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Lonely Bill

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About me

I'm a science fiction novelist with a penchant for crafting mind-bending stories that stretch the boundaries of imagination. From the very first moment I picked up a science fiction novel as a wide-eyed child, I knew I had found my passion in life. Since then, I've been on a relentless quest to tap into the unexplored reaches of the universe, creating worlds that transcend the limitations of reality.


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  • 👁 307
  • 7.5

Background: The story takes place in the ancient times of the West, where humans are the ruling class and the fae's circle of life is extremely narrow. The protagonist as a werewolf is in the gray area and, at any time will step into the abyss, there is no good to speak of, because the protagonist tries to survive, he must live with a mask. This world is the transcendental element is the triadic system of soul-life-nature, professions are knights, monks, wizards, sorcerers, elves, and so on, the level is divided into five levels: maintenance, overflow, refinement, return, and sublimation, races are werewolves, vampires, swamp people, ancient sirens, giants, ghouls and other Fae. Main character: The main character travels to a Western fantasy world with Fae (werewolves, vampires, sirens...) and the Church, The main character of this book is Adam Cooper, who is a half-werewolf bloodline, and his father, Neisser Riggs, who is a werewolf and can effectively control his werewolf transformation without going completely out of control. But he is in the land of the Church of the land of great power, this Saint Paul Church regicide werewolves, the Fae rushed to escape the Saint Paul land of this kind of theocracy supremacy, he is because of half-human blood, temporarily undiscovered, he tried to do everything possible to hide his identity as a werewolf. To evade his pursuers, he sneaks into a frontier town under someone else's identity and seeks a way to escape the land of Saint Paul. Adam Cooper tries to disguise himself as a painter, seeks out the painter Alva to learn how to paint, has a priest take him into a church to paint a mural, and then goes around poking around in the hidden secrets of the Otherworld in search of a werewolf shifter he wants to be the heir to the werewolf shifter. At the same time, he met two teachers, Anthony and Kim, who practiced knight and juggler, practiced both professions, with very high talent and strong awakened abilities, and eventually formed a ritual track with his bloodline ability to form a special profession of his own.


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