watching him.

But it seemed Manu found my resistance intriguing. He seemed pleased by the chaos and the trouble he'd caused for me, a wicked grin spreading across his face as he surveyed the mess.

"You dare to resist me," he said, his tone laced with amusement. "That's... interesting, but all of this will also teach you a lesson."

As he surveyed the wreckage, a sense of satisfaction seemed to wash over him. With a casual shrug, he picked up his school bag, which I hadn't noticed before, and left me to clean up the chaos he'd created.

A lesson?

I had no choice but to clean everything and start everything from scratch. My head throbbed and I didn't have enough time to pay attention to my wounds. My feet were numb and my entire body trembled but I was numb from the inside, I shut myself from the inside and instead of feeling pity for myself, I focused on my work as if I had no other option.

Thankfully, I left a few leftovers in the fridge and a few in the microwave so they stay warm. Cleaning everything up was a huge task though.

Our future Alpha is different from his father, though he grabs me and teases me from time to time he hasn't crossed his limits with me, or maybe this was my way of looking at the glass half full when in my case I already knew that half full glass was also filled with poison but at least I am not dead….yet.

No one in the Alpha family is a fan of me and that automatically made everyone hate me but I guess not as much as the Alpha family itself.

If it wasn't Luna Judy harassing then it would be someone else.

Self-respect, confidence, and strength were foreign words for me now and considering that I didn't have a wolf yet didn't help me in my situation.

After cleaning everything and delivering Luna's special afternoon tea to her I was finally able to breathe in peace.

At least today she didn't throw the hot tea on me so I guess that's a small win for me. I didn't have the strength to wait for everyone neither my body was allowing me to stand on my feet anymore so I decided to retire but heavy footsteps stopped me and once again my body trembled in pure unadulterated fear.

If Luna was average and Manu's behaviour was bad then the person entering the kitchen was my worst nightmare. As he stepped closer, his eyes bore into mine with an intensity that sent chills down my spine. Then, with a wicked smile, he whispered, "I think its about time we discuss about your position in this pack…"

Chapter 2 The Wrath And Punishment


"Oh, my sweet Lydia…don't be scared, I only think that this is the right time discuss some things with you. I am sure you are curious about what I am about to say?" Asks Alpha Cameron, turning to look at me with fake concern in his eyes.

I stepped back slowly and greeted him, "Yes Alpha Cameron."

I noticed he's moved in much closer to me now. Much too close. Before I can take a step away, he places his hand on my back and my body stiffens.

"Are you okay dear? You look sick." He questions. There's something in his eyes and the way he looks at me creeps me out.

"Um…" I struggle to form words in front of him. His dark aura makes the entire atmosphere shift.

"You know you can tell me everything, as I am the Alpha of the pack. I can make things so much easier for you." He said and I felt that there was something dark hidden behind those words that I didn't understand.

The only thing I knew was that only bad things happen when he come


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