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The Vaewolfves [HYBRID]

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Shranaia is a former child of their pack's Alpha and Luna. She was save and eventually survived because of Vixen. She is unware something about herself, though, that will surface eventually. She couldn't imagine that she would be close to Vixen and the other packs. She didn't even thought that Vixen would like her, and she didn't even imagine that Vixen would love her will all his heart; even though that she was a hybrid person. Being hybrid doesn't mean that they are monsters. They are just protecting themselves from those who want to hurt them or their loved ones.



Review after the novel completion

I can recommend this book because the plot is good. However, it’s a little hard to read because the pronouns are consistently wrong- he/her, it, them, him. So it takes some patience to get through this. Also some words and phrases haven’t been translated at all. I like that we don’t completely know Shanaia’s arc, we are just as confused as she is until the end. Riding is a fully fleshed out character, as is Jenny

May 13, 2024

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