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Werewolf Soul Crown

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Background: The story takes place in the ancient times of the West, where humans are the ruling class and the fae's circle of life is extremely narrow. The protagonist as a werewolf is in the gray area and, at any time will step into the abyss, there is no good to speak of, because the protagonist tries to survive, he must live with a mask. This world is the transcendental element is the triadic system of soul-life-nature, professions are knights, monks, wizards, sorcerers, elves, and so on, the level is divided into five levels: maintenance, overflow, refinement, return, and sublimation, races are werewolves, vampires, swamp people, ancient sirens, giants, ghouls and other Fae. Main character: The main character travels to a Western fantasy world with Fae (werewolves, vampires, sirens...) and the Church, The main character of this book is Adam Cooper, who is a half-werewolf bloodline, and his father, Neisser Riggs, who is a werewolf and can effectively control his werewolf transformation without going completely out of control. But he is in the land of the Church of the land of great power, this Saint Paul Church regicide werewolves, the Fae rushed to escape the Saint Paul land of this kind of theocracy supremacy, he is because of half-human blood, temporarily undiscovered, he tried to do everything possible to hide his identity as a werewolf. To evade his pursuers, he sneaks into a frontier town under someone else's identity and seeks a way to escape the land of Saint Paul. Adam Cooper tries to disguise himself as a painter, seeks out the painter Alva to learn how to paint, has a priest take him into a church to paint a mural, and then goes around poking around in the hidden secrets of the Otherworld in search of a werewolf shifter he wants to be the heir to the werewolf shifter. At the same time, he met two teachers, Anthony and Kim, who practiced knight and juggler, practiced both professions, with very high talent and strong awakened abilities, and eventually formed a ritual track with his bloodline ability to form a special profession of his own.

Chapter 1 God favors the believers!

Near dusk, the young friar verbally blessed the middle-aged men and women at the door and turned away.

"God favors the believers!" Hurrying back and seeing off the departing friar, the middle-aged man and woman then closed the door and handed the holy bread handed out by the friar to their nephew Adam and also to their daughter Lena, saying as they did so, "I'm going to go and cook supper, and there's ham tonight."

"That's so great, Aunt Marge."Adam smiled very happy, a happy smile can undoubtedly make others, happy.

 Looking at the busy uncle and aunt, Adam still put the holy cake into his mouth, feeling the pain of the fire.

"There has to be a way to leave the Kingdom of Saint Paul ."Adam endured the pain of eating all the holy cakes left in his hands, and could not help starting to think.

  The holy cake is a white bread baked by the friars of the Holy Sound Church with holy water and wheat flour. There is nothing special in itself, just because the holy water has been blessed by the church friar, with a light holy force. 

  So it can get rid of the evil. 

  Adam happens to be in the midst of this dispelled 'evil'.

Adam didn't start as Adam Cooper, nor was he ever known as Nessie Riggs, but as a name that was out of place in the world.

"I don't realize it's been thirteen years since I came to this world." Adam flashed such a thought.

Originally an ordinary man from another world, he was reincarnated into this world, a world of divine arts, magic, and fae creatures, when he drove his car into a large black hole that appeared out of nowhere on his way from work.

And he was unfortunate enough to be reincarnated as a werewolf, a fae creature ostracized by most human forces.

The so-called fae creatures are not much different from human beings, but they are different from normal people in some places, so they are called fae, and werewolves are one kind of fae.

The biggest difference between a werewolf and a human is that most werewolves will lose control of themselves during the full moon and grow sharp teeth, like a huge wolf standing up, and most of them will lose their minds and become murderous, wantonly hunting the life around them.

Luckily, Adam is one of the few who can control his transformation, and after he transforms, he can curb his desire to kill and maintain a certain level of sanity.

Innate werewolves are like humans, born from a werewolf couple, this kind of werewolf is called a purebred werewolf, while acquired werewolves can be changed by infections, curses, magic spells, and so on.

Adam is a half-pure werewolf, his real father was a werewolf, and because he is a half-pure werewolf, Adam can hide out in the border city of Roya in the Saint Paul Kingdom, and as long as he doesn't change his body, he is just like a human.

The Kingdom of Saint Paul is a church land, There are a large number of church cultivators here, and for various reasons, no matter which church, it is the biggest enemy of the fae, with teams specializing in hunting fae beings, once the fae is caught by the church, they will either be burned to death, hanged to death, or imprisoned until they die.

In short, most of them have only one outcome - death.

So Adam aimed to travel through the walls of Roya Town to the opposite side of the kingdom of Loken, where the fae was said to be quite a bit better off. 

Adam had poked around, and the wilderness of this world was teeming with monsters, and the dangers between the two countries were rather much greater, except for the path across the border wall.

He was currently boarding with the Cooper family, nominally the nephew of the man of the house, Arliss Cooper, but in reality, there was no blood relationship between them. 

The real Adam had died at the hands of the bandits, an unsuspecting teenager who had come to Roya Town to join his uncle because his parents were sick and dying.

The first time Adam saw the real Adam, he learned most of his information without even condescending, and the second time he saw the other side, the teenager with little wariness had already become a corpse in the hands of the bandits. 

Witnessing this, Adam realized that he needed an identity, so he helped the real Adam get his revenge, and after silencing him in the process, came to Roya Town as Adam.

 "Brother Adam." The call caused Adam to turn around, only to see a seven or eight-year-old girl running over at a trot, hugging Adam's legs as she tilted her head to look at Adam, with a pair of Brynn's eyes, "Are you done with your holy bread?"

 Lena Cooper, Arliss's daughter, Adam's nominal sister, and half a month together had made her extremely trusting.

 "Already finished it, next time, make sure to save it for Lena, okay?" Adam smiled and stroked her little head, messing up the little girl's hair before retying it into a braid for her.

 He didn't like the idea of eating the sacramental bread that didn't have much flavor and could even cause him pain, but it had to give the others the impression of being 'normal' enough to not give himself away.

Watching Lena jump joyfully into her mother's arms and ask if her braids looked good, Adam turned his head away and walked to the second floor, looking through the second-floor window at the twilight view of this border town.

 "Gotta get outta here quick ......"

 Early the next morning, Adam was out the door and began peddling the Cooper's homemade pickle cakes and greeting the surrounding neighbors.

  The surrounding neighbors also got acquainted with Adam, and one of them shouted Adam's name with a smile. 

Half a month ago, Cooper's nephew came to join his uncle because his parents died of illness, and his face was stung by a poisonous wasp on the way, after the swelling had gone down, he was quite a handsome man.

Adam while selling pickle cakes while collecting information, it seems that their disguise is still qualified, and the real Adam is not like Arliss although many years have not seen his nephew, some impression is still there, if at first glance see a stranger, most likely to be suspicious.

 So Adam purposely made his face swollen, this half month got along, as Adam's face little by little thinned down, there were enough impressions, which let Arliss from the beginning to the end not have half a bit of suspicion.

 While hawking along the street, he began to step on the spot, using his afterglow to look at a mansion in the distance that was his target.

  Saint Paul and the Locken Kingdom are currently in a state of hostility, the border is not open, and it is difficult for ordinary people to get close to it, if you want to cross the border wall of Roya Town, you have to use the power of the nobles, and most of the nobles in the border towns are involved in some kind of smuggling business.

 Generally speaking, a commoner, who wanted to be involved in the smuggling business of the nobles, even if they put in several years or even more than a decade of hard work, was almost impossible, and their servants usually passed down the business from generation to generation, with their sons following their fathers' footsteps and serving the nobles for several generations, and that's how they could gain the trust of the nobles.

 An outsider, no matter how much he proved himself, would not be able to make them trust him.

 Yet now there was an opportunity.

 "Behind those bandits is this Baron Mansra," Adam remembered the information he had gotten from those bandits, and after secretly memorizing this one's terrain, he hawked for a while before leaving.

 He still had quite a bit of preparation to do, or else the city, both the nobles and the church, would be capable of dealing with him, a werewolf who was still a minor.

 When he returned to Cooper's house, neither Arliss nor Maggie had returned yet.

 The Cooper household wasn't exactly wealthy, barely able to keep food on the table, especially after Adam's arrival.

 "It's about time." Adam stroked the head of Lena who heard the commotion and ran over, thinking in his heart, before, in order not to be suspected, he couldn't show too much, so Adam was all about saying less and doing more.

And now after becoming familiar with it, Adam felt that he was able to act appropriately, to help Cooper become slightly richer without exposing himself, or at least not become a drag on himself.

 "The knowledge of another world is too abrupt to take out, and the worlds are all different, some things are completely different, and that knowledge isn't always useful."

"Even if it works, if it's too far outside of this era, instead it might be treated as if it's possessed by the devil and go straight to the stake. Or maybe it's a matter of interest to be called a lowly thief who stole the secrets of the nobles?" Adam was all too aware of the virtues of the church as well as some of the populace in this era.

 Sweeping his eyes over the not-so-wealthy home, Adam saw a book with a picture on the cover.

 "Maybe I could try to become a painter."

 Being a painter in this world was still a pretty good way out, especially in religious-related painting, which Adam happened to be quite familiar with.

Chapter 2 The Werewolf

"And the beasts of the earth cried out that they had no need of God, and God agreed and left His place .

"An endless light fell, and the stars, the white moon, and the hot sun appeared in the sky at the same time .

"The animals of the herd wailed under the light and prayed for God to return to his place.

"Only when the light had cleansed the earth did God return, leaving tears for the dead animals that moistened the earth and restored its vitality."

"The tears were mercy." -- The Word of God - Desolate Times.

Adam closed the book in his hand and didn't read any further, he knew exactly what was behind him and he only read this book for the illustrations .

Because of the limited printing capacity, the illustrations in the missionary book The Word of God with the same content were different in each region, and they were usually drawn by the best local artists .

Therefore, it is possible to get a rough


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