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The Werewolf Priestess

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**Book 2 of the forbidden series, but can be read as standalone, for better reading check out book 1** Althea, a unique werewolf with an extraordinary lifespan she has lived over 500 years, possessed with eternal youthfulness and remains frozen in time at the age of twenty-one. Despite being a seer and a priestess and a half werewolf , she has never found a mate, and this circumstance has destined to live without one. Throughout her long existence, Althea has dedicated her life to serving others. However, everything changes when Reed, a werewolf, declares himself as her mate. Considering that Althea has spent over five centuries without a mate, she is skeptical about Reed's claim. Why would she suddenly have a mate now, after such a prolonged period of solitude? But that is the least of her problems, there are forces in play planning to ruin the entire werewolf population and she happens to be in the center of it all.

Chapter 1

1. My life




"Mistress!, Alpha Kaden sent words of a crowning ceremony for his new Luna, he wants you to perform the rites" Fia said bowing her head slightly. 

I was never used to her display of respect and even till now I still wasn't, but Fia idolized me, she was an orphan I had picked up at age five in the woods almost eighteen years ago , her parents had been slaughtered by rogues on unclaimed territory, they were most likely traveling somewhere or escaping from something or somewhere but I could never know, it was not in my fate to know— yet she appeared slightly older than I am, the curse of youthfulness glaring at me in the face. 

"The moon goddess prophecy was right after all, when is she ever wrong" I smiled at my handmaiden but deep down I felt slightly conceited, I served the moon goddess but I had conflicted feelings about her, of why she had deemed my kind unworthy of ever getting a mate. "When does he plan on holding the ceremony?" I asked 

"In three days time. Should I prepare for the trip?" She asks

"Yes, of course" I replied as I rose from my mattress. I stepped outside my tent and walked towards the cliff behind my abode.  

The scenery was beautiful as ever and it always brought serenity to my soul, it was the place I would meditate, I would sit here almost very night gazing at the sky and the moonlight, gazing at the figure of the moon goddess staring at me, she was always silent, always, unless she wanted me to know something, but she would not speak even, she would show me, sometimes in pieces, sometimes she would make it all clear, I was her instrument but I was never to fall in love, she had not deemed me or my kind unworthy of having a mate because my kind was incomplete and a part of our soul belonged to a magic that was different from hers, but that magic was how we were able to communicate, that was how I had visions from her but I was still unable to get a werewolf mate. 

I have walked the earth for almost five hundred years, I have seen werewolves and other mystical creatures rise and fall while I have been frozen in time. 

I am partly a werewolf and partly a witch, I was a freak of nature, a child that causes imbalance, but I was not the only one of my kind, but we were not much out there. 

A werewolf and a witch mating was never meant to result into an offspring but there were anomalies, a crack in the way of things that resulted into my kind.

I leave in the forest with Fia, my handmaiden, I could not fit in with the witches, I wasn't a pure blood and the werewolf packs in the old times couldn't understand me either as I could never be fully trusted. 

Times have changed but I have gotten used to staying in the forest, walking alone most of the times, there were good companions along the way but they all died when there time was up leaving me alone, Fia is my tenth companion after a hundred years. 

I could have chosen to die, countless of times I have tried but failed every single time because I would wake up like everything that had happened was just a dream, I have given up.

Witches were not always like this, we were not immortals but every thing change over three thousand years ago, when all the witches were killed, but one witch survived named Greta and she bonded her soul to that of a vampire, she gained his immortality without having the thirst for human blood but then there was a cost, if the vampire dies, she would die but the witch grew greedy, she wanted the immortality without that leverage, so she performed ancient magic and transferred the vampire life source to hers and the vampire died then the children she brought forth gained the immortality from her, but every magic comes with a price, we can still be killed only with a dagger made from a special Argentium stained with the vampire blood, the same one the first witch used to slaughter the vampire, but that dagger was somewhat lost, and most witches simply believe that it never existed to begin with. 

I am not totally immortal but I can't die from regular stunts, at least until it is time, that is the worst of my curse, I will die one day but I would never know, it might be hundreds, thousands, it was still unknown but the dagger plunged into the center of the neck would kill me in an instant, even if my neck was cut off with a regular blade, I will be whole again in minutes. 

There were not many pure blood witches but they existed, Greta was not actually the last, a few escaped and survived and Greta taught them the way to immortality but pure blood witches are only born when both parents are witches, I am not a pure blood but my father was one, I have never met him nor do I know him but I know. 

I miss the old times, I miss my mother Ingrid, she was a werewolf and she was r*p*d by a wizard a week before she found her mate, she was rejected when her mate found out that she had lost her virtue and she was ostracized and shunned by her pack and family. 

She raised me alone despite the criticism from her pack and parents and when she realized my true nature, of my immortality, she fled with me out of her pack and we hid in the forest together, she died when her time was right, she left me but I knew that she did not want to, I knew that she loved me.

"Mistress Frida, I have packed our bags for the trip, it would take us almost three days time to reach there if we leave this evening" Fia said standing a few feet from where I stood, the breeze fanned my long blonde hair setting my body into calmness. 

I sighed "Then we shall leave this night, we will be there in time. Fia you should pack more of your clothes" 

"Why mistress?" she asks sounding confused. I turned to face her, I smiled at her widely 

"You have grown so much Fia, you have reached and passed the age for your fate to take place, you are twenty three years of age, a beautiful woman too" I say but she still looked confused and almost naive , maybe I have shielded her from the world too much. 

"I do not understand mistress" she responded. 

I smiled weakly "You should have been mated years ago, our journey right now might take you to your mate" I explained 

Her expression changed to a sad one and it broke my heart, I have closed her off to the world too much that she has forgotten that she has a fate of her own. 

"Did the moon goddess reveal anything to you, what if I am mateless like you" her voice sounded broken 

"No, the moon goddess has not revealed anything because there is no need to, it is just the werewolf way of life, you can not be mateless like me" I said, I walked closer to her and cared her cheeks "you have been like a daughter and a sister to me and I cherish you and your happiness, that is why I have to let you go" 

Tears rolled down her rosy red cheeks and the wind threw her raven hair around " I do not wish to leave you mistress, you are my mother" she cried and it broke my heart 

"I thank you for seeing me that way my dear Fia, but this is the right thing to do, I will always be with you, no matter where you are" I comforted and wiped her face, she kissed my palm. 

"If I do not find my mate on this journey would you allow me return with you?" She asks. 

I wanted to reject her proposition, even if she does not find her mate in Alpha Kaden's pack, she should journey around the packs to find him, but instead, I say "of course, but it would not be for long, we will journey out to find him" 

"You would journey with me?" She asks 

"I would" I responded swiftly 

"If I find him, would you stay with me?, can you think of staying with me?" She pleaded desperately, Fia was trying to make things difficult, she knew what my answer would be, she knew the truth, she knew that I can not stay in a pack, I never could because I don't know how to and my mission with the moon goddess deems me incapable of staying in one pack. 

"I will get ready now, you should do the same" that was my response and I walked away leaving her 

"Okay mistress" I hear her mumble. 


We finally arrived at Blood Sun pack by afternoon of the Luna binding ritual, as usual we gained a few stares, starting from the pack warriors at the pack border down to the pack members around the pack. 

I looked different, we dress different and they knew who I was. 

"You are here priestess" James, the beta of the pack greeted me with a bow, he met us half way on the field in the pack

"Yes, I am. Has Alpha Kaden been reported to about my appearance?" I ask 

"Yes, he has been informed, he has instructed me to take care of you before the ceremony begins this evening" James responded 

"Very well, where do I and my companion stay before the ceremony?" I ask, I was always direct to people, I have not made much contact with people except when I was sent by the moon goddess or when my help was needed. 

"Follow me priestess" James said as he walked towards a big building that appeared to be the pack house and we followed along, I could sense Fia tensed spirit , she was worried, she was frightened about the finding her mate and every male scent consumed her. 

I held her hand and spared her a comfort glance and she eased up immediately. James directed us to our room where we would relax before the mate dance that would happened in five or six hours time and he excused himself. 

"Would you be needing anything mistress?" Fia asks as soon as James was out of our presence 

"I am good Fia, there is food already in the room, there is still time before I have to get ready for ceremony, you should rest instead Fia" I said calmly

"I should mistress" Fia bowed and sat on the bed, I am aware that her mind was clouded, if she had grown up in a pack she would have been mated by now, she would have grown up anticipating her mate, she would have grown up wanting her mate but now she was frightened because she had grown up with me and all she was used to was loneliness and she feels that it is the way of life at least our life. 

I do not choose loneliness, loneliness had simply chosen me, this was my life but it was not her life, she was not born to be alone, though she lacked her true origin, there was someone out there for her, her perfect half .

The evening soon came and Fia helped me with my dressing, she had wore me a green flowing long sleeved long dress that exposed my thighs slightly , the green color signifying that my soul served the earth and she then helped me with my face, painting it in blue and silver paint to signify the presence of the moon goddess.  

She brushed through my platinum blonde and let it cascaded down to my buttocks, and I was ready, I walked out of the room and she tailed after me dressed in a simple blue dress, very conservative, she was always a simple girl.

I walked to the field led by Beta James, there were already pack members seated and the field was well but moderately decorated, I finally see Alpha Kaden standing in the podium they had set up, I feel his mighty aura envelope me as I walked up to him, a reminder that he was born for greatness. 

"I am thankful to you priestess for helping me perform the Luna Binding ritual" Alpha Kaden greeted, he spared a glance at Fia, whom gaze was directed to the ground. 

"The moon goddess willed it" I responded swiftly. "We shall begin now" I added 

"Of course" he responded and signaled for the drums, the drums began to play and I feel her, the goddess, the moon was brighter, she has chosen to witness the ceremony. 

Finally after a swift drumming routine , the Luna comes in, she looks tense, but she was beautiful, the Alpha meets her half way and takes her hand as per the rites, she hesitated at first and it confused me but I sense it, a pup in her womb, the Alpha is unaware of this but this Luna knows. 

She finally accepted her mate hand and they walk up to me, I finally get a good view of her, I see through her soul and the moon goddess opens my eyes, I see her life, her suffering, the death surrounding her, her father's madness only he was not mad, he had been plagued, this is a forbidden magic of old. 

I don't say anything for now, the time is not right, the binding ritual must continue."You too are a fated pair" I said truthfully, they were destined for each other, their fate are tied from circumstances, the moon goddess favored them with a second chance, it is very uncommon " A second chance you have been given Alpha Kaden, the goddess favors you" I added but she does not favor me, I thought. 

The Luna stares at her mate a bit unsure of the whole ritual but her mate calms her, I feel all their emotions inside me. 

I turn away and grab a knife and a bowl placed on a stool Fia was standing at the back off, her gaze was now on me, I know she is intrigued by the settings in the pack it was her first time for witnessing something like this. 

I face the couple again and say "Your Alpha is the link connecting the pack, you drink his blood you become his member, with your mate bond in place you become his Luna" I explained as I grabbed Alpha Kaden right palm and slice along it enough for it to bled, he does not flinch from the cut , this is of no pain to him. 

I grab his hand and let the blood drip into the bowl. 

I turn my attention away from the couple to the pack members and shout at the top of my voice "Do you accept her as your Luna?" I ask. 

"Yes we accept!" They chorused, I lifted the bowl to the sky for the goddess to acknowledge, her spirit fills me and I utter her mystical words of a language I know not of and when I feel her acknowledge the blood, I give the bowl to the female "Drink it!" I ordered and she takes the bowl from my hand and to her mouth and drank of the bowl, 

She feels the surge of energy fill her body immediately as she finishes the content and fortunately for her, her mate was there to hold her in time before she fell to the ground from the overwhelming power. 

"It is done!" I declared and immediately the pack members clapped and howled in excitement. 

And just like that, the moon goddess leaves the ceremony. 

"Members of Blood-sun behold your Luna, Luna Louisiana !" Alpha Kaden announced and the crowed erupted in howls and cheers , when the howling and cheering died down a shrieking sound came forth from an unknown source next was a scream, the pack members stood up immediately in confusion, and a commotion brewed. 

Alpha Kaden was scanning the area looking for the source of the commotion , but I already sensed the vile presence and then a young red head female appeared screaming , she falls to the ground of the aisle holding her head as if she was in pain , as her bones began to break and deform in several ways, she was shifting like a plagued wolf just like the Luna dead father did in my vision. 

She snarls at the Luna and I know this plagued wolf was sent to destroy the Luna but I don't see who is behind her, this plagued wolf is masked by a witch like myself. 

If this wolf get to the Luna, she would lose the pup in her womb, she might survive but the child would not. 

"Stop her, she is plagued!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

Chapter 2

2. The Plagued Wolf




As expected the Alpha was quick to act, transforming to his wolf form immediately and lunging at the plagued wolf that was already few feet from crashing into Luna Louisiana. 

I wanted to conjure my magic but there was no need to. 

The Alpha was incredibly fast, his aura was stronger than any Alpha that I have met, he was quick to tackle her down and ripped out the flesh in her neck. 

The plagued wolf screamed out in pain from the huge hole in her neck, her body jerked like she was going into shock and she shift back immediately trying to heal, but it was too late, this wolf was plagued but it has not had the time to full immense into it, that wound would be enough to kill her. 

 Blood was gushing out of her neck where a large chunk of skin had been removed and she was still jerking, she was choking on her blood and she was dying but the Alpha and his pack warriors were still


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